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Create impactful images without taking a hit in the wallet.

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Raw Support

No more Raw conversions, just drop them into the application and get to work. Also supports JPEG, TIFF and PNG.

Automatic Lens Correction

Automatic Lens Correction for hundreds of lenses from Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Sony, and more. If your lens isn't available, you can manually correct Lens Distortion, Fringing and Vingettes.

Integrated Masking

Add or combine a spot, color, luminosity, gradient and/or brush masks, all edge-aware, on every adjustment, enhancement, or the entire effect.

Image Layers

Blend multiple image layers together and create unique compositions using the Image Layer Adjustment.

Multidoc Support

Open as many images as you like and work on them side by side, without having to close the application.

Unlimited Undo/Redo

Work without fear with unlimited Undo/Redo, including masking, blending, and arranging adjustments.

All 1-Click Effects

Topaz Studio comes with a constantly growing list of 1-Click Effects, just find the effect you love, click and save.

Host Topaz Plugins

Topaz Studio works as a host for all of your Topaz Plugins, that means no more reliance on photoshop, Lightroom, or other paid image editors as a host for your favorite Topaz products.

Freedom to Decide

Get free unrestricted access to each pro adjustment in Topaz Studio for 30 days by clicking the ``Try Pro`` button at the bottom of each paid adjustment. Trials are activated on a per adjustment basis.

10 Free Adjustments

Topaz Studio comes with 10 free adjustments, with more to come in future updates, giving you a fully functional photo processing solution, out of the box, free of charge.

Updates Without Headaches

With the new Update Manager included within Topaz Studio, there’s no need to manually download a new installer every time Studio gets an update. Just launch the Update Manager by clicking the update notification you see within Topaz Studio. Topaz Studio will update and relaunch automatically, giving you instant access to new features as they become available. And don’t forget, just like with all Topaz Labs products, updates are free to the Topaz Studio application and owned adjustments. Buy it once, have it for life.

Custom Effects Synced

In Topaz Studio, as long as your connected to the internet, any custom effects you create are synced to your Topaz Studio account. Just login to your account on Topaz Studio to have the effects you love a click away no matter where you use them.

No license keys

With Topaz Studio, your account is your license. Just log into the application to sync any paid adjustments you’ve purchased with Topaz Studio. No more cumbersome downloads, or complicated license keys to keep track of.

Work off the Grid

As photographers, we know sometime your work takes you off the beaten path. Use Topaz Studio while you’re on the move. Once you’ve synced your purchases you’ll have access to your Topaz Studio tools even without an internet connection.

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