Getting Started with Topaz JPEG to RAW AI

This article is to introduce you to and provide you with some helpful resources to using Topaz JPEG to RAW AI!

Why You’d Want to Use JPEG to RAW AI

Topaz JPEG to RAW AI allows you to edit JPEGs as if you originally shot them in RAW.

This machine-learning powered software will:

  • Recover a portion of the lost dynamic range. This will help bring back lost shadow and highlight details.

  • Expand bit depth from 8-bit to 16-bit. This will prevent posterization and banding when you adjust the contrast in your images.

  • Expand color space from sRGB to ProPhoto. The larger resulting color space allows you to better edit saturation and vibrance without any visible artifacting!

  • Remove JPEG compression artifacts. Artifacts won’t be easily visible in high-quality JPEGs, but they can completely ruin an image if they are. JPEG to RAW AI is exceptional at removing these artifacts while preserving natural image features.

  • Recover fine detail removed during the conversion process. JPEGs will often feature smoothed details due to a small sensor or heavy processing. JPEG to RAW AI can enhance image details.

    So, let’s get into JPEG to RAW AI and how you get more out of your photos!

When to Use JPEG to RAW AI in Your Workflow

We recommend using JPEG to RAW AI at the very beginning of your workflow. Whenever you would edit a JPEG, put it through JPEG to RAW AI first for best editing results. JPEG to RAW AI also allows batch processing, to speed up your workflow.

How JPEG to RAW AI Works

There’s normally no way of recovering lost detail. Artificial intelligence is allowing us to change that.

The easiest way to explain it is that AI approaches this problem from a very different angle. Instead of trying to reverse the information loss, which is impossible, we train a neural network to “remember” what the RAW image should look like before it’s converted to a JPEG image.

We train the neural network on a large number of high-quality RAW images together with their corresponding JPEG version so that it learns and remembers the correspondence. After training the network on enough images, the neural network will “remember” to output a higher quality image even when given a new “unseen” JPEG image as input.

It’s just like when you see a friend from far away. Though they are too far away for you to make out the details with your eyes, you can imagine or remember what your friend looks like in vivid detail!

We’re continually training our JPEG to RAW conversion model with more data, which makes it better the more time passes. You’ll get the latest and greatest when the model improves.

JPEG to RAW AI is currently the only machine-learning powered software capable of doing this.

Installation Tips

Here’s a quick rundown to get you up and running with Topaz JPEG to RAW AI!

BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD, please check out the system requirements of JPEG to RAW AI and see what kind of performance to expect:

After meeting the requirements, simply follow the directions below:

  • Download JPEG to RAW AI from the Topaz Labs Downloads Page.
  • Log in with your Topaz Labs account or the email address that you used to purchase.

To start a free, 30-day trial, please follow the directions below:

Extra Tip: Started a trial, bought the product, and still seeing “trial” on the application? No worries. Simply click “Help” in the top toolbar and then click “Update Product Ownership.” And with just those few clicks, your product will be updated.

Using JPEG to RAW AI

For a quick demo of JPEG to RAW AI, you can check out this video from one of our affiliates, Don with Road Runner Photography, as he takes a JPEG from 2004 and enhances it to its intended look.

In another quick walkthrough, our affiliate, Travis Hale, explains some of the benefits of JPEG to RAW AI and how he uses it to convert photos from his smartphone. Like he says, the best camera is the one you have on you. JPEG to RAW AI allows you to get more editing capabilities from those smartphone photos and your JPEG file library.

Other Resources for JPEG to RAW AI

Still have some questions on JPEG to RAW AI? No worries. We’ve added some JPEG to RAW AI articles in our Help Center and gathered some examples on our product page. You can also reach us by submitting a support ticket!

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