Focal Blur


Blurring the edges of an image is a great way to add a mystical or dreamlike quality to your images. It’s perfect for enhancing images with a shallow field of focus to make it more pronounced or to add image softness in post production to eliminate distracting edge detail. Add selective focus to any image, no matter what kind of camera you use!

The Focal Blurs Adjustment puts the power of a new lens at your disposal for a fraction of the price. This fun and simple tool adds selective focus to digital images. Change the blur amount to make subtle changes or intense modifications. Easily change the affected area by setting the transition value and position the focal point with the position slider.

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The Perfect Blur.
The Focal Blur Adjustment lets users draw the focus of the eye to specific parts of the composition. Sometimes adding tilt-shift in the field results in inaccurate results and undesired outcomes. Focal Blur allows you to add the perfect effect in postproduction by changing the blur type, amount, transition area, placement on the image, and the rotation of the effect.

Don’t Buy That New Lens…
This flexible and fun tool lets users explore the possibilities of changing focal planes and points without using complex and expensive lenses in the field. Create new looks by easily changing the shape and size of the focal point or add softness and perspective changes to create dreamy atmospheres.

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