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VIDEO: Creative Editing with Topaz Studio with Hazel Meredith (January 2019)

A Topaz Labs live training recorded on January 8th 2019.

Join Hazel for some new creative techniques in Topaz Studio, where she’ll use the Pro Adjustments, Impression and, of course, Topaz Texture Effects! She’ll give you some insight on her thought process and why she selects the effects that she does, as well as how to modify presets to your taste and layer multiple presets.

Hazel Meredith is involved with the photographic community on local, regional and national levels. She is an officer of the Connecticut Association of Photographers and the New England Camera Club Council and is active in the Photographic Society of America and the Greater Bridgeport Camera Club. In 2008 she received an honors distinction of Master Member of NECCC; in 2013 she was awarded the distinction of APSA from the Photographic Society of America. Hazel has presented seminars at many camera clubs and councils throughout the U.S. and is a sought-after judge for her constructive image critiques. She released her first eBook, “Working with Textures & Overlays: Turn Ho-Hum into a Work of Art” in October of 2015 and is currently working on the sequel.

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Hazel’s Website:

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VIDEO: Crafting Images in the Digital Darkroom with Topaz Labs Tools

Difficulty: Everyone, great for Novice and Pro alike 

In this era of digital photography, a large part of the creative process happens after the image is recorded. Yes, getting things “right” in the camera is important; and decisions about composition, lighting, and depth of field are all choices to attend to before clicking the shutter. But once an image is recorded, makes the cut, leaves the camera card or mobile phone, and makes its way into the computer, what happens then? That’s were Topaz Labs comes in and boy does it shine! Whether crafting landscapes to look exactly as they appeared when the shutter clicked, or stylizing images to create a painterly image, a nostalgic tone, or a vintage look, Topaz adjustments and effects help photographers realize their creative vision. 

Join photographer Rad Drew as he applies Topaz Labs software to craft traditional, infrared and mobile images in Topaz Studio, today’s Digital Darkroom. Rad will demonstrate the power of AI Clear, and discuss applications of AI Gigapixel, Topaz’s latest artificial intelligence software for enlarging images. Then he’ll share his workflow for processing landscapes from Cape Cod and Hawaii, scenes from Cuba, and revisit his hallmark infrared image processing using a variety of Topaz editing tools and Pro Adjustments. 

Rad is a teacher, tour leader, and award-winning photographer whose creative images have been recognized in juried international competitions and exhibited in galleries around the world. His photography workshops in the South of France, Cape Cod, Tuscany, Cuba, Hawaii, and other destinations throughout the continental USA are great ways to learn while photographing beautiful areas of the world.

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VIDEO: Post processing for drama and impact with Topaz Studio, presented by Joe Reardon

A Topaz Live webinar recorded on December 4th, 2018. This is an advanced workflow webinar and assumes a familiarity with Topaz tools.

Join Joe Reardon as he shares his signature style and workflow using multiple effects in Topaz Products including B&W, Textures, Precision Contrast and Detail, Edges, AI Clear, and his own version of the Orton Effect 

About Joe Reardon
Joe is a New Hampshire based freelance photographer, workshop leader and instructor. He is a juried artist at the New Hampshire Art Association, Plymouth Center for the Arts, South Shore Art Association, Cambridge Art Association, Rockport Art Association and the Copley Society of Art. 

He regularly leads workshops and software training in and around the New England area and has had his work displayed in both the US Senate and the US Congress.