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Introducing Topaz Studio

What is Topaz Studio?

Topaz Studio is a fast, flexible, powerful creative toolbox and it’s the next level image editor for photographers. Topaz Studio gives you lightning fast results with Topaz’s exclusive image processing technology, in an intuitive, affordable, easy to use application.

Topaz Studio a simple to use editing platform with Topaz Labs’ acclaimed photo enhancement technology. It works as both a standalone editor, a plugin within Lightroom and Photoshop, and a host application for other Topaz plugins which means it works exactly how you want it to. Now there’s no more cumbersome workflows that require you to open multiple plugins to achieve your look!

“This is all your Topaz products wrapped into one program.”

Topaz Studio is an easy to use editing solution built with the photographer in mind. This all new editing platform features professionally created 1-click effects, 24 flexible drag and drop Adjustments, and powerful image processing.

And We’re Giving it Away! Yep, you read that right. You’ll get complete freedom to use Topaz Studio as a plugin, a host editor for all Topaz Labs existing products, 10 free adjustments, comprehensive masking, opacity slider, and blending modes functionality all for free.

Download Now

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Working in Topaz Studio

Working in Topaz Studio is easy! Topaz Studio is set up with the photographer in mind. Whether you’re just getting started with photography or a tried and true professional, Topaz Studio has exactly what you need. With an ever growing library of expertly crafted pre-made effects to professionally crafted assets to artistic and technical tools alike, Topaz Studio is the perfect photographer toolbox, no matter what level of expertise!

All About the Workspace

Topaz Studio Interface

Topaz Studio features an easy to use Toolbar, a fast and fun Effect Panel with search buttons and features, the workspace, an Image Browser, the Scopes panel, and the Adjustment Panel, complete with Adjustment Buttons.

1. Main Toolbar

Topaz Studio Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar gives you options to open and save images, an option for comparing the before image and after image, zooming, and split views. You can also click the Open Button to open additional images and save images with the Save Button and Save As Button.

Saving Your Image

Topaz Studio Announcement

Save or Save As Images. Save edited images as PNG, JPG, or TIFF files with easy to locate buttons in the Main Toolbar, by using shortcut keys (Command S or Command Shift S), or by going to Menu > File > Save or Save As.

2. Effect Panel

Topaz Studio Effect Panel

When you first load an image, you’ll see Featured Effects in the Effect Panel. Here you can search for effects by typing an author name, an effect name, tags, or categories.

View Options

Topaz Studio Announcement

Click the Grid Button to see more effects at a time. Once in Grid View, click the List Button to see a single column list of effects.

3. Effect Buttons

Topaz Studio Effects Buttons

The Effect Buttons give you access to a list of Categories and Tags to search for effects quickly and easily. Click the More Button to see a full list of all available categories and tags.

4. Canvas

Topaz Studio Canvas

The Canvas area is where your active image will be displayed. Easily change the view options of the Canvas with the Main Toolbar, found in section 1 above.

5. Image Browser

Topaz Studio Image Browser

Use the Image Browser to view and adjust various edits of an image side by side or work on several images at once.

Select Show Options to access the menu.

Apply – Apply the adjustments to the image and use the result to start a new project.

Duplicate – Duplicate an entire project and then add it as a new project.

Copy / Paste – Copy the entire adjustment stack and paste them onto a different project.

6. The Scopes Panel

Topaz Studio Scopes Panel

At the top right of the application is the Scopes Panel that features 4 separate views. The first allows you to view the Histogram of the image. The second displays the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance of the image, while the third button displays the amount of image Details. Finally, the fourth button helps you navigate your image while zoomed in.

7. The Adjustment Panel

Topaz Studio Adjustment Panel

The Adjustment Panel is where you can modify effects or create your own. It gives you control over the large range of tools and adjustments located in the Adjustment Buttons. The Adjustment Buttons features some of the most commonly used adjustments, and you can see all available adjustments by clicking the “More” button at the bottom of the list.

Saving Your Custom Effect

Topaz Studio Announcement

Save and Share Your Effects. Save your new effect by clicking the Save button and share your creation with others by selecting ‘Yes’ in the Public field. Your effect will be shared to the entire Topaz Community instantly!

8. Adjustment Buttons

Topaz Studio Adjustment Buttons

The Adjustment Buttons gives you access to a list of commonly used Adjustments like Crop, Lens Correction, Basic Adjustment, and more. Click the More Button to see a full list of all available Adjustments.


Topaz Studio Announcement - Tools

We’ve also included a tools section. You’ll find lens correction, global masking (with 5 styles and 4 different tools to customize the overall effect), and crop and rotate. Everything is located in a simple to use toolbar with easy-to-use sliders and functionality.

Change Up the Workspace

Customize your workspace windows with just the click of a button. The Effect Panel, Scopes Panel, Adjustment Panel, and Image Browser can each be collapsed by clicking the arrow on the bar on the inside edge of the panel. The Effect Buttons and Adjustment Buttons can also be collapsed and expanded by clicking at the top of the toolbar.

Wait… What are Adjustments?

Topaz Studio Announcement - Adjustment Stack

Adjustments are the core of Topaz Studio, they are built with very focused functionality in mind. Adjustments may be used independently or combined to create extremely unique looks and custom effects. Currently, there are 24 Adjustments available covering everything from simple Film Grain, to advanced color control with Color Theme. Adjustments are grouped according to complexity, with Common Adjustments appearing at the top, Advanced Adjustments in the next section, Artistic Effect Adjustments below that, and Compositing Adjustments appearing last.

While many of these adjustments are free, some must be purchased to allow you to fully customize the sliders they contain. However, each paid adjustment also comes with a 30 day free trial. To activate the trial, just click the Try Pro Button to activate it or use the Buy Now Button to be taken to the Topaz Studio website to complete your purchase. Whether you purchase adjustments or not, you’ll always have access to Blending Modes, Masking, Opacity, and the included Adjustment Level Presets… all for free. You can always use effects that contain paid adjustments you don’t own as well.

With Topaz Studio Adjustments, you can add, customize, mask, rearrange, and delete Adjustments until you have exactly the look you want.

Free Adjustments: Basic Adjustment, Brightness Contrast, Blurs, Color Overlay, Dual Tone, Film Grain, Image Layer, Posterize, Tone Curves, and Vignette.

Pro Adjustments:  Abstraction, Black & White, Bloom, Color Theme, DeHaze,  Edge Exposure, Focal Blur, HSL Color Tuning, Precision Contrast, Reduce Noise, Radiance, Sharpen, Smudge, and Texture.

To learn about the Adjustments, check out our short videos on YouTube.

Versatile Masking

Topaz Studio Announcement - Masking

The Topaz Studio Integrated Masking is unlike anything you have seen before. We have included 5 masking types: Brush, Spot, Gradient, Color, and Luminosity, as well as a mask adjustments panel and an option to invert or completely reset your mask. Our brush masking includes intuitive, content-aware technology that was developed in house. I’ve gotten the chance to play with it quite a bit –  it’s awesome and a complete time saver to say the least. Not only are the new masking features amazing, but you can now combine masking types. After making adjustment with one type of mask, click apply or switch to another mask type and build upon that mask. It’s never been so easy!

Technical Information

All you need is a Topaz Studio account to access your software. Existing users use their same login info, while new users can create an account. You will only have to have an internet connection every 60 days to authenticate your account.


Photoshop CS4+, Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements 12+, Paintshop Pro X 6+, Serif PhotoPlus X5+, Lightroom 4+, Lightroom CC, and photoFXlab

*Not compatible with Fusion Express

System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.9+

Windows 7/8/10 x 64bit + OpenGL 3.3



*Does not support Windows 32bit

Download Now

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It’s Easy to Update

Topaz Studio is designed to be easy to update, by prompting you when updates are available and allowing you to update your application without having to go through an entirely new installation through the new update manager application included with Topaz Studio.

That’s all for now but keep an eye out for additional updates and new features in the application, online on our social media sites and always on the Topaz Studio Website at!

About Jodi L. Robbins

Topaz Labs - Jodi L. Robbins

Jodi is currently the Art Director of Topaz Labs. She has been an artist and photographer for over 15 years, starting with black and white film photography and alternative processing. After completing her BFA in Studio Art from Southern Methodist University and her Masters in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design, she worked in product photography for companies such as Heritage Auctions, Neiman Marcus, and the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Martin P Breslow
    May 23, 2017

    Saving layers in photFXlab vs Studio: If I understand correctly, photoFXlab had a pflx format that worked with the Save As option. Studio loses that option and it is replaced by the ability to save an effect stack in Studios file space and in the community space. Am I right?

  • Tom Garrett
    May 23, 2017

    I’m an old guy and been using Topaz for a long time but I’m confused. Misunderstanding probably. Seems like one place says the new thing (Topaz) is $70 and another place it is Free.
    Please explain. Thanks Tom Garret

    • Ronace
      May 24, 2017

      Raw images with .ARW extensions are opening with about 2 to 3 f stops under exposed. Additionally, some tif files do not open.
      I noticed that the shadow slider doesn’t control the shadow as accurately as Adobe ACR. Topaz slider seems to adjust the whole image as opposed to just the shadows.

  • Bob Wilson
    May 23, 2017

    A couple of questions. I have all of the Topaz app. Is the pro pac necessary? I see all of my apps are listed. Secondly, it looks like FXLaps is not necessary because it looks redundant now that Studio.

      • forgetful1
        May 27, 2017

        My question is similar. What happens to the topaz software I already have…how do i use it? What happens to PhotoFX lab? How does it differ from Studio?

          • forgetful1
            May 31, 2017

            Yes, but are the plugins still useful? It seems they are already built into the studio.

    May 23, 2017

    Are there tutorials available on how to use the product?

  • Teresa
    May 23, 2017

    Can you browse images within Topaz Studio?

  • John Kunze
    May 24, 2017

    I have been a long time user over the years of Topaz Labs products and plugins. I was thrilled to learn of the introduction of Topaz Studio and have purchased the Pro-pack adjustments to compliment the program. My comment is, I would like to see some extensive YOUTUBE tutorials of the use of the program and adjustment sliders visually showing results of an actual editing sequence presentation of image post-processing. This has been done in the past with much of Topaz original products and the learning experience has been a tremendous benefit. I have seen the quick one-minute introduction youtube videos showing Studio adjustments and brief usage guide, but would greatly appreciate a more extensive visual and explanatory tutorial showing the sliders in action and results they produce.Studio looks to be a tremendous artistic and creative post-processing tool and once again Topaz has produced a winner!

    John Kunze
    West Bend, Wisconsin

  • Debra Phillips
    May 24, 2017

    Really wish I could use it but sadly like many of your recent apps my computer will not support it due to lack of OpenGL compatibility.

  • Leon R Johnson
    May 24, 2017

    I’ll be going out of town tomorrow and will be gone into June. I’d like to know more about the ingredients of the Pro Pack. I’m not sure what I’m buying if I purchase it. All my old Topaz plug-ins work with the Studio, am I correct? (I think I have them all.) What do the things in this pack do that they don”t?

    If I decide to buy the Pro Pack, I definitely want to get this bargain price. But I’m an old retired character living on limited income, so must be sure it’s something I’ll use. Can you provide more information than just the sample photos shown on the web page?


      • Leon R Johnson
        May 24, 2017

        I’m missing something. I’ve been looking at the pages on the web site but haven’t seen anything about the sliders, etc. I confess that I didn’t play with the beta release as much as I wanted (ran into problems when saving as jpeg and tiff files – big color changes with jpegs and PS & LR couldn’t read the tiff files though ON1 RAW could). More experimentation there might have helped, sigh. I don’t expect to have a chance to play with the final program before my departure tomorrow and won’t have access to my computer for 10+ days. 🙁 Life is sometimes complicated and confusing. Guess that’s what makes it interesting. 😉

      • Leon R Johnson
        May 24, 2017

        Hey Jodi, I think I found the page you referred to. I’d been looking at the info on the page for the discount on the Pro Pack and somehow missed the page that had the videos with info on the individual modules. Now I’ve got to make an informed decision, and that’s never easy. 🙂 Ah, such is life.

  • Diana Talabac
    May 24, 2017

    “It works as both a standalone editor, a plugin within Lightroom and Photoshop, and a host application for other Topaz plugins…” Topaz says near the top of this page. And indeed I can access it from PS (CC) and as a stand-alone (from Task Bar), but still don’t see it (v. 1.0.1) anywhere in LR (CC). I THOUGHT I had seen v. 0.8 on the Develop|Photo|Edit In… menu, where all my other Topaz plug-ins are located. Also don’t see it on Develop|File|Plug-in Manager… [searched for .lrplugin file from Topaz on my hard drive] nor of course therefore on Develop|File|Plug-in Extras… where I DO see OnOne’s RAW 2017, which is also a stand-alone (and it’s component modules are shown in the same menu as my Topaz plug-ins).
    Since I use LR (CC) as my images browser and start my editing from that platform, I would like to access Topaz Studio from that host, as well as PS (CC). You seem to say that I should be able to, so: how?
    [on pc, PS and LR CC current, LR opened after downloading latest TS version]

  • Geraldine Bodnar
    May 25, 2017

    I’ve purchased your product, Topaz Studio. Long time user, so kinda know my way around, but darn where is Studio? After I open a photo, go to to Topaz and all I see are the things I already have. Please a little help to get me back on track. Thanks

  • mbail
    May 25, 2017

    I currently own all your Topaz plugins. Are you going to continue to update and make improvements to the products i currently own or are you just going to be focusing on your new products? Why do i only have until 5/30 to get the discount? I just got the email today 5/25 that you even had this new program. As a customer who has spent hundreds of dollars on your products over the years i would of thought you would be offering me as well as all existing customers of your entire suite of products the discounted price for an extended length of time as On1 software did for those who wanted to update to Photo Raw 2017.

  • jimspc
    May 26, 2017

    I can log in to the web site but the application login fails every time, (on 2 pcs). So I cannot access the program unless I open preferences, then cancel preferences, then I can access the program. However some strange things happen. It is slow and when changing from a sample on the right to another it gives a rotating circle to show that it is doing it but it just circles for ever. Same thing when I pressed get pro on one of the adjustment sections. Did I mention it is slow, some actions are so slow I can could do many actions in ACDSEE while waiting.. One PC is 16GB ram with A10 processor the other a new R7 1700 with 16GB 3200 ram so there should be no problems with either. I suspect the log in not working is the cause of problems.

    • jimspc
      May 26, 2017

      Oh BTW I have most of the Topaz plugins and they all work well and as I expect them to work. So I am aware of whet to expect from Topaz.

      • William Collins
        June 3, 2017

        I have all of the Topaz plug-ins and they do indeed all open…In Topaz Studio, go to Plug-Ins at the top of the page and all of the Plug-Ins will show there and then pick one…

  • lindapiersma
    May 26, 2017

    HI, Jodi,
    You wrote, “You may save effects within the program but you may not save layered files at this time.” That’s a lot of editing work that can’t be tweaked after the fact layer-wise! It sounds like Studio has a ton of wonderful features to play with. The ideal would be the ability to save as a layered doc so a specific layer can be easily altered or deleted at any point along the way if need be. I guess the next step would be to find a way to save stacked layers with Studio? I hope the Development team can do it at some point. Sounds like a winner to me! Topaz plug-ins are fantastic!

  • Barry Champion
    May 27, 2017

    I have been a user of Topaz products for five years, I am totally committed to using them and the opportunity to get Topaz Studio is one I have jumped at. Having downloaded it though I am at a loss to see how to pay the $70 or so. Could you please help make the payment.

  • garyk9156
    May 27, 2017

    I purchased Topaz Sudio on 4-4-17. It shows V0.8.0 I can’t find any place to update. John Barclay is offering a $99 pre release for Topaz Studio Pro. Is this what I have or do I need to order that to?

  • Glen Kitchens
    May 27, 2017

    I’m familiar w/ several of the previous Topaz plug-ins & have used them thru Photoshop for some time now. I’ve been playing w/ Studio for only a few hours now & when I click on ‘save’ or ‘save as’ to save a revised photo, the photo is saved as the original image. However when I click the photo & open it, it opens as the revised photo. What do I have to do to get the revised photo to show in thumbnail form?

  • Robert Codyer
    May 27, 2017

    Can the ProPack be used separately with LR, Elements, Photoshop, etc. or is it used exclusively with Topaz Studio?

  • Robert Nowlan
    May 27, 2017

    So I purchased the pro pack thru your presale email link. How do I get the pro adj. to show up in Topaz Studio? Thanks.

  • GianPeider Anderhub
    May 27, 2017

    hi, I am a loyal topaz user for years. A lot of my work include Topaz Simplify to give it that special artsy look. when i now acqire TopazLabs, what happens to my other, older programs, eg like simplify?, does it wo rk as an plug-in to @lets say ps Cc 2015 or perhaps On1 RAW??
    or do i hav e to eliminate these older proprams? Knowing tht quality of Topaz programs,
    can I easily change between ps, on1 raw and save the work where i want. Can i continue working with Simplify as i did sofar?
    i am qite thrilled by Topaz Quality so far. I hope and assume it continuous in the new topazlabs.
    As i learned of the new project rather late, can i g et en extension of e couple of days for the new project?
    Thanks for clearing some incertainties and helping me!!
    GianPeider Anderhub h.anderhub

  • jeff schoff
    May 27, 2017

    I am also confused. How much for Topaz Studio and Pro Pack for “loyal, exsisting customer / user”

    Is there a human voice I can talk to order, number?

  • Alice Marie Way
    May 27, 2017

    HI, Jodi,
    Will I still be able to access my current Topaz modules from PSE (14) as a plug in, or do I have to (somehow) have an account into the Studio?

    Thanks, Alice

  • garyk9156
    May 27, 2017

    UPDATE: Ok I downloaded V1.0.2 and it did overwrite the V8.01 however it does not appear to take the serial number sent with original purchase, correct date is 4-12-17 which was the Topaz Photography Collection with all 17 programs. Then the question is the Adjustment Pro pack the 17th program and is it the same as Studio Pro that John Barclay is offering a pre release price on?

  • lea hebert
    May 27, 2017

    after reading comments, I am confused if I should get this or not. I understand I have access to some of the programs for free. (is this a limited time offer or will it always be free? ) What exactly do you get for the pro package. I have Adjust and textures, star, B&W,clarity. Is this program different from what I have already purchased?
    also the other programs i bought ,i can access them through lightroom by going to Edit in and going to my drop down Filter menu. This program does not show up on that list, onlt on my desk top. Why?

  • Doug Bank
    May 27, 2017

    I am conflicted. I think I own all the Topaz plugins, so I clearly value your products, but I am not sure where this fits into the photography ecosystem. Is it supposed to replace Lightroom or Aperture (yes, I still use Aperture!) or Photoshop? Is it supposed to replace PhotoFXLab, which I dont think I ever used? As for the pro or not decision, I have not found the marketing materials that would persuade me one way or the other.

    On top of all that, and I am sure you are going to ask me to open a ticket for this, but I tried to start a trial for the Pro Effects – clicking on the Try Pro in the HSL Color Tuning tool, and it basically is spinning forever and my computer fan is on all the time. The program is NOT locked up, but something weird is happening. Another problem – I tried to launch Clarity, and it worked, but the image that opened up was either not there or was completely black.

    • Doug Bank
      May 27, 2017

      I was wrong. It did eventually lock up the program.

  • KymAndHeather
    May 27, 2017

    Hi Jodi,
    We’ve bought everything else Topaz and would like to buy Studio Pro whilst it is available for $70.00.

    We can only see it being available for $137.50.

    Is there a coupon we should have?
    (we may have accidentally deleted an email or two)

    Regards Kym and Heather

  • lea hebert
    May 27, 2017

    is the topaz studio free for a limited time? Or will it always be available for free? Is the pro package part of the download? I cannot seem to find where I can download a trial offer of the pro package. I too am disappointed that the discount is only for a few days. I am working and do not have time to play with it and decide if I should purchase. Can the discount be extended?

  • A George Charpentier
    May 27, 2017

    I live in Canada. I have used most of your products for a number of years. You sent me an email, offering me a pre-launch discount. I took you up on your offer. When I chose to pay with PayPal, an online form was presented to me asking to authorize a payment to you of $70 USD, or just under $100 CAD. I was not charged that amount, but MUCH more, a total of $137.50 USD. Why was the discount offered not honoured, and how did you manage to fool PayPal into sending you an amount I did not authorize? How many other loyal customers are being charged more than your discounted price?

  • A George Charpentier
    May 27, 2017

    It gets worse. I’ve been charged $137.50 USD, instead of $70 USD, and the program won’t let me us the software because I need to log into my account. Guess what? It tells me my password and email don’t match. Funny – they work when I log into my account at Topaz Labs, just not for the software that I as forced to pay far more than the discount…

  • Gerald Meredith
    May 27, 2017

    I can’t log into Topaz Studio with my Topaz Labs user name and password. Does this mean I need to create a separate username and password for Topaz Studio?

  • David Pittle
    May 27, 2017

    Will Topaz run under Affinity Photo?

  • GianPeider
    May 28, 2017

    For years I own several Topas programms as Plug-in to CC2017. Where does Studio come in? Is it a replacement for the older programms. e.g. Simplify, which I use often, is it replaced by Stuidio or do i still use it. I am a bit confused. Why pay 70 US when I have already top programms from Topaz? An hwen my main work is done in On1Raw and PS CC?
    Could you explain please? Thankyou!

  • Ray
    May 28, 2017

    So, does having Studio and the Pro Pack negate the need for Topaz Plugins?
    Is the built-in masking the same as Topaz ReMask?
    Does Pro Adjustment Precision Contrast replace Clarity?
    Pro Adjustment Black & White vs. Topaz B&W Effects? Pro Adjustment Reduce Noise vs. Topaz DeNoise?
    Are all my Topaz plugins that I’ve invested in now obsolete?

  • Leoni Ravestein
    May 28, 2017

    Hello, I own most of the Topaz products. I don’t quite understand what is being added with the Studio? As I work with photoshop files (.psd) I would have to do it as a plug-in. So, what’s the advantage to this for me?

  • Nicolas Morton
    May 29, 2017

    Hi, I have the Topaz Adjust plugin. Is that usable in Studio, or is it a separate product? Thanks,

  • Joseph Sandrin
    May 29, 2017

    I am the kind who likes to have a User Guide because I learn best by reading then doing. Is there a guide available yet? If so, where can I download?

    • William Collins
      June 3, 2017

      I have all of the Topaz plug-ins and they do indeed all open…In Topaz Studio, go to Plug-Ins at the top of the page and all of the Plug-Ins will show there and then pick one…

  • Peter Sanderson
    May 29, 2017

    I can’t see how to download the upgrade/Presale

  • Michel_Sansfacon
    May 29, 2017

    Hi Jody,
    I have a question regarding the Pro Adjustments.
    Does the Pro Adjustments replace their respective Topaz Plug-ins?
    For example, does the Reduce Noise Pro Adjustment replace (“kind of”) the DeNoise plug-in?

  • Neil Jeffrey
    May 29, 2017

    Hi Jodi,
    Perhaps you can help me, I tried to purchase the Pro Adjustments Package yesterday 29th May at the members price of $70 but the coupon shows as expired.
    I have had no reply from Sales yet and it is now 30th May here in Australia.
    Sorry to intrude like this but I noticed that when someone has experienced a technical problem, help arrives:)

  • Axel KrĂŒger
    May 29, 2017

    saving a file as *.jpg or *.tif will end with different icc-profiles embedded in the file (also different to the profile the file had when it was opened).
    What’s that. Will there be a version in the future having a really working colormanagment (where I can decide which icc-profile to embed)?
    Thanks for a reply.

  • Jackie Allender
    May 29, 2017

    I have recently purchased all of your plug ins, and now downloaded Studio along and purchased the Pro Adjustments, however it states that I can use the trial for the Pro Adjustments….so how do I get the Pro Adjustments into my ‘Studio’ that I purchased, I am logged in and also have Sync adjustments, if you can please advise, I have seen that others are having the same issue.


    May 30, 2017

    I’ve been trying to buy the propack with the discount code but it won’t allow me. I’ve emailed several times with no response. Says the discount code has expired…Been doing this for several days.

  • Dietmar
    May 30, 2017

    Hi! Today on 5/30 I tried to get the Pro Pack for the special discount price. But it says ‘This coupon has expired’. According to the newsletter the price should be valid until May 30th. Seems ‘until’ didn’t include May 30th.

  • Charles Abrams
    May 30, 2017

    I’m a long time Topaz user. I downloaded Topaz Studio and also bought the Pro Pack. I really enjoy using it. However, I just watched a you tube video by Heath Robinson at: On one hand its very comprehensive, but on the other hand it moves so very fast, its hard to follow everything. I hope you’ll be creating other you tube tutorials that go a little slower!!!! Thanks!!!!

  • John G. Dennie
    May 30, 2017

    I was really interested in the Topaz Studio, but where is the coupon code to purchase it?
    It’s too late now. You don’t make it easy. And it is frustrating to get an invite to purchase, but no coupon code. When you click on the Presale link all you get is ads for another package.

  • M22coty
    June 1, 2017

    Is it too late to purchase the Pro Pack for $70? I have entered the coupon code PRESALETEXT but the total is still $99. Thanks for your assistance.

  • Jack Sofield
    June 6, 2017

    Have downloaded the studio software with the pro pack. All works well so far but only as a stand-alone. It is a no-show in the Topaz filters list in PhotoShop. Me or you?

  • pete turner
    June 6, 2017

    Hi, I have purchased studio. After downloading it, I followed my usual procedure, which is to copy the program onto a usb pendrive and then attempted to load it onto my pc which is in a place without wifi (as I have done with my other Topaz plugins). I cannot load the programme as it tells me I need a wifi connection to do so. So how do I work ‘off the grid’. I am not sure what ‘sync your purchases’ means when I cannot connect to the web!
    Work off the Grid
    As photographers, we know sometime your work takes you off the beaten path. Use Topaz Studio while you’re on the move. Once you’ve synced your purchases you’ll have access to your Topaz Studio tools even without an internet connection.

    All you need is a Topaz Studio account to access your software. Existing users use their same login info, while new users can create an account. You will only have to have an internet connection every 60 days to authenticate your account.
    What does this mean to people working without wifi. Do I have to connect to the web every so often to continue using studio?
    Thanks Pete

    • Heath Robinson
      June 9, 2017

      You’ll need to have the computer that you’re installing studio on connected to the internet during the initial install and when you first sign in so that it can authenticate your account. After thet you’ll only need to connect every 60 days to update and reauthenticate. Just moving the installer file to a thumbdrive won’t work, because the installer downloads files from the internet during the installation process. So you’ll have to be connected initially on the machine you want to install Topaz Studio on.

  • Keith Broad
    June 7, 2017

    Hi Jodi, I’m having trouble working out how to change the Workspace configuration. I noticed in one Topaz video that the adjustment tools were listed horizontally in the right hand column and that the presets were at the top of the screen. Also, where do I find tools like spot removal or cloning brushes?

  • Nancy Briechle
    June 9, 2017

    I have all of the Topaz plugins with the latest version updates. I got the free version of Topaz Studio but there is no button to go to the plugins on the home screen of Topaz Studio. I know you need the latest version of the plugins but I have that. How can I get the plugins to show up in Topaz Studio?

  • Dawn Zukauskas
    June 10, 2017

    I just downloaded topaz studio and purchased the pro pack but I thought it was going to be a plug in for my ps c.f. but it is working as a stand alone editor , how do I fix this?

  • Andrew Padyk
    June 15, 2017

    I purchased the Studio Pro Pack but I already had all the previous plugins. I’m not sure what I bought. What does Studio and the Pro pack do for me that I couldn’t do before? It’s not clear to me what Topaz Studio is or why I need it since I use a LR and PS workflow. In other words, what is the advantage to using Studio within a PS layered workflow? What have I gained?

  • Susan
    June 26, 2017

    Hi, I never received the email about the introductory price of $70. Just saw this as i was trying to see which plug in I had already bought. Would be interested in knowing the code to add to my cart. Thanks, Susan

  • ric.westman
    July 6, 2017

    I have been using Studio for a couple of days on my MAC and all of a sudden it ask for user name and password . I enter both but the program hangs and I can’t get logged in. I have completely recovered and reinstalled a couple of times with no luck. I downloaded and installed the program on my MacBook Pro with no issues. HELP

  • jean francois renard
    July 27, 2017

    je suis Ă©merveillĂ© par la simplicitĂ© , la rapiditĂ© , la stabilitĂ© , de votre produit une vraie merveille je me rĂ©gale , dehaze , precision contraste , radiance , smudge …..quel rĂ©gal, je vous fais une publicitĂ© monstre dans mon club photo le meilleur de tous les plugs-in de photoshop et de loin bravo , bravo , bravo Ă  l’Ă©quipe topaz

  • Abby
    September 23, 2017

    What is the logic behind having to create an account and log in to use Studio? Have to “authenticate” every 60 days? Why? If I pay for a “module” why do I have to share with you every time I launch and use the app? Studio is not then really “free” is it? You want access to my machine and my information. What other data are you pulling down and why? Security and privacy are very real concerns.

    • Heath Robinson
      September 26, 2017

      Hello Abby,
      The login and sign in process replaces the license key system that we had before and the need to get a separate key for each adjustment, now when you log in, your purchases are automatically synced through your account. We also use the internet to sync custom adjustments shared through Studio, sync and backup your custom created adjustments to your account and provide update notifications, and other notifications directly through the interface. It also allows you to update the application directly through the help menu instead of having to download and run a new installer each time you’d like to update.

      We’re not getting access to “your machine and your information” although we do collect usage data from our users it is Anonymous and is assigned a random number to associate with your machine, it tracks how often you open Studio, and the different modules that you use while you’re in the program, as well as tracking what might have caused an error in the application if you encounter one. You have the option to opt out of the usage tracking at any time in the preferences by unchecking the “enable anonymous usage tracking” item in the Preferences menu.

      All information collected is securely encrypted, anonymous, and protected. We use this to generate usage numbers, see what effects and adjustments are most popular, and what features are being used the most, all in an effort to improve the software.

  • Graeme Worth
    September 25, 2017

    I, too, would like to press for a user guide. The video tutorials are very good, but don’t replace a user guide. Current example: I have prepared a custom effect for 1 of a series of panorama photos. I now need to apply the effect to the rest of the series. The obvious way would be to batch process them, but I can’t see how to do this. I’ve looked in the blog, the forum etc and I can find no reference to batch processing. Does this mean Studio doesn’t support batching, or is it simply hidden somewhere where I can’t find it. This sort of question comes up frequently and the answer should be easy to find, but it’s not. Please, either a user guide or a LOT more of the specific tutorials (inluding batch processing if it exists ).

    • Heath Robinson
      September 26, 2017

      Hello Graeme,
      We’re working on finalizing a few structural things with the interface, responding to user feedback before we complete the user guide, the current version doesn’t support batch processing but it is on our feature list to include in a future update.

  • Rachel Schneiderman
    October 1, 2017

    cannot access Topaz Studio from Lightroom only from Photoshop can you help me?
    I have downloaded it but don’t see it from Lightroom as an option

  • David Ore
    October 12, 2017

    I have some of the Topaz plugins and love them, but what I dont like is the Topaz Studio will not let me register at all, so not good really.

  • Nicolaas Strik
    October 18, 2017

    I have always been “babied” by Lightroom. Can I use Topaz Labs as a stand-alone application? If so, where do I download my images from my camera?

    • Heath Robinson
      October 20, 2017

      Hey Nicholaas,
      The studio isn’t actually an image importer or digital asset manager. If you’d like to import images you can do that via the file browser, or continue to use Lightroom, bridge, etc.

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