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Help us craft exceptional AI products.

We believe great products are built with heart and soul – the culmination of thousands of tiny decisions made by engineers, designers, writers, and support folks doing the real work every day. It requires deep understanding, unrelenting focus, and obsessing about the details until they’re absolutely perfect. It means we talk to customers until we understand their workflows better than they do, and then painstakingly mold sometimes finicky technology until it’s seamless. There is no room for ego, hierarchy, or politics – just an unflinching focus on our customer and product.

We start with a great user experience and work backwards from there. There’s no better feeling than starting with a blank canvas, molding and remolding something until it works, and then polishing it until it’s iconic.


Here’s a few of the unique ways photographers, designers, and other creatives are using our technology.

"Topaz Labs’ Gigapixel upscaling doesn’t just look at neighboring pixels; it looks at whole sections of images at a time."

- James Vincent

"It works so well that one of Topaz Labs’ biggest challenges is convincing customers that the examples on its site are real."

- Mark Wilson

We're just getting started.

Our product and user focus has helped us double our impact every year, but we’re still far from where we can be. Accelerating growth means exciting projects and unbounded opportunities for the folks who work here. You’ll be able to make a fundamental impact on our products and culture while quickly growing your own skillset.

*Chart shows actual trailing revenue until August 2020.

Help us build the future of photography software.


Because of the nature of our company and culture, here’s some of the things that keep us up at night.

There’s inherent tension between cutting-edge AI vs. user experience.

AI is transformative but also difficult and finicky to work with – especially on consumer desktop computers. It’s one thing to reproduce a few impressive results from a paper somewhere. It’s much more difficult to build production-ready software loved by creatives all over the world.

⚡ Speed. Deep learning inference is usually far slower than comparable processing methods, but users love fast. How do we emphasize quality and mitigate speed issues in our products?
💡 Consistency. The “black box” nature of deep learning models means we often can’t predict or explain certain unexpected results. How do we handle edge cases and ensure that people get consistently good results?
🖥️ Configuration. Customers have hundreds of hardware combinations which significantly impacts how well our products perform on their computers. How do we ensure a consistently great experience in each of them?
🔧 Development. The experimental nature of deep learning defies the traditional software development lifecycle. How do we ship fast and well enough to rapidly improve the user experience?

When our products work, they work really well. But the nature of living on the cutting edge means that we can often fail spectacularly too! From product to design to marketing to customer success, we’re striving to become the best in the world at navigating this balance to make the best user experience possible. We’d love your help in exploring this even further.

Our impact grows faster than our team size.

We’re not willing to sacrifice our craftsmanship-first culture or product quality just to “step on the gas” by hiring too quickly. We’re self-funded and profitable since inception, and we’ve been fortunate enough to massively grow just by keeping relentless focus on the product and customer experience.

There’s two sides to this coin. On one hand, because we’re very selective about who joins the team, you’ll likely work with some of the smartest, most dedicated, and most capable people here that you’ll ever meet. On the other hand, our growth rate outpaces our hiring rate, so we need to ruthlessly prioritize and continuously grow as individuals in order to get everything done. There’s no “helpers” at our company to take up the slack – each of us owns an area of responsibility larger than our comfort level.

This kind of environment is not for everyone, but we’ve found that certain people absolutely love this fast-paced and ownership-centric kind of culture. Send us a note if that’s you!

Our success depends entirely upon fantastic execution.

AI is growing faster than even the early Internet. We’ve been able to use it to create jaw-dropping results for our customers, but we’re not the only ones trying. The success of our product and business relies upon consistently executing better than anyone else.

Because our space is moving so fast, we work amidst significant ambiguity and constantly must push ourselves to be faster and better. We don’t expect to keep our current technology lead if we don’t continuously accelerate.

We don’t have all the answers yet. The majority of our impact has yet to be built, almost certainly by someone reading these words. We’re constantly pushing the cutting-edge at our company, so we’re looking for high-trajectory people to help us get to the next level. It won’t be easy or relaxing here, but you will have the opportunity to move fast, learn quickly, and do work that matters. We can’t wait to see the impact you make on our company and our industry.

Denis Shiryaev used Topaz Gigapixel AI to upscale this classic clip to 4k.

 “The effect is impressive, turning a movie that’s over 120 years old into something that seems like it could have been filmed today.” – Jay Peters, The Verge

Work with us to break new ground in AI.

We approach hiring a little bit differently than some other companies might. We’re a small team that loves what we do and values craftsmanship and quality over all else. While we’re always excited to welcome new team members, we have no external pressure to grow our team quicker than necessary. Our highest priority is to ensure that new team members will love working here and that we’ll love working with you.

We’ve found that mission-driven people who believe in craftsmanship generally find the most joy in our culture:



Do you absolutely love what you do? Do you pour yourself into their work with heart? Are you obsessive about making an impact?



Are you unreasonably good at what you do? Are you on the path to greatness? Will you use the opportunities at our company as a platform to achieve it?

If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat even if none of our open roles quite fit. Please apply for one of our open jobs and let us know what resonated about our culture. Really hope to hear from you soon – we can’t wait to have you join us!


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Topaz labs software have change the way I edit my photos. Support is also very good and the staff appears to have the knowledge to help.”
Johnnie Lamptey

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