Star Effects

Create beautifully-rendered and natural lighting effects in seconds.

There are some photos with powerful elements that grab your attention. You almost can’t look away.
A great way to achieve this in your own work is to add light effects that naturally accentuate your photo, like light rays, lens flares, and sun beams.
We specifically designed this product to make this process easy. Star Effects includes everything you need to create natural and compelling lighting effects that will make your photos shine.

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Great lighting effects

Choose from a variety of beautiful star effects like traditional, starburst, cross, hollywood, and more.

Auto-detect light sources

Use a single click to apply your lighting effect at exactly the right place in your photo.

Completely customizable

Adjust any part of the light effect that you can think of, and never create the same effect twice.

Light is everywhere. Accentuate a mild glow, create a powerful sun flare, or do anything in between.

Use Star Effects and your creativity to make your great photos even better.

(Hover for before & after.)

Not every image needs star or lighting effects, but the ones that do will look absolutely amazing with them. Use Topaz Star Effects to create one-of-a-kind photos that no one will be able to look away from.

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Star Effects requires a compatible host program in Mac OSX 10.6+ or Windows 7+ with 4GB RAM or more.