Creates smooth edges and fluid linear paths with an easy to use adjustment that uses an advanced technological algorithm.


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Create Fluid Art.

Smudge quickly transforms photographs into fluid art by using an advanced technological algorithm that analyses edge direction fields to process images in an efficient manner that creates soft and smooth edges and linear paths.

Intelligent Technology.

Smudge, a very intelligent tensor-flow algorithm, analyzes the edge direction field and follows edges and lines within an image providing you with smoothing liquid effects and connected linear paths. Smudge affects an entire image at once, instead of following the traditional brush method, making it the fastest solution available.



A Variety of Styles.

The Smudge Adjustment is a fun and simple tool where users can craft elegant or stylized effects by augmenting the lines of an image. Create smooth edges and fluid linear paths with an easy to use adjustment that uses an advanced technological algorithm to connect linear flow. Make beautiful images, artistic Expressionism, and everything in between.


Intense or Delicate.

Add softness and movement to water and skies or change urban edges to bold and flowing lines by adding strength, extending lines, and adjusting the sharpness of the image. The Smudge Adjustment easily updates lines in images with three different sliders. It’s easy to apply the effect to select areas of the image with integrated masking options.

This easy to use adjustment, available exclusively with Topaz Studio, offers three distinct sliders. Start with an image and increase the Strength to soften features, change the Extent to affect image lines, and increase the Sharpness to accentuate detailed lines into bold strokes.

Topaz Studio - Smudge Adjustment


Smudge - Strength


Smudge - Extent


Topaz Studio - Smudge Adjustment


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Training and Tutorials

Adjustment Introduction

Fluid accents and edge blending have never been easier. Learn how to manipulate the Strength, Extent, and Sharpness sliders to create overall smooth and sleek artistic effects in just minutes.

The Smudge Adjustment features three sliders to soften features, change image lines, and increase the sharpness to create fluid-like works of art. 

The sliders and what they do:

1. Strength:
The Strength slider controls the overall strength of the Smudge Adjustment. Increasing this value will increase the strength of the Smudge Adjustment.

2. Extent:
The Extent slider controls the amount of smudge. Increasing this value will result in a more fluid looking image, while decreasing this value will decrease the amount of fluid lines in your image.

3. Sharpeness:
The Sharpness slider controls the sharpness of your image. Increasing this slider will increase edge contrast and bring back details that may have been lost during the smudge process.

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