HSL Color Tuning


HSL Color Tuning gives you the power to harness the full spectrum of color possibilities in your images. With 10 different colors bands, 3 color controls, 3 artifact controls, and the Topaz Studio full range of masking options, you can customize and manipulate colors to suit any need.

Normally, HSL tools ignore much of the complexity of color appearance resulting in pixelated or muddy changes and transitions. This adjustment naturally enhances and changes image hues, saturation levels, and lightness, allowing artists and photographers to create natural color changes as well as extreme artistic visions without compromising image integrity.

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HSL, Supercharged.
HSL Color Tuning allows users to manipulate and completely control the hue, saturation, and lightness of images. Unlike other HSL tools, Topaz Studio HSL Color Tuning provides more than the standard three adjustments. Along with the ability to edit and manipulate the hue, saturation, and lightness, users may also sharpen or soften image details, suppress artifacts, and change the sensitivity of the color range within the image.

Intense or Delicate.
The high range of adjustment possibilities allows users to create artistic visions yet is delicate enough to make completely natural and flowing changes within images. The ability to suppress artifacts allows for smooth and natural color transitions and edges, no matter how extreme the change may be.

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