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The Color Theme Adjustment transforms the mood of images by selectively boosting color saturation and harmonizing color palettes. Effortlessly take photography to the next level by creating stronger images that boast balanced colors and compatible hues. Color Theme allows you to instantly recolor images in a more natural looking way than traditional color tuning programs.

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Create Stronger Images.
What makes some images stronger than others? Photographs that contain a well thought out color palette, along with other important elements of art and design, complement subject matter and mood to reveal a deep and complex story.

Harmonize Colors.
When photographing, we don’t always have control over the color or lighting of the subjects we photograph. Color Theme allows you to create stronger images that have complementary color palettes and intentional moods. Use different blending modes and opacities to completely and easily transform images.

Intuitive Technology.
The Topaz Studio Color Theme Adjustment is intuitive and analyzes images and creates swatches from the 5 most dominant colors found in the image. Effortlessly edit these 5 swatches to selectively enhance colors or overall tone.

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