Image Layer



Combine multiple images to create layered images.

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Available as a free adjustment within Topaz Studio.

Transform Images.

Complete, independent control to combine two images with one another.
The result is a completely new masterpiece.

Easy Double Exposures.

Love Double Exposures? The Image Layer Adjustment makes it easy to combine two images artistically. Simply drag the image you wish to blend into the effects panel and default settings are automatically applied. Completely transform blended images by using one of the 28 blending modes and opacity slider.

Effortless Composites.

Compositing images can create a stronger image by combining strong features from multiple images. Add beautiful sunsets, striking mountains, or calm waters to any image to create a completely transformed photograph. The Image Layer Adjustment features the Topaz Studio intelligent integrated masking to ensure every added aspect is blended perfectly and completely naturally.

Topaz Studio - Image Layer Adjustment


Combining images is much easier than options like Lightroom and Photoshop with Topaz Studio integrated masking.

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Training and Tutorials

Adjustment Introduction

Naturally combine images to create statement pieces.

Editing made effortless with 6 easy-to-use tools to create perfectly blended images.

The sliders and what they do:

1. Move:
The move tool allows you to move the blended image anywhere in your workspace.

2. Re-center:
The Re-center tool moves the blended image back to the center point of the original image after positioning it elsewhere on the image.

3. Flip H:
This will reflect your blended image horizontally over an imaginary vertical line.

4. Flip V:
Selecting this icon will reflect your blended image vertically over an imaginary horizontal line.

5. Size:
Increasing the Size slider will increase the overall size of the blended image. Decreasing the value of the value slider will decrease the overall size of your blended image.

6. Rotation:
Easily rotate the blended image with the Rotation slider. Increasing the value of the Rotation slider rotates your blended image clockwise. Decreasing the value of the Rotation slider will rotate your blended image counter-clockwise.

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Get started with this awesome adjustment completely free for 30 days! You’ve got nothing to lose.

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