Introducing Glow in Studio

Created with: Topaz Studio version 1.6.6

Topaz Glow has been upgraded to “Glow in Studio” and has officially moved into Topaz Studio! Moving Glow into Topaz Studio will enable us to focus on the overall mission of improving the entire Topaz Labs workflow and experience from start to finish.

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Now inside Topaz Studio 

Glow in Studio combines the “Glow”, “HSL Color Tuning” and “Smudge” Pro Adjustments, and the “Vignette” free Adjustment. Going forward, you will access Glow from the Topaz Studio application, and it can now be accessed without a paid host editor (such as Photoshop and Lightroom). You can also access Glow directly from the Workflow Panel in Topaz Studio.  With this new name, we continue the journey to a more integrated, complete, and user-focused product.

You can access the Traditional Glow workflow through the workflow panel on the left under “Glow”. Or access any of the adjustments from the adjustment drop-down menu, and also, from the blue adjustment shortcut button on the workspace to the right.

Before – Glow 2

After – Glow in Studio

Own the Plugin? Update For Free!

AS ALWAYS, if you already own Glow 2 then you will receive the update to Glow in Studio 100% free! You will need to download and install Topaz Studio (a free application) to use the latest version of Glow. If you are just getting started with Topaz Studio and want to update to the latest version of Glow in Studio, please follow the steps here:

Plugin Access

Keeping with Topaz Labs tradition, you can still launch Glow directly as a Photoshop plug-in. However, we’ve moved the entry into Topaz Studio, so you know you’re launching Glow in Studio.


Filter → Topaz Labs → Topaz Glow…


Filter → Topaz Studio → Glow…

Can’t Find it in Photoshop?

If you do not see Glow listed in Photoshop, please follow the guidance at this article:

External Editor Access

You can still launch Glow from hosts that support external editors, like Lightroom. However, we’ve changed what you need to choose from that list just a bit, so you know you’re launching Glow in Studio! Please note the new location:


Photo → Edit In → Topaz Glow…


Photo → Edit In → Topaz Studio…

Can’t Find it in Your External Editor?

If you do not see Topaz Studio listed in your host editor (like Lightroom), please follow the guidance at this article:

Keep Your Presets

Presets/Effects you have created in Detail 2.0.5 will be available in Detail in Studio, simply select the Import Effects option from the Help menu:

Download Topaz Studio Free

Detail is now exclusively available within Topaz Studio!

Don’t have Topaz Studio? Topaz Studio is free to download! You can get it now by using the links below. If you need more information about Topaz Studio, check out this overview: Introducing Topaz Studio

Topaz Studio is a simple to use editing platform with Topaz Labs’ powerful acclaimed photo enhancement technology. It works as a standalone editor, a plugin within Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as a host application for your other Topaz plugins. It is free to use the program, all 1-click effects, and 10 Adjustments.

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