Enhance image details without the introduction of image noise.


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Let the details in your image be amplified,
without being drowned out by distracting image noise.

Topaz Studio - Sharpen Adjustment


UnSharp Mask.

The Unsharp Mask is a quick and effective way to recover image sharpness without magnifying image noise. Much like traditional sharpening tools, the adjustment utilizes an unsharpening mask to enhance details. What makes this tool unique is the threshold slider, which ensures you get the perfect combination of image sharpness and noise reduction.

Topaz Studio - Sharpen Adjustment

Before and After the UnSharp Mask


DeBlur brings back the original crispness to photographs. This adjustment mathematically recovers image sharpness through the blind deconvolution process. DeBlur has the ability to analyze images and, based upon the output image, can make educated guesses on the intended input image which results in restoring the image to what was seen through the viewfinder.

Topaz Studio - Sharpen Adjustment

Before and After DeBlur 

Use the Unsharp Mask to bring back details to create tack sharp images and
DeBlur to correct blurry, out of focus images.

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Training and Tutorials

Learn all about the Topaz Studio Sharpen Adjustment with a comprehensive overview, tutorials, and videos. Click a category to learn more.

Create naturally sharper images without amplifying distracting image noise.


Learn how to use the Sharpen Adjustment with these step-by-step tutorials on the blog.

How to use the Sharpen Adjustment:

The Topaz Studio Sharpen Adjustment is an awesome tool that allows you to emphasize details and bring all your photos into perfect focus. Even images that you feel are in focus become crisp after this adjustment.

About the Sharpen Adjustment. The Topaz Studio Sharpen Adjustment is really two for the price of one. You can use the unsharp mask option to sharpen images or reverse the effect of lens blur on an image using the Lens DeBlur option. Read more…


Topaz Studio Sharpen Tutorial:

Join Taylor Seaton from Topaz Labs as she demonstrates how to use the Sharpen Adjustment in Topaz Studio. Learn what each slider does, and how to use both the Unsharp Mask and Lens DeBlur option, as well as Topaz Studio masking.

The Sharpen Adjustment recognizes imperfections in images and mathematically corrects them, yielding clearer photos.

Select Sharpen Type:

1. Unsharp Mask:
Select the Unsharp mask to create a clearer, sharper image. Utilizing unsharpening mask technology creates naturally looking, sharper images by using the image to get the base layer instead of just a cookie cutter contrast sharpening.

2. DeBlur:
Use DeBlur to correct image blur. This type of sharpening utilizes the blind deconvolution process to mathematically correct images. The technology in DeBlur analyzes the output image and has the ability to make educated guesses on the intended input to correct blurred images.

The sliders and what they do:

1. Strength:
Increasing the value of this slider increases the the overall strength of the selected sharpen type within the Sharpen Adjustment.

2. Radius:
This slider is only available for DeBlur. Increasing this slider will increase how strong the contrast of the edge of DeBlur is.

3. Threshold:
Increasing the value of this slider will increase the amount of details that are untouched by the Sharpen Adjustment. Utilizing this slider will allow for sharper images, but block out distracting image noise.

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