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De-blur and sharpen images

with Topaz InFocus input sharpening software

Get unprecedented image clarity and rescue blurred photos with image deconvolution technology.

The smartest and simplest sharpening solution

The Topaz InFocus plug-in pairs the latest advancements in image deconvolution technology with superior sharpening capabilities to improve overall image quality by reversing blur while restoring, refining and sharpening image detail.

Whether employing it to make an unusable image good, a good image better or giving a great image that extra edge, Topaz InFocus produces unparalleled sharpening and deblurring results that add distinction and definition while accentuating key details.


Ability to restore color and detail obscured by natural haziness to image features

Micro-contrast tools for fine detail enhancement.

Built with advanced deconvolution technology to help in reversing the effects of blur.

Estimate blur tool for unknown / complex blur types.

Targets four types of blur: generic, out-of-focus, straight motion and unknown.

Easily integrates into any part of your post-processing workflow.

Better sharpening for digital images

Most sharpening methods (like Unsharp mask) simply detect the edges within an image and increases the perceived sharpness by creating more drastic tonal transitions (contrast boost). Many times, this boost in edge contrast can produce harsh unappealing results.


Topaz InFocus uses image deconvolution technology to mathematically reverse image blur, increasing the actual sharpness and rendering a more natural result. InFocus can enhance the clarity of an already well-focused as well as deblur an out-of-focus or motion blurred image.



With an intuitive interface and a one-click Blur Estimation feature, Topaz InFocus has made it easier than ever to achieve a crisp, clear and vivid image. A simple sharpening solution, InFocus can instantly transform a throw-away image into a keeper!


Get unparalleled sharpening and deblurring tools with Topaz InFocus. Featuring an automatic blur estimation, InFocus recovers lost detail, refines with micro-contrast enhancement and restores clarity to blurry images.


Using advanced deconvolution technology to approximately reverse the blur process, forensic and police photographers will highly benefit from the Straight Motion and Out-of-Focus options in Topaz InFocus.


Give your images that extra edge. Unique micro-contrast refinement enriches subtle structure details, while additional sharpening tools allow for further image enhancement.


Here’s some examples of Topaz InFocus in action.


Stuck in Customs by Trey Ratcliff

“Is it worth it? Yes. It’s very interesting. The de-blurring is so cool and a real photo-saver. That’s pretty huge to me!”

Digital Image Magazine

“Topaz InFocus is a valuable addition…for images that you are hanging on to but never use because they’re just not sharp enough, here’s your answer. It’s like you’ve suddenly found a bunch of great new, sharp pictures, all waiting on your hard drive.”

Ron Martinsen Photography by Ron Martinsen

“If your shot is an important keepsake or sentimental shot then this product is totally worth its low price after you’ve saved just a few shots that might have gone in the garbage…it is way better than Focus Magic or Sharpener Pro at deblurring images.”

Garmahis by Michael Garmahis

“Infocus is an easy to use and powerful focus tool which could rescue your image…let’s you sharpen a blurred image and efficiently restore image clarity.”

Digital Photography School by James Brandon

“This program is sure to be a helpful tool in any photographers arsenal…There’s no substitute for taking the time to get your images tack sharp in camera, but when all else fails, InFocus seems to save the day.”

WDO Photography by W. Donald Orkoskey

“If you forget to set your auto-focus to continuous focus or you’re in manual and just didn’t quite land it then you’ll love InFocus because that is really when it appears to shine…you no longer have to have that same crushed feeling.”

Rescue blurred images and get sharper photos.

Use image de-convolution technology on your photos for unprecedented image sharpness and clarity. Accentuate key details and add definition to your photos.

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