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Topaz ReStyle is a software plug-in that gives you 1000 curated high-quality effects to use on your photos. ReStyle is uniquely designed to help you select, customize, and blend effects into your image in order to make it truly extraordinary.

Create incredible effects from plain images.

ReStyle helps you turn regular photos extraordinary with a few clicks. Here are just 3 ways you can use it:

Add drama to your image

Sometimes your images just look a little bit flat. ReStyle can add something extra to enhance the mood of your photo.

To give the adjacent image more character, we applied the Forest Fire effect. Because different images work better with different tones, we explored several looks before finalizing the image.

Create a high-fashion effect

The high-fashion portrait effect is popular but also involves many steps. ReStyle makes it much easier. (An entire collection is devoted to fashion.)

We wanted to give this image a more powerful look. The final result was created by blending four ReStyle effects together: Wine DregsGhostly RedwoodRoyal Blue, and Apricot.

Enhance image light

Lighting conditions are rarely perfect, so most non-studio photos will have certain lighting issues. ReStyle offers a simple visual method to fix these issues.

We wanted to fix a color cast and overall “flatness” in this image. By comparing different effects and choosing the one that stood out, we got a great result in seconds. We chose the Apricot Mornings preset for the final look.

Simple to use. Stunning results.

Use Topaz ReStyle’s intuitive interface to create powerful and emotional images:

Easily find the perfect effect

Flit through over a thousand beautiful effects and quickly zero in on the best. No matter what kind of image you have, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find the perfect effect for your photo.

Grid View shows you beautiful live previews and lets you compare many effects at once. Click an effect to immediately apply it to your image.

Search by keyword or similarity. If you can describe your desired effect, you can find it. Try searching for “film”, “moody”, or “purple” and see what you find!

Make it uniquely yours

ReStyle’s effects are more than just single-click filters. Each effect can be tweaked to your liking in every way. You have complete control over every aspect of your look.

Color mixing. Adjust the ratio of colors in your effect, and completely control the final results.

Structure. An important adjustment to adjust how “defined” your look is.

Basic adjustments. No need to leave ReStyle to make minor tweaks.

Selectively apply your effect

Sometimes an effect works better when it’s only applied to part of an image. ReStyle makes this a breeze with powerful selection tools.

Painting in your effect is the simplest way to get the effect where you want it. You can also use edge- and color-aware brushes for easier selection.

Smart tools help make your masking easier and quicker. Use Edge/color-aware brushes, color range tools, gradients, and more. It’s never been easier to get your effect exactly where you want it.

Blend in your effect

Use different blending modes and transparencies with ReStyle to get completely different results. You’re limited by nothing but your creativity.

Built-in opacity. Apply an effect at 80% for a dramatic change, or just 20% for a pleasing pop. This is one of the best ways to keep your images natural.

Blending modes. Use blending modes like Overlay, Color, Soft Light, and more. Works well with Opacity to create really great results in your image.

Get Topaz ReStyle

Apply the perfect effect to your photo. Add feeling and emotion into your images to make your work extraordinary.

System Requirements:

Operating System

Mac: OSX 10.9+ or Windows 7+


2 GB RAM minimum, 4 GB+ recommended

Host Programs

Requires a compatible host program.