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Create natural smoothness in your photos… while keeping the perfect amount of texture and detail.

It’s difficult to enhance surfaces – like skin, chrome, or water – while still keeping the image natural. For example, if you apply too much skin smoothing, your portrait may end up looking like a plastic doll instead of a real person.

Topaz Clean helps you make surfaces look great, while still preserving original texture and detail. Use it to make skin look great and natural… create deep flowing water in your landscapes… add stunning polish to cars… and much more. 

Who Is It For

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Auto-Detect Light Sources

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What do I Need To Use It

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Whenever you want to naturally remove distractions without losing detail, use Topaz Clean.

Normally, it’s really hard to get image texture exactly how you want it. Sometimes your photo will look too clean and “flat”, other times it won’t be clean enough. Topaz Clean’s intelligent smoothing technology will get you the texture you want in seconds, every single time.


Independently adjust smoothness, edges, and texture

Topaz Clean’s three core adjustments work in combination to give you 100% control over how you want your surfaces to look. First, enhance smoothness, edges, and recover original detail. Then, use built-in masking to apply the effect exactly where you want it.


Cleans surfaces and makes them smoother. Use this to remove blemishes or unnecessary distractions. Great for simplifying your image to its most essential elements.


Cleans edges, and also makes them smoother and more noticeable. Great for emphasizing the shape of certain textures like eyes, hair, leaves, water, and other subjects.


Recovers and enhances original image detail. Use this to control how much original detail you want to bring back. This helps keep your image texture completely natural.

“I’m in love with the magic I can make with Topaz Clean.”

Join thousands of other photographers who use Topaz Clean to create stunning images.

It’s not easy to make truly great photography. Whether you take photos of people, cars, landscapes, nature, flowers, or anything else, you need perfect control over image texture. That’s what Topaz Clean does best. Let it handle surface smoothing and image texture so you can focus on more important things. Get Topaz Clean and never worry about texture again.

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Topaz labs software have change the way I edit my photos. Support is also very good and the staff appears to have the knowledge to help.”
Johnnie Lamptey

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