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The perfect combination of noise reduction and detail retention to yield clearer images.


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Naturally Clearer Images.

The perfect combination of noise removal and detail retention that yields a beautifully consistent and distinct image.

Topaz Studio - Reduce Noise Adjustment

What is Noise?

Digital noise happens in low light photographs, with slow shutter speeds, and even high sensitivity modes. In most lighting cases, the light is stronger than the noise. However, in extreme cases where the light is low, noise levels can become significant and result in pixels that include more noise data than photo light data.

Remove Distractions.

The Noise Reduction Adjustment makes removing high image noise effortless, all while retaining image detail and suppressing the introduction of artifacts.

Reduce Noise removes noise with advanced technology that analyzes images and builds a custom noise and detail profile to ensure fine image noise is removed, while small details remain untouched.

Topaz Studio - Reduce Noise Adjustment


No other program has the power to reduce noise images while leaving small details untouched.

Topaz Studio - Reduce Noise Adjustment


Topaz Studio - Reduce Noise Adjustment


Topaz Studio - Reduce Noise Adjustment


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Training and Tutorials

Adjustment Introduction

Stop dreading the shot. The Reduce Noise Adjustment makes eliminating distracting image noise effortless.

The Reduce Noise Adjustment focuses on noise reduction, detail retention, and artifact suppression to ensure results are the clearest possible.

The sliders and what they do:

1. Remove Noise:
Easily remove distracting image noise. Simply increase the value of the Remove Noise slider and watch image noise disappear!

2. Fine Noise:
Increasing the value of the Fine Noise slider reduces small luminance noise without removing fine image details, while decreasing the slider will introduce fine image noise into your image.

3. Color Noise:
This slider reduces color noise. Increasing the value of the Color Noise slider will increase the reduction strength of color noise in the image while decreasing the value of the Color Noise slider will increase the visibility of color noise in the image. Color noise is commonly seen as red and green pixels in images.

4. Reduce Lens Blur:
Increasing the value of the Reduce Lens Blur slider sharpens images by reducing the blur on any slightly out of focus subjects or object.

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