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Reduce detail and smooth images with the Blurs Adjustment for Topaz Studio.

Sometimes images are a bit too sharp in all the wrong places. Blurs helps to soften those sharp points in images. Smooth skin with the Diffusion Blur, or Feather images with the Gaussian Blur. Great for close portraits, and wide landscapes alike, Topaz Studio Blurs Adjustment empowers you to dramatically change the focus and depth of your composition, quickly and easily.

Topaz Studio - Blurs Adjustment

Gaussian Blur.

The Gaussian Blur, the strongest of the two blurs, is a powerful overall blurring tool used to add anything from a subtle feathering blur to a blur so strong it completely obscures even the largest details. This tool is perfect for removing complex distractions in the background of images and to lead the viewer’s eye toward the intended subject. The Preserve Edges slider gives complete control to blur large areas without the loss of background or foreground edges. Use the Fine Texture slider to recover the image’s original texture and help combat the plastic or “Vaseline” look you can get from traditional Gaussian Blurs.

Topaz Studio - Blurs Adjustment

Diffusion Blur.

The softer and more subtle Diffusion Blur is perfect for reducing image noise without removing edges, lines, or other details that are important for the interpretation of the image. Diffusion Blur is also great in portraits, and other types of close up photography. This blur disperses the focused light in images which results in a soft feathering effect on skin and other large areas of similar tone. Use the Strength slider to control the power of the overall smoothing effect and the Softness slider to control the extent of the feathering in the blur. The Blur slider lets you boost the range from affecting similar areas of color into the full gamut of image details.

Use Blurs to soften images and create a smoother, less detailed image. Combined with powerful masking features, Blurs allows you to push your viewers eye to your subject by removing distracting image detail from other elements of the composition.

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Training and Tutorials

Adjustment Introduction

Sometimes images are a bit too sharp in all the wrong places.
Blurs helps to soften those sharp points in images.

The Topaz Studio Blurs Adjustment is wonderful for softening image details and image noise and for softening background elements to draw your viewer’s eyes to your compositions subject. Postproduction is made easy with 2 Blur modes with 3 effect sliders each.

Gaussian Blur sliders:

1. Amount:
Control the power of the Gaussian blur with the Amount slider. Smooth image details and create a light and dreamy effect by keeping the amount of gaussian effect low. Or you can completely obscure any details in your image and unfocus your entire composition using a high gaussian amount.

2. Preserve Edge:
This powerful slider works to preserve the high contrast edges of your image, effectively functioning as a threshold slider for the Gaussian Blur effect.  As you increase this slider, your high contrast edges are excluded from the extreme blur, and instead subtlety softened. Higher values result in all high contrast edges being excluded from the blur effect.

3. Fine Texture:
The Fine Texture slider works to preserve the details and texture of your image, by saving a detail pass of your image before Blur is applied. This method effectively turns the Blur Adjustment into a light frequency separation tool. Lower values allow you to add back touches of the original detail in your image before the blur effect was applied, with the higher limits almost completely restoring the fine details of the image.

Diffusion Blur sliders:

6. Strength:
Easily increase or decrease the strength of the diffusion effect with the Strength slider. The diffusion effect works by softening the highlights in your image. Lower strength values affect only the highlights, while increasing the strength includes more of the midtones in the image.

7. Softness:
The Softness slider increases the spread of the falloff that the diffusion effect creates. Lower values keep the diffusion effect close to it’s point of origin, while higher values increase the range of the diffusion, creating a soft and dreamy effect.

8. Blur:
Increase the blur effect of the diffusion with the Blur slider. Lower values maintain image detail and texture, while higher values obscure details and soften the overall diffusion effect.

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