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Spark Your Creativity.

When inspiration strikes, be ready! Ever found that perfect image, but it’s missing the spirit you saw through your viewfinder? Ever wanted to push the limits of your creativity with vivid lighting effects? The Radiance Adjustment has the power to electrify your images with just the unique spark of life you’re looking for.

Incandescent Sparks to Ethereal Light.

This easy to use adjustment illuminates the contours of images to reveal the hidden life in each moment captured. The Radiance Adjustment for Topaz Studio gives you the power to create a spectrum of different effects from brilliant, incandescent sparks to subtle, ethereal light.

Electrify your Imagination.

From intense neon effects to powerful electric edges to subtle ethereal light, the Radiance Adjustment provides a wide range of contour and diffusion effects to add that touch of illumination to any image.

This easy to use adjustment, illuminates the contours of your images to reveal the hidden life in each moment you capture. Radiance gives you the power to create a spectrum of different effects from brilliant, incandescent sparks to subtle, ethereal light. Use the Dark radiance type to create dramatic shadow effects or strong webs of somber fibers.

Topaz Studio - Radiance Adjustment


Topaz Studio - Radiance Adjustment


Topaz Studio - Radiance Adjustment


Topaz Studio - Radiance Adjustment


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Training and Tutorials

Adjustment Introduction

Accentuate the contours of your images with a burst of radiant color or subtle luminance with 10 options in the Radiance Adjustment.

The Topaz Studio Radiance Adjustment creates a full spectrum of effects from delicate portrait accents to extreme electric contours. Easily apply this adjustment with 2 radiance types, 7 effect related sliders, and 2 background image related sliders.

The controls and what they do:

1. Radiance Type Buttons:
These buttons determine what type of radiance effect you’re going to create. Use the Light radiance type to effect the highlights of images and create soft or dramatic lighting effects like electric edges or neon effects. Use the Dark radiance type to create dramatic shadows, dark fibrous effects, or accentuate a subject on a bright or white background.

2. Strength:
Controls how much radiance is added to the image. Add a soft and subtle radiance or continue increasing the strength of the slider to achieve a stronger effect with defined streaks of light based on the lines and edges in the image.

3. Width:
Controls the width of the radiance effect on your image. Small values create fine, thin lines of light while higher values produce a thicker and bolder radiance effect.

4. Length:
Control the length of the radiance effect segments in the image. Shorter lengths and lower values produce short bursts of light, while longer values produce a more straight-lined electric looking effect.

5. Curl:
Controls not only the roundness and curviness of the effect, but also how the radiance elements blend into each other. Lower values produce an effect with straighter, more electric looking radiance, with elements that arc into one another while higher values produce almost circular rings of light in the image.

6. Suppress Weak:
The Suppress Weak slider controls the threshold for details that are affected by the adjustment. Lower values remove almost no small highlights or shadows from the effect. Increasing this slider will remove micro and small details from being affected while higher ranges will constrain the radiance effect to only the largest details in the image.

7. Saturation:
The Saturation slider determines the vividness and intensity of the colors produced by the effect. Lower values result in a more neutral toned effect while high values create distinct color differences and soak the effect in color.

8. Effect Coverage:
This slider controls how much of the Effect Sharpness is seen on the image edges.
Tip: Use this parameter to have softer effects and less streaks of light on the image edges, allowing for the focus to be on the middle of the image.

9. Background Image – Fade:
This slider changes the opacity of the input image to give more precedence in the composition to the effect. It differs from the adjustment level opacity slider in that it doesn’t lower the opacity of the effect, but solely the input image the effect is based on. Higher values further fade out the background image to black. This slider is great for using Radiance to create neon image effects.

10. Background Image – Saturation:
This slider easily adds and removes color from the background image. Increase or decrease background image saturation by changing the slider value higher or lower.

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