Expertly invert the effects of fog, haze, light pollution, and smoke to yield clearer images.


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DeHaze analyzes your image and creates an atmospheric profile tailored specifically to the image to mathmatically reverse the effect of haze. 

Topaz Studio - DeHaze Adjustment


Rejuvenate Images.

It’s a early morning and you’re photographing your child’s first baseball game or maybe some wildlife as life begins for the day. You’re really looking forward to these photos because you know you got some good ones.

To your dismay, the morning dew ruined all the images. You can barely make out the subject matter. The little details that you remembered are now overpowered by a desaturating blanket of haze.

Haze and fog act like an image filter, reducing saturation and contrast. Traditional fog reduction filters introduce artifacts. The Topaz Studio DeHaze Adjustment creates a tailored layer adjustment for each image that allows users to bring life back to images with a completely natural result.

Unlike the competition, DeHaze has the ability to recover contrast and saturation without the addition of artifacts and color fringing.

Most DeHaze tools simply boost contrast and saturation to combat haze. Topaz DeHaze builds an atmospheric profile of the haze in your image, including estimation of the depth of your subject to accurately reverse the effects of atmospheric haze, smoke, fog, or light pollution in your image.

Topaz Studio - DeHaze Adjustment


Topaz Studio - DeHaze Adjustment


Topaz Studio - DeHaze Adjustment


Topaz Studio - DeHaze Adjustment


DeHaze reverses the effect that atmospheric light reflection has on images. The result is natural, clear images that boast rejuvenated contrast and color saturation.

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Learn all about the Topaz Studio DeHaze Adjustment with a comprehensive overview, tutorials, and videos. Click a category to learn more. 

The DeHaze Adjustment reverses the effect of haze and fog on images by analyzing images and creating a new blending layer tailored specifically to the image. DeHaze rejuvenates image contrast and color saturation, completely naturally.


Learn how to use the DeHaze Adjustment with these step-by-step tutorials on the Blog.

How to Use the DeHaze Adjustment:

The Topaz Studio DeHaze Adjustment is one of my favorite adjustments. I love that it is super easy to use with only two sliders, but is extremely effective at removing haze, fog, or smoke. I suggest using it on every nature or landscape image. DeHaze does an amazing job at breathing life back into photos. I’m always amazed at how vibrant it makes my images. Even haze that adds a color cast can be easily handled by this adjustment. Read More…


Learn How to use the Basic Adjustment with these video tutorials:

Topaz Studio DeHaze Adjustment Tutorial:

Join Taylor Seaton from Topaz Labs as she demonstrates how to use the DeHaze Adjustment in Topaz Studio. Learn what each slider does, how to use adjustment level presets, as well as Topaz Studio masking.

The Topaz Studio DeHaze Adjustment makes the reversal of atmospheric light reflection easy. With the use of two simple sliders, you’ll have naturally clearer images that boast rejuvenated contrast and color saturation.


The sliders and what they do:

1. Strength:
This slider controls the overall strength of DeHaze. The poorer the air quality or the farther distance between you and your subject matter, the stronger strength you will want to use. To increase the strength of DeHaze, simply increase the value of the Strength slider and the image will become less hazy.

2. Suppress Artifacts:
When increasing the Strength slider in the DeHaze Adjustment, you may notice some image artifacts occurring. Increasing the value of the Suppress Artifacts slider will increase the amount of artifacts that are blocked out to ensure a clean and natural appearance.

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