The Sharpen Adjustment recognizes imperfections in images and mathematically corrects them, yielding clearer photos. The adjustment features two types of sharpening: Unsharp Mask and DeBlur along with unique technology that allows users to control the threshold of the details being affected. Control the strength, radius, and threshold to sharpen details without magnifying distracting image noise.

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Unsharp Mask.
The Unsharp Mask is a quick and effective way to recover image sharpness without magnifying image noise. Much like traditional sharpening tools, the adjustment utilizes an unsharpening mask to enhance details. What makes this tool unique is the threshold slider, which ensures you get the perfect combination of image sharpness and noise reduction.

DeBlur brings back the original crispness to photographs. This adjustment mathematically recovers image sharpness through the blind deconvolution process. DeBlur has the ability to analyze images and, based upon the output image, can make educated guesses on the intended input image which results in restoring the image to what was seen through the viewfinder.

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