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Accentuate edges and lines to create a graphic tracing effect.


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Available exclusively as a pro adjustment within Topaz Studio.

Stay Inside the Lines

Automatically trace the important edge features in your photo, and then modify the tracing if needed.

(For example, make the lines thicker, ignore weaker lines, etc.)

Pick Your Edge Type.

The Edges Adjustment lets you pick from 4 different types of edge enhancement: mono or color edges, and mono or color lines. Trace with bold lines, or neon color effects, or switch between them with a click.

Set Your Tone.

Edges also lets you multiply those effects to create light or dark effect tones, easily creating faux light paintings, or Faux sketch effects.

Blend Back In.

Use the over 20 adjustment level blending modes to blend the adjustment back into your original image. Make unique sketches or bold stroke effects to accentuate lines in your images.

Selectively enhance the edges and lines in your images to lead the eye or make bold graphic effects.


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