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It’s time to spend more time doing what you love… taking memorable photos. Our suite of powerful plug-ins and flexible adjustments turn what used to take hours into just a few minutes of editing.

How do the Pro’s Use Topaz Software?

  • Trey Ratcliff
    HDR Photographer
  • Glyn Dewis
    Photographer & Retoucher
  • Tim Wallace
    Automotive Photographer

Trey Ratcliff uses Topaz software to create vibrant and spectacular HDR photos.

I find that the HDR process can wash out a photo and take away lines and contrast. Topaz Adjust helps bring it back. It’s really a wonderful product and I highly recommend it.” – Trey Ratcliff, Stuck in Customs


Trey Ratcliff – the “Pioneer of HDR Photography” – creates vibrant and spectacular HDR photos by using Topaz Adjust to add “pop” and Topaz Detail to enhance lines and detail.Trey first uses one of the many presets as a starting point, then uses micro-adjustments to fine-tune his image for best results. Check out how he uses Topaz Adjust on his website.

Glyn Dewis uses Topaz photography plug-ins to help get his signature look in his photos.

The results that Topaz filters give me are unique and, to a large degree, something that would take considerable effort to replicate with Photoshop alone.” – Glyn Dewis, photographer, retoucher, and trainer


Glyn uses products like Topaz Clarity to help him create the signature “look” that he’s become known for. He gets best results by first applying very strong Topaz effects, and then toning them down with opacity and selective adjustments.

Glyn Dewis is an international photographer, retoucher, and instructor who specializes in advanced retouching techniques. To see more of his work, check our Topaz interview with him or visit his website.

Car photographer Tim Wallace uses Topaz technology to create crisp and clean photos.

I’ve never been a huge fan of plugins, but I was really impressed with Topaz – particularly Detail and Clarity. Topaz offers exceptional control and helps me add a real punch to my final work.” – Tim Wallace, Ambient Life


Tim first uses Topaz DeNoise‘s advanced noise reduction to remove image noise while preserving the crisp image detail he captures in his photos. then, he applies Topaz Detail to great effect for tack-sharp and amazingly detailed images.Tim’s dramatic style is highly regarded within the commercial and advertising industry, and the unique capabilities of Topaz software helps him realize his vision. For more, visit Tim’s website or watch his courses on Kelby Training.

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