Selectively intensify lighting in images.


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Illuminate Images.

Easily intensify lighting in images to change atmosphere, or create that perfect dreamy, sun kissed look. Bloom makes it easy to strengthen subtle and extreme lighting effects alike.

Topaz Studio - Bloom Adjustment


Delicate Radiance.

Bloom uses selective adjustment technology to analyze images and finds the bright points. The Bloom Adjustment increases light intensity locally without adjusting the lighting of the overall image. Easily add soft radiance to any image.

Subtle or Strong.

Create natural and interesting lighting effects with Bloom. This adjustment is easier to use and faster than other programs, and creates natural looking lighting effects in a variety of images. Perfect for portraits, wedding photography, and more! 

Reduce or increase lighting in images to create subtle soft or bright radiance.

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Training and Tutorials

Adjustment Introduction

Create subtle or vibrant effects that look much more natural than other editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom.

The Topaz Studio Bloom Adjustment makes selectively enhancing lighting easy and effortless. Create more natural looking effects with 3  easy-to-use tools to perfectly illuminate images.

The sliders and what they do:

1. Strength:
The Strength slider controls the overall strength of the Bloom Adjustment. Increasing the value of this slider will increase the intensity of the overall Bloom Adjustment.

2. Threshold:
The Threshold slider controls what level of brightness will be affected by the Bloom Adjustment. Increasing the value of the Threshold slider will block out less bright objects in the image, so only the brightest points are affected.

3. Size:
The Size slider affects the overall size of the Bloom Adjustment. Increasing the value of this slider increases how large the spread of the bloom effect around each subject is.

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