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What’s Free in Topaz Studio

What is Topaz Studio?

Topaz Studio is a fast, flexible, powerful creative toolbox and it’s the next level image editor for photographers.

Topaz Studio is a simple to use editing platform with Topaz Labs’ acclaimed photo enhancement technology. It works as both a standalone editor, a plugin within Lightroom and Photoshop, and a host application for other Topaz plugins which means it works exactly how you want it to. Now there’s no more cumbersome workflows that require you to open multiple plugins to achieve your look!

If you’d like to learn more about Topaz Studio, please check out this Announcement and Overview.


Topaz Studio is an easy to use editing solution built with the photographer in mind and we’re giving it away! Yep, you read that right. You’ll get complete freedom to use Topaz Studio as a plugin, a host editor for all Topaz Labs existing products, 10 free adjustments, comprehensive masking, opacity slider, and blending modes functionality all for free.

And today I’ll be going over everything that comes free with Topaz Studio. Be sure to download it now to follow along and to give it a try to see what it can do!

Free Download

[ucaddon_uc_icon_hover_effect_button text=”Macintosh” icon=”fa fa-apple” link=”http://d2xkriaa67cpt4.cloudfront.net/topazstudio_online_installer.dmg” background_color=”#0f9af8″ uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”]
[ucaddon_uc_icon_hover_effect_button text=”Windows” icon=”fa fa-windows” link=”http://d2xkriaa67cpt4.cloudfront.net/topazstudio_online_installer.exe” background_color=”#0f9af8″ uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”]

Before We Get Started…

1. If you’d like to follow along, please download and open up Topaz Studio! You can use the buttons above to download the program for Windows or Mac. You can also head over to the Topaz Studio Website to download or to learn more about the program.

2. Before getting started, please make sure that you have registered an account and are logged in! You may register a new account hereIf you need further assistance, please see this help article.

Open an Image

When opening Topaz Studio, you’ll notice that a lot of the sections are empty and a lot of options are unavailable. This is because you’ll need to open an image to get started! There are a few various ways to open up an image.

  1. Drag and drop an image from your computer into the program.
  2. Click Open (located in the Canvas) and navigate through your files. Select an image and click Open.
  3. Click Open in the menu bar. Select an image and click Open.
  4. Go to Menu > File > Open Image… and then select an image and click Open.
  5. Use your shortcut keys (such as Command O or Control O).
How to Open an Image in Topaz Studio

Work Sections

Now that you have an opened image, you’ll immediately see some changes to the sections.

The Effect Panel populates with Featured Effects (left column), the Image Browser now shows opened images (bottom row), and the Scopes Panel (upper right) contains information, which by default will be set to RGB.

Opened Image in Topaz Studio

Additional Information: Product Tour

Product Tour in Topaz Studio

If you need a better understanding of the program and the different sections, go to Menu > Help > Product Tour in Topaz Studio. The Product Tour will also appear automatically the first time you launch Topaz Studio.

The Product Tour gives an overview of Sections, Adjustments, Effects, Image Browser, and Masking. If you ever need in this information you can quickly access it within the Topaz Studio.

One Click Effects

Effects are always free with Topaz Studio. There are a variety of effects available from Featured and Trending to Darkroom and Portrait. Effects are created by Topaz Studio, photography professionals, and users just like you! There are a variety of ways to search through effects.

1. Effect Buttons

The Effect Buttons give you access to a list of Categories and Tags to search for effects quickly and easily. Featured showcases a curated and popular list of Topaz created effects. You can also see everything available by selecting All. This will show you every effect available within Topaz Studio. Browse the effects you’ve made by selecting Mine or your Favorite Effects and Liked Effects by selecting Fav or Like. Trending Effects showcase what’s hot while New Effects shows what’s new. Recent Effects show effects you’ve recently used.

Effect Buttons in Topaz Studio

The Program that Grows with You

A few of the tags change and grow as you use the application. The more effects you create and save, the more that show up under the tag Mine. When you like and favorite effects, they are added to those tag category. All your recently used effects can be found under Recent. These sections change and update with your useage.

My Effects in Topaz Studio


All the effects you create will be stored under Mine. The more you create, the more that will be shown here! (Shown in Grid View.)

Favorited Effect in Topaz Studio


To add effects to Favorite Effects, simply click the heart icon on the preview. When an effect is a favorite of yours, the heart is blue. To unfavorite an effect, simply click the heart icon again.

Liked Effect in Topaz Studio


To add effects to Liked Effects, simply click the thumbs up icon on the preview. When an effect is liked by you, the thumbs up icon is opaque. To unlike an effect, simply click the icon again.

Recent Effects in Topaz Studio


Recently selected or used effects are stored under the Recent tag. If you ever forget which effect you last used you can locate it here.

2. More Button

The More Button, located at the bottom of the Effect Button List, shows a complete list of all available tags. Simply click the More Button to see a full list of all available categories and tags. You can select a style to see all the effects available.

More Button in Topaz Studio

3. Search

Search Effects in Topaz Studio

The search bar allows you to search by effect name, tags, and creator name. Type in a keyword and hit the Enter Key to show results.

View Options

Topaz Studio Announcement

All of the Adjustments are displayed in List View by default. To see more effects at a time, click the Grid View Button. To go back to List View, click the button again.

Apply the Effect

Apply the Effect in Topaz Studio

Once you find an effect that you like, simply click the effect to apply it to your image. The selected effect will have a blue border to indicate that it is active.

Adjustment Stacks

Adjustment Stack in Topaz Studio

Once an effect has been applied to an image, the Adjustment Panel will update to show the Adjustments used to create the effect.

Free Adjustments

Free Adjustment in Topaz Studio

A free Adjustment will display all the options available for use. You can use a new Adjustment Level Preset, change the sliders to create customized looks, change the Blending Mode, Change the Opacity of the effect, and add adjustment level Masking.

Pro Adjustments

Unlocked Pro Adjustment in Topaz Studio

A Pro Adjustment also has a variety of free tools. You can use the included Adjustment Level Presets, change the Blending Mode, change the Opacity of the effect, and add adjustment level Masking.

Try Pro

You can also try any Pro Adjustment by clicking the Try Pro button. You will be able to use the Adjustment for 30 days, completely free of charge. 

“Can I Use All the Effects… Even the Ones with Pro Adjustments?”

Of course you can! The Effect is available for you to use. You can update and change any of the Free Adjustments used in the Effect. If there is a Pro Adjustment you can update the Opacity, Blend Mode, Masking, and order of the Adjustments.

Adding Adjustments

The Adjustments Buttons gives you easy access to a list of commonly used Tools and Adjustments.

Tools: Crop, Lens Correction, and Global Masking are all free to use!

Free Adjustments: Basic Adjustment, Brightness Contrast, Blurs, Color Overlay, Dual Tone, Film Grain, Image Layer, Posterize, Tone Curves, and Vignette are all free to use as well!

Pro Adjustments:  Abstraction, Black & White, Bloom, Color Theme, DeHaze,  Edge Exposure, Focal Blur, HSL Color Tuning, Precision Contrast, Reduce Noise, Radiance, Sharpen, Smudge, and Texture.

The More Button shows a list of all possible Adjustments, including the 10 free Adjustments and Pro Adjustments.

More Adjustments in Topaz Studio

Adjustment Level Presets

Reset Adjustments in Topaz Studio

The fastest place to get inspiration from is the Adjustment Level Preset list. Use the drop down menu and roll over preset names to see them on your image. To commit, click on the Preset. You can always use the Undo Button to undo the change or use the Reset Option in the Adjustment Menu (pictured to the left).

Making Your Own Effects

Custom Adjustment Stack in Topaz Studio

It’s fast and fun to make your own custom effects. Simply start out with an effect from the Effect Panel or start adding Adjustments with the Adjustment Buttons or More Button. You can add as many or as few Adjustments as you like, reorder them by dragging and dropping them, make as many changes as you like, and more. It’s easy to save the effect and the image once you find the perfect combo.

Saving Your Custom Effect

Topaz Studio Announcement

Save and Share Your Effects. Save your new effect by clicking the Save button and share your creation with others by selecting ‘Yes’ in the Public field. Your effect will be shared to the entire Topaz Community instantly!

Versatile Masking

The Topaz Studio Integrated Masking tool is unlike anything you have seen before. There are 5 masking types: Brush, Spot, Gradient, Color, and Luminosity, which can be combined and used at the Adjustment or Overall level. After making an adjustment with one type of mask, you can click apply or switch to another mask type and build upon that mask. There are also 4 different tools to use. Adjust, Reset, Invert, and Hide. Masking and all of these tools are available for free within Topaz Studio.

Overall Masking

Overall Masking in Topaz Studio

Mask out the full effect and reveal the original image. Masking out the full effect is easy! Use the Masking Button, located in the Tools Section of the Adjustments Buttons. The Masking Panel will open and you can add Brush Masking, Spot Masking, a Gradient Mask, a Color Mask, a Luminosity Lask, or a variety of combined masks. The 4 Masking Tools make editing fast. Use Adjust to customize the mask, Reset to reset changes, Invert to invert the mask, and Hide to turn the mask on and off.

Adjustment Masking

Adjustment Masking in Topaz Studio

Mask out an Adjustment. Masking out an Adjustment is easy! It’s very similar to the Overall Masking but only affects one Adjustment at a time. Use the Masking Button, located in the Tools Section of the Adjustments Buttons. The Masking Panel will open and you can add Brush Masking, Spot Masking, a Gradient Mask, a Color Mask, a Luminosity Lask, or a variety of combined masks. The 4 Masking Tools make editing fast. Use Adjust to customize the mask, Reset to reset changes, Invert to invert the mask, and Hide to turn the mask on and off.

Learn more about Topaz Studio Masking in this indepth tutorial.

Saving Your Image

Topaz Studio Announcement

Save and Save As Your Image. Save your new image and overwrite the original file by using the Save button. To save a new copy with a new name, use Save As.

Until Next Time…

There you have it, folks! That’s everything you can accomplish in Topaz Studio. From using pre-made effects to creating your own to editing with tools, it’s all free!

We’ll be adding more tutorials and videos so be sure to give us a follow to learn more!

If you’d like to share your images with us, tag us on Instagram with @topazlabs and Twitter with @topazlabs. We’re also on Facebook and YouTube!

About Jodi L. Robbins

Topaz Labs - Jodi L. Robbins

Jodi is currently the Art Director of Topaz Labs. She has been an artist and photographer for over 15 years, starting with black and white film photography and alternative processing. After completing her BFA in Studio Art from Southern Methodist University and her Masters in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design, she worked in product photography for companies such as Heritage Auctions, Neiman Marcus, and the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Phyllis Grannis
    May 24, 2017

    I can only import jpg’s into topaz studio. Is that the case. I cannot drop and drag a psd doc or open it in TS.

    • Heath Robinson
      May 25, 2017

      You can open Jpeg, Tiff, Png and Raw files. But not PSD’s they are proprietary Adobe files. However you can use studio on your PSD’s by opening Studio as a plugin through Photoshop.

  • padstaboy
    May 26, 2017

    How do I get the $70 offer before May 30th

  • Christina R
    May 26, 2017

    How does this interact with Lightroom. I import my pics directly into Lightroom. Would I need to go into the operating system to find the pictures to import or is there a direct connection that I’ve missed?

      • lea hebert
        May 28, 2017

        same question. Not sure how I open lightroom and run topaz studio as a plug in. Could you explain, Please. Thanks

  • WT Johnson
    May 27, 2017

    Can Topaz Studio run as a plugin to Corel Painter?

    May 27, 2017

    How can i use Topaz Studeo in Lightroom and CC,i can use all my other Topaz in Lightroom and CC

  • filly316
    May 27, 2017

    I’m confused as to what is included in the entire advanced Adjustment Pro Pack. Are ALL the adjustments included?

  • philobob
    May 27, 2017

    I assume that the studio can be a plugin for PS as well as LR

  • Angela16
    May 27, 2017

    I got an e,mail offer for $70 until May 30th but when I click on the link the price appears as $134?

        June 2, 2017

        I saw the $70 offer in May but my laptop wasn’t new enough for all the software. NOW I just got my new over-the-top-gaming laptop so I can use Impressions, etc. It’s a little overwhelming transferring & setting everything up. Can I pretty please get all the previous lowest offers that I couldn’t take advantage of because of an old laptop. Honestly, I got it just so I could use TOPAZ’s great new products. If you look me up, you’ll see I’m your biggest fan. I even won my 1st TOPAZ plugin from you long ago from a webinar. Anyway, hope I can get the ‘secret code’.
        Jennie Breeze

  • Thysje Arthur
    May 27, 2017

    I use Topaz Impression a lot, can this integrate with Studio?

      • RuthGeitgey
        June 5, 2017

        On my Menu in Topaz Studio that I just installed, I do not see Plug-ins. After I installed Studio, I installed my plug-ins. Do I need to reboot or something?

  • JoyceAStevens
    May 27, 2017

    Just created an account this evening and neither the user name nor the password I created is working.

    Also, I printed out all the directions above – many pages – but the entire text is missing on the right side of the page. I really need the directions to use the Topaz Studio

  • Carl Busch
    May 28, 2017

    So, I already have all the Topaz software and Studio seems to be free..what does the $70 get me?

      • Allen Round
        June 3, 2017

        So Studio is kind of like having some of the tools in photoshop (smudge, radiance, etc.), some that are in lightroom (Dehaze) and some that are in niksoftware (which I understand Chrome is soon going to stop supporting.)

  • Howard Atherton
    May 28, 2017


    I have all of the Topaz filters and with photoshop I just layer effects in Photoshop. It seems like double the work to learn a whole new interface. How do I use all of my Topaz filters in Topaz Studio?


  • Sergey Makhan
    May 29, 2017

    I bought all of Adjustments, but at Topaz Studio, they still remained free opportunities and invited to “Try Pro”. For what I paid 70$?

  • Ellen Silverman
    May 30, 2017

    I thought I was getting the presale price of $70 but was charged $137.50

  • Jens Peder Weibrecht
    May 30, 2017

    I have bought the pro adjustments but they don’t appear and it does not help if I click sync??

  • Monica Braun
    May 30, 2017

    Currently use PhotoImpact with Topaz Plug-ins. With Topaz Studio, can I eliminate PhotoImact, and do all editing in Topaz Studio?

  • Stefan Pettersson
    May 31, 2017

    If I buy the topz studio with pro for $ 137 it is a one-time cost or it will cost more later … annual fee or something like that
    (Sorry if my english is not correct)

  • jahodder
    May 31, 2017

    Do Glow, Texture Effects and other Topaz stand-alones work with Studio? Also, does Studio replace photoFXlab?

    Jim Hodder

  • Joe LaBelle
    May 31, 2017

    Topaz Photo Studio (as a plugin) apparently does not work with Zoner Photo Studio X. Why not? Most other Photoshop 8bf plugins work fine.

  • labelle1072
    May 31, 2017

    TPS (as a plugin) doesn’t seem to work with Zoner Photo Studio X. How come? Most other Photoshop 8bf plugins work fine.

  • Jen Smithers
    June 3, 2017

    Saved as a favorite, I like your site!

  • Ed Bullinger
    June 4, 2017

    In the workspace, all I have is a white page. My selected picture is in the bottom area and all of the options to the left. What can I do to get this to function as shown here?

  • luc
    June 6, 2017

    What is the future development path of this product?

  • theClemmer
    June 9, 2017

    I think I’m dong something wrong because my pictures are coming out “black”…I’ve tried the “save” and “save as” procedure over and over…are you limited to certain filters in the free program?

  • Jeff Schleifer
    June 9, 2017

    i have the full version of topaz studios…
    I have 3 questions..
    1. How can I combine/apply 2 or more existing presets onto the same image? for example…
    Perfect Portrait + radiance = new
    Blooming HDR balanced + reduce noise swallows = new
    2. follow question.. once combined how do I save it as an entirely new preset
    3. Is there a way to batch apply a preset to a group of photos?
    Thank you.

      • Dennis Wiss
        June 27, 2017

        Hi Jodi,
        Can you give some more insight on when batch prcessing would be added?
        Maybe you can add this in two steps? …
        1. Actually applying copied correction to multiple images in the workspace is already very helpfull. Is this very hard to implement? Would be really really helpfull.
        2. And in a next release “save all images” or “save selected images” of the workspace as JPG or TIFF or maybe DNG.
        Kind regards,
        Dennis Wiss

          • Dennis Wiss
            June 27, 2017

            Hello Jodi,

            Thank you for explaining. I already found this way of working, but I have to do so much images that a “one by one” workflow is undo-able πŸ™‚
            Apply to multiple images at ones would really be extremely helpful.
            I will anxiously wait for this feature. πŸ˜€

            Kind regards,

  • Tom
    June 21, 2017

    Will Topaz Studio work as a plugin with Zoner Studio?

  • Otto Feiler
    June 30, 2017

    If I already own all of the Topaz products before Studio, what is the advantage of purchasing the Studio Pro products? Am I correct in looking at Studio as a replacement for Lightroom, or Elements?

  • Rebecca Hamilton
    June 30, 2017

    I have all the Topaz plugins and am a huge fan of Topaz. Of course I bought Topaz ProStudio. I would love to see a tutorial showing an integrated workflow of Studio and the existing Topaz plugins. I am very adept with using the plugins and am a little anxious now that I will need to learn a whole new ‘system’. Thanks!

  • Jim Heywood
    July 1, 2017

    I still use Aperture. Will this work as a plugin? Thanks

  • zalephoto
    September 5, 2017

    Seem to be confused. Trying to get the clarity update into TS. Not intuitive (at least for me). I believe I bought 17 of your plug-ins and all do not show and i do not see a simple way to get them into TS. What am I doing wrong?

    • Heath Robinson
      September 12, 2017

      The only plugins that are part of Studio so far is Clarity, which is visible in the “Specialty” section of the workflow panel on the left. All other plugins can be accessed through the filters section in the top menu of the application.

  • wildrose
    September 6, 2017

    what happened to Topaz labs?

  • Gail
    September 12, 2017

    If I already have Clarity, is the NEW CLARITY regarded as an UPDATE ??

  • benny
    October 2, 2017

    is there batch possible so can use more images and add on all images clarity, denoise. i miss a all included effect of clarity and denoise.

    • Heath Robinson
      October 3, 2017

      Hey Benny,
      We’re working on getting this feature added but we don’t have it in yet, it’ll be coming in a future update.

  • A. Mathews
    October 16, 2017

    I don’t want to upgrade my entire system. I’m using Windows 7pro…. or Windows 7. The last time I tried to use one of your programs (I already own a few) it would not work on my computer. I can’t remember what it said but the problem was either in the bios or one of the funtion cards.
    Why don’t you keep your programs backwards applicable. Not everyone can run out and buy the latest computer. Just saying.

    • Heath Robinson
      October 20, 2017

      Likely the issue you were seeing relating to your computer not being compatible had to do with the GPU requirements as we require your system to have a GPU capable of using OpenGL3.3 or higher. It’s not the newest requirements as it was a standard for hardware released 7 years ago the latest version of OpenGL is 4.5. If you’d like to see the system requirements for Studio you can do so here: https://help.topazlabs.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004759908-Minimum-Requirements-and-Recommended-Hardware

      Unfortunately, the image processing that we utilize can only be done with these tools, backward compatibility isn’t always possible, especially if we’re pushing out new effects based on new technologies.

  • Dominique BRUYNEEL
    October 25, 2017

    On your screen prints, you have each side of the main image,
    2 small vertical menus that do not appear on my version …
    How to make them appear ?

    Best regards

    PS: I posted this question 15 days ago and she “magically” disappeared … ???
    PPS: I just bought Impression … where does it appear ?

    • Heath Robinson
      October 25, 2017

      Dominique, those were part of an earlier version of Studio, we’ve changed the layout of the interface a bit since then, we’re working on getting out video’s updated with the new version. Your last question was deleted as it had already been answered in another comment.

      You can find all the details about impression in Studio here: https://topazlabs.com/2017/09/introducing-impression-in-studio/

      • Dominique BRUYNEEL
        October 27, 2017

        Merci… Best regards πŸ˜‰

  • leftclick3
    November 2, 2017

    I recently downloaded your free Topaz Studio program and I love it, thank you so much …. but I am wondering why when I judt downloaded your update that there are a lot of missing presets in the “basic” tab on the left. Did you remove a lot of them and how can I go back to the original program?

    • Heath Robinson
      November 3, 2017

      Hey Leftclick,
      Likely you have the preference item checked to “Hide Presets created by Community Users” which was introduced as a default a few updates ago. If you go into preferences and uncheck that you should be good to go.

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