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Create the textured and toned looks you love, in a fraction of the time it takes in other editing software.


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Topaz Texture Effects is now Texture Effects in Studio
Available as adjustments within Topaz Studio.

Texture Effects streamlines the workflow for creating layered texture images in a fraction of the time it takes in Photoshop. With hundreds of expertly crafted effects and an extensive library of textures, borders, and more directly at your fingertips, there’s no more scouring the web for a look that inspires you.

Whats in Texture Effects in Studio?

Texture Effects in Studio combines the “Texture”, “Edge Exposure” and “Quad-Tone” Pro Adjustments, as well as the full range of free Adjustments available in Studio.

What makes Texture Effects in Studio unique?

Designed to streamline your workflow with powerful adjustments to quickly add tone and texture to your image in just a few clicks. No more complicated workflows or long drawn out tutorials. Combine that with the power of the Topaz Studio toolset, Texture Effects in Studio helps you create amazing images in a fraction of the time it takes in other software.

Hundreds of assets included.

With the latest release of Texture Effects, we’ve partnered with both “Meredith Images” and “2 Lil Owls” to bring you 70 additional professional textures for free. Coupled with the hundreds of textures, borders, and more from Topaz directly at your fingertips, and the ability to import your own custom assets, there’s no more scouring the web for a look that inspires you. You can even import transparent PNGs to get that perfect custom border or double exposure for your image.

 Professional image textures instantly available.

Explore an ocean of effects.

Bundled with hundreds of custom effects from soft and subtle to Lo-Fi and vintage styles, Texture Effects 2 give you full creative control. Start with an included effect, or browse public effects created by other users, or start from scratch.

 Hundreds of effects, limitless customization.

Enhanced with the Power of Topaz Studio

Take Texture Effects even further with the full range of free tools, features, and adjustments available in Topaz Studio. Including integrated masking, unlimited undo/redo, and much more.

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Blow Through your Creative Barriers.

You’ve got a job to do. Don’t get bogged down by confusing tools.

Texture Effects uses the latest in GPU processing to ensure that your effects are ready the second you are. Combined with an intuitive adjustment process and the ability to quickly edit, rearrange, or remove adjustments, it transforms your workflow from infuriating to exhilarating.

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Get Texture Effects in Studio Now!

Designed with you in mind.

Texture Effects is a breeze to use no matter where your creative journey begins. Add unlimited adjustments to your project. Want an effect with 20 textures, 15 light leaks and 10 borders? No problem!

Fine tune your image with masking for each adjustment, 20 different blending modes, and unlimited undo/redo. With Texture Effects in Studio, getting your image just right is easier than ever.

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