Digital Frame

Digital Frame

Digital Frame

Create beautiful frames for your digital images in seconds.


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Available exclusively as a pro adjustment within Topaz Studio.

Use the Digital Frame adjustment to create a wide variety of creative frame effects, from professional matting to fantastic framing, with the click of a button.

Digital Frames in a Flash

Create simple frames in a click, customize your frame in seconds. With access to many of the textures in Topaz Studio, building a custom frame has never been easier. Instantly find the frame or mat you love with instant previews simply by hovering over the asset you’d like to see. Want to use a color instead? The integrated color picker allows you to pick a color from your image with a click.

Flex your Creativity

A variety of options for an ocean of creative opportunities. Custom independent frame and mat controls, image shadow controls, and tons of other options at your fingertips.

Shockingly Simple to Use.

No more complicated steps. No more wasted time. Add the adjustment, pick your frame and mat settings, tweak your exposure and color settings, then save.

Why Use Digital Frame?

Creating anything other than a basic frame in tools like Photoshop takes time. Adding custom colors or textures to generate more advanced frames can turn creativity into a chore. The Digital Frame Adjustment accelerates the process to create the perfect frame to showcase your image.

Enhance your digital showcase, with creative or classic professional digital frames.

Hundreds of Included Image Assets.

Over 240 custom texture assets available in the digital frame adjustment, you don’t need to scour the internet to find an asset to use for your textured frame or mat.

Get instant access to creative frame assets.

A Plethora of flexible frame options.

Digital Frame gives you creative freedom to change the mat size, frame size, width, color, texture, and tone of your custom frames. All in an easy to use adjustment that you can add, modify and save in seconds.

 Put your computer to work for you.

Enhanced with the Power of Topaz Studio

Take your frames even further with the full range of free tools, features, and adjustments available in Topaz Studio. With features like integrated masking, over 20 blending modes, opacity controls, toning and color controls, unlimited undo/redo, and much more.

 Perfect your artwork with Topaz Studio and Digital Frame

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Try the Digital Frame Adjustment free for 30 days!

Get started with a trial of this awesome pro adjustment for 30 days when you install our free software Topaz Studio! You’ve got nothing to lose.