Topaz Studio 2

Some exciting news to share: Topaz Studio 2 will launch next week! (7/25 update: it’s available now.) It will look quite different than the current version of Studio, so I wanted to give some context on why.
We’ve rebuilt Studio from the ground up to be much simpler and faster to use. Our main design intention is to offer an image editor that excels at supporting creative post-processing workflows (like retouching or digital art) beyond simple image corrections. To make this happen, the new Studio provides a fully non-destructive layer workflow, an improved masking experience, and a robust Looks library.
With that in mind, there are some major differences between Studio 1 vs 2:
1. Pricing change. Instead of paying for each add-on you want to use, Topaz Studio 2 will now be available for a single flat fee of $99.99 that includes all adjustments by default. There will be no free version. If you’ve previously bought Studio adjustments, read the free upgrade path at the end of this post.
2. Full non-destructive layer support. As mentioned before, Topaz Studio 2 now has full layer support – and everything you do is non-destructive. Looks (formerly presets) go on their own layers so you can now mix, match, and stack them. (Apply and Duplicate no longer necessary!)

3. Major UI refresh. Topaz Studio 2 received a major user interface change focused around layers. You can easily drag and drop to rearrange layers, access layer masks, and control blending/opacity. It does look quite different than the current Studio, but we’re confident this new workflow will enable you to work more quickly and easily than before.

A couple things to keep in mind with Studio 2:
  • You will be able to use Studio 1 alongside Studio 2, but you will not be able to buy any additional paid adjustments
  • The old Studio 1 .tsp format will no longer be compatible
  • Studio 1 presets will not be compatible at launch, but we will offer a utility to help migrate custom Studio 1 presets into Studio 2
  • Studio 2 will not support plug-ins upon release, but this will be added soon
Upgrading from the current Topaz Studio
  • If you own Studio adjustments with total list price >$99.99, you’ll receive Studio 2 for free.
  • If you own Studio adjustments with total list price <$99.99, you’ll receive store credit for the adjustments you do own.
Note that we’re calculating this based on full price (not paid price), so if you’ve received products as free upgrades or bought any on sale then you’re getting an even better deal. We’ll have a webpage to check your upgrade availability by the time of the release.
We know this change represents a major impact to your workflow if you rely on Studio, but we think you’ll find that it’s worth it. In addition to what it will be capable of upon next week’s launch, we’re committed to delivering rapid improvements to Studio in the coming few months. 
We can’t wait to see what you create with Studio 2. Let us know what you think in the comments!
7/24/19 update: The free upgrade eligibility page is now available after you log in.
7/25/19 update: Topaz Studio 2 has been officially released!

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147 thoughts on “Topaz Studio 2

  1. One can only hope that it works given their track record with windows implementations lately.

    1. I definitely hope it works too! 🙂

      In all seriousness, we’re very committed to making this work, Windows or otherwise. This is another one of the reasons we’re excited about Studio 2: we’ll be able to release much faster updates and improvements than was possible with Studio 1. If you have issues with Studio 2 upon its release, let us know and we’ll correct them as soon as we can.

      1. To me, faster updates is not a feature, it is a problem. I liked the old world where people tested stuff before they released it…

      2. Is there an easy way for me to migrate my ENORMOUS library of textures over to studio 2? Thanks.

      3. Dear Eric: All of a sudden with downloading Topaz Studio 2, all of my purchased plugins are not available. I need them for my work. Where are they and how can I re-obtain them? Gerry Main

  2. Just hoping I will be able to figure all this out. I purchased, over more than a year, adjustments and plug ins, etc. on a small pension budget. Not sure what this means for me…or if I will have any issues. 🙁

    1. Hi Claudia, thanks so much for your support. If you’ve previously purchased all our adjustments/plugins, you’ll be receiving Studio 2 for free. We’ll have a page up for you to double-check your free upgrade eligibility soon.

  3. Looks great!

    There are or will be plugins for Lightroom and Photoshop, yes?

    Single flat fee of $99.99? Is that a yearly price (subscription) or a one-time charge?

    1. Thanks Sam! You’ll be able to use Studio 2 as either a standalone or a PS/LR Classic plugin.

      The $99.99 is a flat fee to own the software (not a subscription).

  4. I own everything except Gigapixal and jpg to raw. Am I going to upgrade to Studio 2 for free? I also own all Topaz Plugins. Will I still be able to use them thru Photoshop and Lightroom?

    1. We’ll put up a page to check upgrade eligibility soon, but if you own everything and they show in your Account then you’ll almost certainly receive Studio 2 for free. You’ll be able to use Studio 2 through both Photoshop and Lightroom Classic.

  5. Is Topaz Studio 2.0 the same as the “Topaz Art Studio” mentioned a couple of times in the Topaz Studio Facebook group?

    1. Yes – we considered tailoring the next version of Studio specifically towards digital art and calling it Art Studio, but ultimately decided against it. Topaz Studio will remain Topaz Studio, even though the workflow is changing significantly.

  6. Sounds exciting and much more user friendly.

    1. Thanks Martha! Hope we can live up to these expectations.

  7. I’ve pretty much been with Topaz from the get go. I own every product Topaz has to offer except jpg to raw. I don’t need nor do I want that product. I certainly hope I don’t get penalized and have to pay for studio 2.

    1. Thanks so much for your support over the years 🙂 If you already own Studio 1 pro adjustments with total list price over $99.99, you will receive Studio 2 for free. No worries if you don’t own JPEG to RAW!

      1. Great !! I’m really looking forward to the release. Topaz Rocks !!!

      2. What if you own pro adjustments amounting to the exact price of $99.99? Will you be eligible to get Studio 2 for free then?
        I own the AI bundle (not eligible for free Studio 2 as I get it) and Impressiosn in Studio pro adjustment (eligible for free Studio 2?).

        1. If you own Impression in Studio for $99.99, you’ll receive Studio 2 for free.

  8. Does that mean their will not be individual updates to the adjustment filters such as Denoise 6?

    1. DeNoise AI will remain a separate product from Topaz Studio, so will still receive individual updates along with the rest of the AI suite.

      1. Sorry but Denoise AI and Adjust AI do not do as good a job as the legacy plugins. I’ve tried and tried with them and can’t get acceptable results and have to go back to the legacy plugins. I hope Studio 2 will be more than a special effects program as far as photo editing is concerned.

        1. Agree 100%. So very frustrating that the legacy stuff is better. what’s really frustrating is I can’t locate the old stuff on my PC after a rebuild to install it!

  9. I am not sure how this will affect me. I purchased a boatload of Topaz products through a third party (though related) seller at a Kelby conference a couple of years ago. Started using Studio 1 soon after release, but had major problems. My husband, who is a systems engineer for a computer company, said that Topaz requires more than my LR and PS require, so we purchased more memory for my desktop PC, where I do all of my work. I do have a photography biz and would like to incorporate Topaz into my workflow. But apparent product instability and lack of consistent, reliableTopaz support has me reluctant to update products. I am very skeptical of new releases, including the most recent Topaz Studio 2. I do not have time to be a guinea pig, testing your software. Yet I have a bit of a financial investment which has not been tapped. I will be watching what happens…
    My website does not show any Topaz work. I am hoping to include in future. Please expand your video ‘how to’ offerings to help get us all up to speed on the new Studio 2

    1. Tina – thanks for the in-depth feedback and sorry to hear about your experience with Studio 1. Although I can’t promise that everything will be perfect for you immediately after the release, a big reason we’re so excited about Studio 2 is because it allows us to push more consistent product improvements and needed fixes. We’ll be expanding our video library with additional Studio tutorials as well. I’m hoping Studio 2 will make it into your website soon – we’ll work really hard to try to make that happen!

  10. Will I still be able to use the Original Topaz Studio?

    1. Yes – the download will still be available on the Previous Versions page, although you won’t be able to purchase any additional Pro Adjustments. You will be able to have both Studio 1 and 2 installed on your computer at the same time.

  11. Hi, Hold my hands up, I have been a user of On1 Photo RAW for some time but also own Topaz Adjust AI, Denoise AI and AI Clear. Due to the what seems like a regimental dictorial stance by On1 on there Facebook Page (If they don’t like it remove it although other users may agree with your statement) I have decided to concentrate within Topaz. Anyway as I own the three Topaz products and from what I read over hree will I be entitled to the free upgrade to Studio 2, does this also mean I will be receiving all the plug-ins (although Jpeg to RAW I would probably never use). Also I am very much into trying to create as near as possible what I see when looking through the lens ( no painterly looks etc) so in the hundreds of videos available is there one that concentrates on natural looking images?. Sorry for the long post. Russ.

    1. Adjust AI and DeNoise AI actually are not Studio adjustments (they’re separate products) so don’t count towards the Studio upgrade. AI Clear does count. We’ll have a free upgrade eligibility page up soon that allows you to double-check these details specifically for your account. On tutorials: we’ll definitely have a few upon release, but we will also release a good number of tutorials for Studio 2 on natural-looking images in the coming few months.

  12. 1) Can I still use the orignal Topaz Studio if I’m fine with how that works. 2) Is Studio 2 going to work as a Photoshop Elements 12+ plug in? I own all Topaz Labs product. Not really looking forward to changing my workflow.

    1. You can still use legacy Studio if you choose, and we’ll keep the download available on the Previous Versions page. (You won’t be able to buy additional Pro Adjustments, however.)

      Totally understand about not wanting to change up your workflow, so thank you for bearing with us. We’re hoping the new workflow will be both more intuitive and powerful than the old one.

  13. What about the ones that still use CS6 and LR 6.14? Thanks

    1. Studio 2 will work as a plug-in to CS6 and will be compatible as an External Editor to LR Classic.

  14. I have no idea what I paid for Studio originally but I have been using Topaz for many, many years. I use the stand alones more than studio, to be honest, because Studio is cumbersome and more difficult to use. I hope this new release is better. I must have the stand alone Topaz products continue to work.

    I should not have to pay anything for the upgrade considering what a pain the original has been. Perhaps you can look at how long someone has been a Topaz user and how many products that user has purchased (like me) and make this upgrade free regardless of what was paid for just Studio.

    I now have 23 TB of hard drive, 32 GB RAM, and a top of the line video card to power Photoshop and Lightroom (with all plugins). I am 67 years old and not as tech savvy as I was even 10 years ago. Because of that, I may withhold upgrading until I see what this new release gets for reviews.

    1. Thanks for the feedback John, and appreciate you using our software! Products in the AI Suite are separate from Topaz Studio and aren’t affected by this upgrade. You’ll still be able to use them as you always have.

      Our top priority for the upgrade path is to make sure we don’t leave any Studio 1 customers high and dry. If you have already purchased Studio 1 adjustments (the base image editor was free) then the upgrade path will apply to you. There’ll be a page up soon to double-check your eligibility.

      1. I didn’t buy any adjustments that I can recall. If the upgrade isn’t free after the hundreds of dollars I have spent over the years on Topaz products, then I won’t bother. I am not paying for an upgrade to a product that, quite frankly, was not as good as the individual plugins.

      2. UPDATE: I logged in and the upgrade is free, so I will give it a go. I never got an email like so many others have. But thanks.

  15. I hope this will be as a great as the Topaz products that I have today. I’ve been fortunate in that I have had very few issues with any Topaz product so I’m excited to see what new developments Topaz has in store for us!

    1. Thanks Debbie, really appreciate your support! Would love to know what you think of the new Studio 2 when you use it.

  16. How is this going to affect Topaz Labs Plugins? Are we still going to be able to use them in Photoshop and Lightroom or as stand alone plugins? Also is Joe Fedrigo still with Topaz?

    1. Hello Suzanne. Yes, your original plug-ins are not affected by this change. They will continue to work as they have. This just affects Topaz Studio users.

    2. As John mentioned, your other plug-ins won’t be affected. This change only affects Topaz Studio, so you’ll still be able to use your other plugins as normal. (Joe has moved on to new opportunities.)

  17. What should I do with the existing tsp files? Will there be a converter? Will they just become worthless?

    1. Existing .tsp files won’t work within Topaz Studio 2, but we’ll maintain the Studio 1 download on the Previous Versions page. You’ll always be able to open .tsp files from Studio 1.

  18. Eric so excited and anxious to see the new studio! Thank you for letting me be even so slightly instrumental in the vision 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Dawn! Your feedback was very helpful.

  19. Thanks for this update. There is certainly much confusion out there for us loyal, long term customers.
    Please continue to issue more detailed info on the new Studio 2 and how it relates to Original Studio –
    It’s been a very frustrating time for many of us when all you have had are rumors and speculation about software that I have come to love and cherish and rely on.
    Some specific questions to address:
    Can I keep running my Original in addition to Studio 2?
    Will Studio 2 retain all the arty plug ins I love, i.e., Impressions, Texture Effects, Simplify, Glow?
    Will I be able to access Studio 2 thru my Photoshop Elements 2018?
    Looking just a little bit ahead, as a Mac user, will Studio 2 be compatible with Catalina OS expected this fall?

    I hope that you will be doing more webinars! I watched each one live and often again on replay. They are not only education, but also inspirational creatively.
    It will be helpful to demo any workflow changes for using Studio2 alone and with the AI software (have them all!) now and in the future if they are become more integrated.
    Thanks, and give the information flowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Ilene, and sorry for causing any confusion! We’ve taken care to have Studio 2 install separately from Studio 1, so it won’t replace Studio 1 as either a standalone or plug-in. Studio 2 also includes all of the adjustments you’ve mentioned, and you’ll be able to access it through PSE 2018 with no issues. It will be compatible with Catalina. We will be doing instructional and webinars in the months following release, so keep an eye out for those. Thanks for the great questions!

  20. Will studio 2 completely overwrite studio 1 – I’d hate to lose my connection to AI Clear, which does such a good job. Will that be included in Studio 2 please….?

    1. Studio 2 won’t overwrite Studio 1, so you can pick and choose which to use for any particular image. That said, AI Clear is also included in Studio 2.

  21. The name of Studio 2 is a better direction than Art Studio for the customer base that is not focused on painterly effects. Now if Topaz would do a good version of frequency separation so that tone is on one layer and color info on another, that would be great. We should not have to modify both tone and color when we only want to modify one or the other. That would be a great help for those do portraits, landscapes, architecture…etc.

    1. Agreed on the name, Michael. We’re very committed to making this the go-to image editor for creative post-processing, and this name + product direction aligns more closely with that vision. Great suggestion on frequency separation, too – although this won’t be available upon release, we’ll consider it in our future product development.

  22. Two questions, first will recently released standalone products like the AI bundle work with Studio 2 and will the Studio 1 plugins/adjustments work at all with Studio 2??? I’m referring to the Clarity, Detail, Impression, etc modified plugins.

    1. Good questions! Studio 2 includes native versions of Clarity, Detail, Impression, and almost everything else you can find in Studio 1, so there should be no issues there. Upon release, Studio 2 will not support our AI plugins (including for AI Bundle apps), but we will be adding that in quite soon. In the meantime, you can use the AI products as standalone.

      1. Which adjustments currently present in Studio 1 will not be included as native versions in Studio 2?

  23. If I upgrade to Studio 2 will I still be able to use Studio 1 and AI clear or will the upgrade wipe out my current version. I would like to try the new Studio 2 with out losing the ability to revert back to Studio 1 if it does not work for me. Also will all the adjustment I currently own be available to me in Studio 2 . If I want to keep both studio 1 and 2 can I download 2 on a separate computer to try it and then make a decision. Frankly the issues people have been expressing lately make me wonder how good Studio 2 is going to perform. I love Studio 1 and have no issues with it . All the lates AI release seem to nothing more than a grouping of what we already had into one adjustment which frankly did not work well and took way too long to process i have not purchased nor will purchase any other new AI tools Very disappointed that AI clear is to be discontinued works better than any of the new ones. I take it will not be available in Studio 2 which is another reason I am reluctant to give up Studio 1

  24. Not sure I understand all the implications of this announcement – I currently have topaz studio and purchased all the AI products and a bundle of the products at one time.
    I have bored friends with how fantastic the Topaz products are especially AI clear, AI de noise AI sharpen and AI giga pixel.
    If I have to pay anything extra to carry on using the products I have bought I will be seriously upset. If the option is to carry on with what I have with no future support I will also be seriously upset.
    TOPAZ please keep the customers that supported you in the past (and paid for it) happy.

    1. Hi Ann, thanks so much for your support and for spreading the word – we really appreciate that. If you’ve purchased a bundle that included Studio adjustments, or any old plugins (Detail, Impression, Clarity, etc) that were upgraded into Studio adjustments, you’ll receive Topaz Studio for free. We’ll put up a upgrade eligibility page for you to confirm pretty soon.

  25. My Studio version 1 was working well … this layer-based version with beefed-up masking may be just what Studio needed!

    1. Glad it’s working out well for you, and I hope that Studio 2 works even better.l

  26. I have all the Topaz products. I use AI Clear on almost every picture. I am concerned I will lose AI Clear if I install Studio 2. Please reassure me that I will continue to have access to this filter. Thanks

    1. You will continue to have access to AI Clear in Studio 2. You can also choose to keep using Studio 1 for as long as you wish.

  27. I really hope it is more stable and won’t keep freezing as the current version does. I also hope it runs considerably faster – especially the fabulous AI Clear.

    1. I can’t promise that Studio 2 will be completely bug-free upon release, but I can promise that we’ll do everything we can to promptly fix issues that we do find. We have also worked hard on performance optimizations, so Studio 2 should overall work faster than before.

  28. I’m really excited to see Topaz Studio 2. I never really liked Studio 1 and was more apt to use FX Labs for my digital work.

    1. I’m very excited about Studio 2 and really hopes it lives up to your expectations. (And if it doesn’t, let me know why.)

  29. I love topaz studio. I own it all and have never had any problems. I am preparing to give a tutorial on it for my camera club in September. Looks like I have to start again with new version. I hope you will put some tutorials up soon so I can quickly adapt. I have spent a lot of money on all topaz products because I love it. Hope I’m not going to have to pay anymore 😊

    1. Thanks Colleen, really appreciate your support! If you own all of Studio 1, you absolutely won’t have to pay for Studio 2. We’ll be getting lots of tutorials up in the coming few months.

  30. Just saw this from Eric Yang

    “Yes – the download will still be available on the Previous Versions page, although you won’t be able to purchase any additional Pro Adjustments. You will be able to have both Studio 1 and 2 installed on your computer at the same time.`’

    This probably answers my question earlier – if I can have both on the computer at the same time, then I can see which one works best for my workflow……..

  31. Yes, maintaining our access to the legacy version still is a nice insurance policy against a disastrous update launch. This should encourage everyone to try out the migration, rather than waiting for others to suffer their way through the inevitable new program teething issues.

    1. Agreed…..

  32. With all of the changes and improvements I hope the name of the effect I used will be included in that specific layer in PS so I have a record of the effect. It is troublesome to have to manually rename the layer in PS.

    1. Hi Joni, thanks for the question! Since Studio 2 fully supports a layer workflow, upon release there won’t be a way to automatically bring a specific effect’s name back into Photoshop. I do understand how this would be helpful, though, and it could potentially be a future improvement.

  33. What are system requirements. I cannot afford to keep upgrading my iMac.

    1. System requirements will be the same as Studio 1, so if you could run that well then Studio 2 will also run fine. (The requirements are lower than that of our AI suite.)

  34. Will studio 2 work as a plugin with the Photoshop CC program? I was just using the Topaz today in photoshop cc, and then it disappeared??? Now I don’t know how to get it back? Can’t remember my acct. password. Too scared to change the password right in the middle of an upgrade happening. Very confused right now.

    1. Studio 2 will work as a plug-in within Photoshop CC. We haven’t actually made any changes yet, though, since it hasn’t been launched. In the meantime, I’d recommend re-installing Topaz Studio from the Downloads page to get it back into Photoshop. If that doesn’t work, contact us and we’ll help you sort it out.

  35. I’m an avid user of topaz and I’m really looking forward to studio 2. when is studio 2 available for download?

    1. Glad to hear it, we’re really excited to get it out! It will be available on 7/25.

  36. I hope this all works out. I have been using the plugins all of them and studio with all of the addins I hope the switch over goes well. The add-ins to studio I use most and love are remix and aiclear.

    I know that you added aiclear to another plugin, but I hope it will still be available in the new studio. As this will affect my work flow.

    Also will the new studio over write the old or can I keep both?


  37. Having a dry run with the beta of Studio 2 has been exhilarating! The new interface, while quite different, has improvements such as full non-destructive layer support (which is HUGE!). No more need to Apply or Duplicate when you want to add a Look or additional filters. And the new interface is very clean and streamlined making it intuitive to use and easy to navigate. I’ve used it to process some infrared images, as well as some recent landscapes from the Palouse and I’m extremely pleased with the results. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into the new interface, and for the upcoming improvements we have to look forward to!

  38. Hi,
    1. Will all the adjustments in Studio 1 come across to Studio 2?
    2. I think the AI-Clear adjustment in Studio works better than in any of the standalone products. Will it be the same adjustment in Studio 2 that was in Studio 1?
    3. Now that you seem to be organising your products into this new standard layout, is there any chance of having the option to switch the main menu from the right hand side to the left hand side? Much more intuitive for us left-handers! 🙂

  39. So pleased to hear Rad Drew’s experience with the Beta version of Studio 2. I hope Topaz Labs Staff will ask him to have a ‘Live Webinar’ on Studio 2 reasonably soon after it is released. I personally have all the Topaz Plug-Ins and Studio Pro-Adjustments and plan to keep both Studio original and Studio 2 on my iMacs and MacBookPro machines as I become totally accustom and accomplished with the new User Interface. I can’t wait for its release on 7-25-2019. Thanks to the Topaz Staff/Engineers/Developers for all you do for the consumers. Sincerely appreciated.

  40. to see if I get studio 2 for free,
    when is the website ready?

    Upgrading from the current Topaz Studio

    If you own Studio adjustments with total list price >$99.99, you’ll receive Studio 2 for free.
    If you own Studio adjustments with total list price <$99.99, you’ll receive store credit for the adjustments you do own.

  41. I would be interested if the site comes out because of the cost or if you are allowed to download Studio 2 for free

  42. I think it’s great from Topaz how quickly the questions we answered, I have to say that just now

  43. Will this studio work with the Mojave operating system?

    1. works fine with my version of Mojave

  44. Indeed if the launch is on the 25th, we need the website to check how our accounts will be handled and which products in Studio 1 plus standalone will equal which products in Studio 2 plus standalones.

    I hope Topaz is planning a major launch webinar on the 25th to at least give a quick overview of Studio 2 and exactly how it is different from Studio1.

  45. Is there a link for the pre release ( beta ) version of Studio 2 please? Cant wait till 25th 🙂


  46. I purchased the plug-ins in 2016 (classic collection; Impression; Glow and Texture effects); and meet the requirement for paying more than $99.99. I do not have Studio 1 because I have been reluctant to upgrade to it given reviews I saw were not great. Because I do not have Studio 1, will I be eligible for Studio 2 upgrade for free? If I have presets saved using Topaz inside PS (plugins); I assume these will still work .. or will the plugins all be replaced by Studio 2?

  47. Just playing a few minutes with Studio v.2 and it leaps over v.1 a thousand-fold. Fast to launch on my iMac 27″ and a clearer less clutter interface lets me focus on the task at hand and not minimizing button bars and pop out frames every use. Nice impressive upgrade for those of us using your suite for a log time. Well done and thanks!

  48. What happened to image layers? With Version 1 I used these quite a lot.

  49. Just downloaded Studio 2 and tried to add it as a plugin in LR. There is no .lrplugin folder. Are there instructions somewhere for how to do this?

  50. I currently use the free Topaz Studio and love it. I do have to un-install and then re-install about every month for whatever reason. I guess I’m going to be out of luck if the free version is going away. What are going to be the hardware requirements? How long do you anticipate Stdio 2 will last before we have to buy a new Studio 3?

  51. I currently use the free Topaz Studio and love it. I do have to un-install and then re-install about every month for whatever reason. I guess I’m going to be out of luck if the free version is going away. What are going to be the hardware requirements? How long do you anticipate Stdio 2 will last before we have to buy a new Studio 3?

  52. Hello,
    In the new Studio 2 there are no tools anymore (Crop and Rotate, Heal, Lens Correction, Mask). Also, I can not find a histogram to control the changes.
    So I need a second software to complete the image processing can.
    For me, this is a step backwards.

  53. I can’t find the crop and heal functions in studio 2, are these gone?
    My wish for either studio 1 or 2 is to add a selection tool for masking photos with geometric features.

  54. Hi Eric
    Just installed Studio 2 and was wondering about AI Remix which I love in Studio 1?

  55. how do I edit in studio 2 from lightroom?

  56. The presets I created in Studio 1 no longer come up in Studio 2. Is there a way of transferring them across?

  57. How do I find Detail in Studio 2 or any of the other individual components ie Impression etc – or can I?

  58. I hope crop etc tools will be incorporated very soon. I can’t see myself using Studio 2 unless it is a 1-stop solution – not really interested in using some other software to crop, heal etc, saving the file and then opening in Studio 2 to add filters and effects. It sounds fantastic but without the ability to do everything in one package it’s not particularly useful.

    1. Agree 100%

      1. I mainly shoot birds & with out a crop tool Topaz Studio 2 is absolutely useless to me (though i have already been upgraded to it from version 1 since i was eligible for the free upgrade).I also did not find AI Sharpen & AI denoise in version 2
        Hope these are resolved asap

  59. Thanks for the free upgrade. I downloaded it this morning, but I haven’t had more than a few minutes to really try it out. It really is completely different than the previous version. I was only able to locate one how to video which just showed the cursor moving about at high speed. I couldn’t keep up with it. I hope that there will be some how to videos that will be much slower and explain with audio step by step. I have a 13 inch MacBook Pro so it’s hard enough to see the arrow moving in tutorials, at high speed it’s almost impossible to follow.

    I love your products and have purchased most of them over the years. I have an early 2015 MacBook Pro with 8 GB of memory and at some point several years ago I was no longer able to use Topaz at all. I spent many hours trying to download the newest versions and would repeatedly try again and again to no avail. I would get to 98% complete and then it would always crash. Also the older versions no longer worked. However, earlier this year I bought the newest version of the MacBook Pro with 16 GB of memory. The first software that I installed was Topaz. It worked! I’ve bought almost all of your software except for jpeg to RAW. I’m very happy with Topaz. Thank all of you for developing such amazing software. I know it’s a lot of hard work, but you seem to have a great team doing amazing things!

  60. Will studio 2 be available on iPad Pro to compete with upcoming PS release this fall?

  61. I have added a large number of textures to textures effects in Studio 1. How do I move these files into Studio 2?

  62. Hello! So exciting! Playing with Studio 2 now. I don’t see where I can import my textures. Can you tell me how I can add my purchased textures to the Texture filter?

  63. Thanks Eric, I’m really excited to delve into Studio 2, I’ve gotten away from photo editing, which I love to do, so looking forward to learning via webinars and videos when you get those up. I love Topaz Labs products, so user-friendly and superior!

  64. Just as with Studio 1, the installation aborts with “your system did not meet the minimum requirements” with no indication of what it didn’t like or opportunity to acknowledge and try anyway. If you can check for requirements you think you need, you can explain what checks didn’t pass. I’m really wanting to try Topaz, but you’re actively refusing my business.

  65. Wow so many questions. 1. Is there a trial? 2. Will it work with Apple photos? 3. What exactly were the pro adjustments in v1 that are now in v2?

    1. Regarding your inquiry ‘Will Studio 2 Work with Apple Photos”? Yes…it will indeed. When you open an image in Apple Photos on your desktop iMac or MacBookPro, you can duplicate any image by right clicking on the thumbnail and select the ‘Duplicate’ option. Then again right click and select the “OTHER” option (instead of ‘Edit With’ or the “Edit In’ option) and you can then navigate to your Mac Finder Applications Folder and select Topaz Studio 2 and you can edit in Studio 2 and when done, click the Accept button after you finish your edits and it will ‘Round-Trip’ back to Apple Photos with all your Studio 2 edits. Good luck and it works just fine with me. You can do the same with Studio Classic as well!

  66. I just upgraded to Studio 2. Is there a way to do things like cropping, lens correction, sizing, flipping and healing? I don’t see it anywhere. Thanks.

    1. The Cropping, Lens Correction, Healing etc. tool bar in Studio Classic will be forth coming in Studio 2 according to the Engineers and Developers. I hope it will be soon.

  67. Unless I’m missing something I don’t see the layers option. I have often used Topaz FX Labs because I like the layer option and Topaz is the best for masking. Unless I can layer multiple layers of my own files this program is useless to me.

  68. As someone who has worked selling software to the biggest companies in the world, I’m very familiar with software releases. While there are some nice things I saw today when I downloaded my trial of 2 there is so much missing like crop, etc that it blew me away that it was released especially a paid release. I won’t be upgrading until I see those features. Also, it would be great if it worked as a plugin to apple photos, so I can recommend it to the people who follow me.

    The good – it was quite a bit faster than Studio and still works on my somewhat older iMac (mid-2011 27 inch iMac) unlike a number of releases of other competing products which won’t work on my computer. It has a clean UI but unless I missed it going thru what seems like an unlimited number of looks based on an alphanumeric sort is going to cost me a lot of learning curve. Good thing I’m retired now.

    1. Regarding your comment ‘Will Studio 2 Work with Apple Photos”? Yes…it will indeed. When you open an image in Apple Photos on your desktop iMac or MacBookPro, you can duplicate any image by right clicking on the thumbnail and select the ‘Duplicate’ option. Then again right click and select the “OTHER” option (instead of ‘Edit With’ or the “Edit In’ option) and you can then navigate to your Mac Finder Applications Folder and select Topaz Studio 2 and you can edit in Studio 2 and when done, click the Accept button after you finish your edits and it will ‘Round-Trip’ back to Apple Photos with all your Studio 2 edits. Good luck and it works just fine with me. You can do the same with Studio Classic as well!

  69. When will the toolbar functions such as crop tool , healing brush etc be added as these are absolute basics that are not in Studio 2 forcing me to still have to use both versions 1&2 , also when will my plugin eg clarity and Denoise AI be integrated ?

  70. I’m on the fence on Studio 2. I’m going to hold off until Topaz makes their product tablet compatible. I own Studio and all the adjustments , but I bought all before realizing my Wacom table did not work with any Topaz products. Sorry, but that’s a must for me.

  71. In my view, the development of the Topaz software over recent times has been somewhat of a shambles, and not at all helpful to customers.

    We had photofxlab, followed by Studio, and now Studio 2, which seems significantly different and incompatible with Studio.
    It seems that your software development people can’t think far enough ahead, before saying “Hey, let’s stop this approach because we’ve now come up with a different way forward.”

    I have various AI items which I don’t seem to be able to use as plugins with Studio 2 at this moment in time. You would have thought that this sort of thing would already have been catered for in the release of Studio 2, but unfortunately not – it’s the piecemeal approach yet again.

  72. Brilliant! Love the update to Studio 2. Your three guiding principals are spot on.
    1. Cutting edge filters.
    2. Powerful selection and masking.
    3. Fully non-destructive layers.
    You’ve always had great filters. Better selection and masking and non-destructive layers are the two things I’ve most wanted as enhancements. Great job. I’m sure it will only get better as you continue your work.

  73. Any chance that a stand alone version of Studio will be made available for use in the Linux operating system?

  74. Are lens correction, crop, heal tools going to be added to Studio 2?

  75. I may have missed a reference to this in the above discussion but I now have Studio 2 but can’t find a crop tool. Is it hiding or is it not there?

  76. I tried Studio 2 now for several days, I do want the tools back: crop, heal, ect and image layer and preset suggestions please

  77. I have been trying to get my head around Studio 2 through Community Forum. Many comments there have referred to it as a ‘dumbed down version’. By now I am assuming it is more a change of direction with different market aims?
    1. Firstly your stated aim for Studio 2 is ‘creative photo processing’. That suits my needs well as a digital artist. However, for photographers. does this mean you are moving away from your photography emphasis or developing the AIs for that in parallel in a more niche way?
    2. I know Studio 2 isn’t complete and more will be coming that is in Studio 1 but s anything NOT coming over ?
    3. Will other older plugins, such as Restyle, be incorporated into Studio 2? Will these current plugins ever be updated either way (including current issues fixed)?
    4. What are you doing about future updates to Studio 2 price-wise? Will it be free updates as before, or are you going to run a series of paid versions so you can add things?
    5. Will there be future ‘adjustments’/Filters added to Studio 1 eg the ability to use our own images in Remix which some of us have been hanging out for. I assume the latter, if it ever eventuates, would have been a new separate adjustment or AI plugin.
    6. I had a ticket for Studio 1 cancelled with the note that, with Studio 2 now, no tickets will now be answered on it. If we do have issues with Studio1 in future, there will be no further support???

  78. Impression is my go to feature for painterly photos, I just spent a few minutes in Studio 2 and can’t find it.
    Is it no longer included? Or do I need to revert back to using the standalone app?

  79. Hi,
    Studio 2 looks great and the impressions workflow seems to work much better with quite realistic results, but it’s missing a lot of the presets from studio 1. For example I use “oil painting classic” quite often, but I can’t find it in Studio 2, could you add it please? Would be great if all the most popular presets were added (for ex, with more than 30 likes).


  80. can you imagine if your kitchen tools or workshop tools totally change how you use them, it would be impossible to ever get anything done. I went from knowing how to use topaz to trying to use it and going, what the heck happened, why can’t i do what i have normally done. just because you can change the system doesn’t mean you should.

  81. Yeoman work! I love the non-destructive and highly intuitive design. The one thing I find most amazing is how FAST it renders.

    1. Great to hear that, James, thank you! 🙂

  82. Hi everybody,

    Topaz Studio 2 won´t work with Photoshop CC…just once. After the first try it causes an error all the time. I can open it just as a standalone…that sucks, cause you can only work on a single image. A ticket was sent anyway with all my PC specs

    I want to open it in PS CC 2019 and please…as an action in PS CC 2019!

  83. loving the simpler interface as its much more intuitive and the work flow is simpler. Well done. I hope all my saved looks are available soon. I am a macro photographer and the macro settings are important to me but they arn’t available in topaz studio2. Looking forwards to the updates.

  84. Looking at the previous versions download page – does this mean that those downloads are free? Glad we can keep Ver 1 and Ver 2 separate to help with the transition. Thanks!

  85. Hello, for me the histogram is really disappointing. Do not move or resize. No warning notice when clipping.
    It should be left to the user where he wants to place the histogram.

  86. I have purchased Topaz Studios 2 and totally unable to install it. I’ve placed a ticket but the solution didn’t work. My problem is Im getting the error “can’t retrieve remote tree”. Can anyone help with this?

    1. Hey there, definitely delete your current installer and download the latest one from your account. That should fix it. 🙂

  87. I have used my free upgrade to studio 2 on my PC. Will I still be able to run it on both of my PC’s?

    1. Yes! Each license includes 2 computers. 🙂

  88. just purchased/installed Studio 2 and updates to Adjust,Denoise,Sharpen. The three listed products show up as plugins in Studio 2, but my gigapixel does not. How can I add it?

    1. Gigapixel AI is a standalone application due to Photoshop limitations. Thanks! 🙂

  89. I’m new to Topazlabs and heard some nice things about ‘Texture Effects’ and ‘Impressions’
    Tried looking for these softwares in this site but cannot find them. Are they now included in Studio 2 or did they become obsolete?

    1. Hi Robert, both are included in Studio 2. 🙂 You can download a free 30 day trial here:

  90. Every time o open Topaz studio2 I’m asked to upgrade I’m running 2.1.1. Is there a newer version?

    1. Yes! We are up to Studio 2.2. 🙂 Please reinstall from here and you’ll be all set:

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