DeNoise AI v3.2 – Improved RAW color processing and performance

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DeNoise AI  v3.2 at a glance

  • Improved color and tone processing for RAW and DNG files – When available, DeNoise AI will apply a camera-specific color profile as well as provide improved overall color accuracy.
  • Improved metadata support – DeNoise AI now supports reading Canon CR3 and HEIC metadata
  • Performance and UI improvements – Several bug fixes and minor visual changes for a better user experience

Better RAW color and tone processing

We’re moving forward towards providing more accurate color and tones when loading your RAW and DNG files in DeNoise AI.

Now, when you open a RAW or DNG file in DeNoise AI v3.2 as a standalone app (as opposed to loading it as a plugin via Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop), we will apply the appropriate DCP camera profile if available as well as an improved tone curve, resulting in a more accurate version of your photo with better color accuracy. You also have the option to disable this setting.

And this is just the beginning. We’re working on even more ways to improve RAW handling and color accuracy in DeNoise AI. 

Here are some photos illustrating the color and tone improvements when opening RAW and DNG files in DeNoise AI v3.2 as a standalone app.

Improved file support and performance improvements

In addition to improving RAW color accuracy, we’ve also added support for reading Canon CR3 and HEIC metadata, making DeNoise AI even more versatile for a wider range of cameras. You’ll also get a better user experience thanks to several bugfixes and performance improvements.

If you’ve never tried DeNoise AI, download our free trial today and experience it for yourself!

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47 thoughts on “DeNoise AI v3.2 – Improved RAW color processing and performance

  1. I am not going to upgrade until it is really good.

    1. I’m obviously biased but I think DeNoise AI honestly is the best noise reduction application on the market. Out of curiosity, what is keeping you from upgrading?

      1. Still cant get it to load on my M1 Mac Mini running OS 11.4

        1. Hey Steve. Hmmmm, we’d love to look into that with you. I have an M1 Macbook Air and DeNoise AI v3.2 launches perfectly. Can you please reach out to our Support team so that they can look into this with you?

  2. I’m really enjoying your DeNoise AI software, especially for wildlife photography, especially birds, where I have to shoot at higher ISO’s to increase my shutter speed. It really is miraculous and saves some images I would normally discard because of too much noise that I can’t successfully eliminate otherwise. I also purchased the Sharpening AI program, and it also helps with wildlife photography when the sharpness isn’t quite there. Really, both are game changing for me! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Cindy! It’s wonderful to hear that our apps are helping you get the best version of your wildlife photos. I’m really excited for you to see what else we’ve got cooking!

  3. Not happy. Most of us use Denoise at the end of the editing workflow, to reduce noise and increase sharpness as appropriate. Denoise is perfect for it. I couldnt be happier. BUT DONT **** WITH MY EDITING!!!!! Dont include any other garbage which buggers up my by now edited image. Youve really dropped a clanger here (yes I know you can turn it off) in that you are going not only in a wrong direction but a disruptive one. Any more such ‘ininovations’ and I shall be asking for money back and jumping ship

    1. Hi there, Andy. First, I want to thank you for the feedback. The primary reason why we decided to work on improving how we handle RAW and DNG files is because we had received many complaints from users indicating that their RAW files looked desaturated when importing into DeNoise AI. We take this sort of feedback seriously and when possible, we aim to provide fixes and improvements. This is one such case. When you have the RAW processing setting enabled and you import a RAW or DNG file, we will look at the metadata for the camera model. If the respective DCP camera profile exists, we’ll apply it the same way that Lightroom would, for example. We also apply the same basic tone curve that Adobe applies when you open a RAW file in Camera RAW.

      We do all of this in an effort to improve the experience that our users have had problems with so far. But, we also understand that not everyone wants that sort of processing to be applied, which is why we have that setting available to be disabled. I’d also like to assure you that we’re constantly working on improving how we handle RAW and DNG files beyond this update. We understand that many of our users want to use their RAW files in a roundtrip workflow and we’re striving to make that process more streamlined and accurate.

  4. i use a leica q2 monochrom do you give any consideration to monochrome

    1. Hi there, Christopher. DeNoise AI works great with monochrome images. I often send my high ISO B/W photos to DeNoise AI for noise reduction.

  5. The upgrade would not install on my MacBook Pro. I got a message saying it could not be installed “because Apple cannot check it for malicious software”. That sucks!

    1. Hey Thomas, I’m really sorry to hear that. It should definitely install, though. I’d like to ask you to check the following: go to System Preferences, then click Security & Privacy, then click on the General tab and under Allow apps downloaded from, please ensure that the option for App Store and identified developers is selection. If that still doesn’t fix it, I’d like to ask you to reach out to our Support team. They’d be more than happy to figure this out with you. Thank you!

    2. Bonjour Thomas, pour moi, il fonctionne très bien sur mon imac et je ne regrette pas mon achat, le seul reproche, il est en anglais , une version française serait la bien venue et comme dit Brian, il faut aller dans les préférences et Sécurité et confidentialité , désactiver le cadenas en bas et cocher autoriser l’application .

      1. Merci pour votre commentaire. J’informerai nos développeurs de votre demande de localisation française. 🙂

  6. Is my Denoise AI v 3.2 a stand alone app if it is listed under my filter menu as a separate item?
    Richard Gold

    1. Hey Richard. If you access DeNoise AI from the filter menu in Photoshop or from the “Edit In” menu in Lightroom, you’ll be using the “plug-in” version of the app. That’s slightly different than if you were to launch DeNoise AI separately and open an image directly into it. In that case, you’d be working with it as a standalone app. I hope that helps!

  7. I would like to upgrade, but a previous version will not work with a Surface Pro 6. I now have a surface Pro 7. Has it been tested on a SP 7 and does it work?

    1. Hey there, Steve. I just spoke with our Support lead and he recommended the following for your Surface Pro 7:

      1) In your Windows Start Menu, go to “Control Panel” > “Color Management”.
      2) Click on “Add” button of “Color Management” window and select another color profile. In this case I recommend to use sRGB IEC61996-2.1 (because I have tested this profile) and click “OK”.
      3) After click “OK” and back to “Color Management”, select new profile then click on “Set as Default Profile”.

      Let me know if that helps.

  8. Having problems with the DeNoise AI v3.2 update. I have appVersion 3.0.3 running. When I update to 3.2 from within v3.03 , the program, either as a stand-alone or plug-in, will not launch.
    Logs indicate the following:
    starting TCrashReporter for app version “3.0.3”
    userDataFolder: “C:\\ProgramData\\Topaz Labs LLC\\Topaz DeNoise AI”
    installPath: “C:/Program Files/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz DeNoise AI”
    TCrashReporter::start:: created crashdata dir at “C:/Users/Jim/AppData/Local/Temp/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz DeNoise AI/Crashes/db”
    handlerPath: “C:/Program Files/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz DeNoise AI/crashpad_handler.exe”
    QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
    qrc:/main.qml:7:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module “TBase”: Cannot load library C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz DeNoise AI\TBase\TBase.dll: The specified procedure could not be found.
    …. my note: the path/file listed above is correct and does exist . Time stamp 3/31/2021. “All apps” and “Users” have read&Execute. “System” has full control. …..

    Error: Your root item has to be a Window.

    — a few lines were left out. Once I finish this (aborted) update, I must do a full reinstall of the 3.0.3 software, though I do not un-install — I simply re-install.

    What happened, and how do I get 3.2 up and running?

    1. Hey there, James. Let’s see if we can figure this out. To start, can you first download the full installer and see if that fixes it. If that doesn’t work, then I’d ask that you contact our Support team. They’ll be happy to further troubleshoot this with you. Thanks!

  9. I’ve just installed mine. So far so good.

  10. what if I bought the Topaz bundle? do I have to upgrade each app in the bundle separately?

    1. Hey there, Penny. If you purchased the bundle, you have the option to upgrade either an individual app or all of them. We’ve got a lot of helpful information about our pricing model here. Let me know if that helps!

  11. My spouse and I stumbled over here from a different web
    page and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so
    now i’m following you. Look forward to looking over your web
    page for a second time.

  12. Does V3.2 support restore the intel OpenVINO support in V2.4.2?

    1. Hey there. All versions of DeNoise AI support OpenVINO. It’s just an implicit setting now.

  13. Good morning, I have installed it on my Mac Book Pro without any problem.

    Thank you very much for a wonderful application.

    1. You’re very welcome, Ana!

  14. I still have a problem that I have contacted you about before…. If I install Sharpen AI as a plugin on my Photoshop, it cancels out my De-Noise AI plugin, so I uninstall De-Noise AI… Then if I install De-Noise AI again as a plugin, it cancels out Sharpen AI… Seems I can only have one of the programs as a plugin, it’s either, or, so I choose De-Noise AI… How do I install Sharpen AI as a standalone ? if they both can’t work together.

    1. Hey there, John. This is something that you’ll definitely want to follow up with our Support team. They’ll be more than happy to figure this out with you.

  15. I have downloaded the Denoise upgrade, at first I thought it was to be an upgrade for my plug in. What I am a little confused about is how to go about using the application as a standalone, are there any instructions as to what or how to apply please. Thank you.,

    1. Hey there, Linda. I’d be happy to here. I recently recorded this video showing how to use DeNoise AI as a standalone app. Please let me know if it helps!

  16. I struggle understanding what -if any – are the significant improvements to 3.1.2 which would it make justifyable to pay again around 40€ for the SW ???

    1. Hi there, Wolfgang. You raise a fair question. The truth is that we’ve made a number of meaningful improvements to DeNoise AI in the past year, including introducing the brand new Severe Noise AI model and RAW file handling improvements. In addition to that, a lot of the more significant improvements have been made behind the scenes with the actual AI Engine itself, as well as with overall product performance. There’s also a lot more in the works including improved Lightroom workflow support and even more advancements in how we handle RAW and DNG files. Rest assured, we’re always working to make DeNoise AI (and all of our other core apps) even better with each new update.

  17. So helpful for bird photography! For those perfect moments in spite of fast-moving subjects typically in low light. Makes such a difference; highly recommend.

    1. Why thank you, Susan! We really appreciate the kind words!

  18. Hi, stated above is; “Improved color and tone processing for RAW and DNG files – When available”, may I assume RAW processing counts in also Nikon NEF (D500) files ?

    1. Hi there. Yup, the Nikon D500 is a supported camera here.

  19. Amazing nice examples but what I miss are the settings in Denois AI.
    And possibly an explanation to learn from it

    1. Hey there, Michiel. I’d be happy to help here. Do you have any specific questions about the settings? I can put together a new post or video walking through some of the more important ones.

  20. This tool has been a game changer for my moose photography! Moose are most active when light is low, so I’d lose a lot of shots due to unacceptable levels of noise. Now I can save many more images. Thanks for your work on this!

  21. TopazDeNoiseAI is a very good tool.
    Are the developers of this tool thinking about improving the de-noising of high resolution scanned images? I scan photos and negatives/slides at high resolution. The de-noising of high resolution photos is definitely inferior to the de-noising of lower resolution photos.

    1. Hi there, Roman. Currently, our focus is training our AI models to improve images created by camera sensors. I have noted your feature request, though. Thank you for providing it!

  22. Denoise AI it’s definitely a game changer for me. Thanks to this piece of software I’m not afraid anymore to crank the ISO a few more notches up. Very pleased with it.

    1. That’s what we love to hear, Juan! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Really amazing software. Please add apps for iPadOS.

  24. I would like to use this app as a module inside Lightroom, so I can use it whenever I want it in my Workflow. And please dont touch my color/contrast adjustment work.

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