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Edit your images beautifully with powerful filters and frictionless masking in a fine-tuned non-destructive layer workflow.

Topaz Studio 2

A workflow devoted entirely to creative photo post-processing.

Topaz Studio 2 has only one purpose: creative photo editing. This starts after you select your image and ends when you export your finished work. It’s designed specifically around the artisanal post-processing workflow of carefully crafting a single image to your vision.

Studio is the editor to use when you want jaw-dropping images and you’re not afraid to spend the time to get them. It’s for creating works that push the bounds of your artistic vision; the few that you know you’ll look back upon in years as one of your best creations.

That’s why you won’t find library management, design tools, batch editing, or other common “image editor” tools in Studio. There’s a lot of photo editors out there that help you manage your workflow and make minor contrast adjustments. Topaz Studio is not intended for that. If it doesn’t contribute to the vision of creating singularly beautiful images through post-processing, then we’re not including it.

Instead, Topaz Studio 2 focuses on doing three things well. We consider these the product’s guiding design principles and firmly believe that they will make your creative workflow both easier and faster:


1. Cutting edge filters.

Most image editor tools are the same: your Exposure in one editor is the same Exposure in another. In Studio, we’ve thought about what common adjustments would look like if they were designed today, and updated them to their most modern and useful forms.


2. Powerful selection and masking.

Very rarely do you want to apply the same effect to all parts of your image the same. Studio considers masking and selective adjustments to be a core task, and features several innovations that make selective editing substantially easier and faster for you.


3. Fully non-destructive layers.

Mix and match filters and effects with different blending modes and opacity. Everything that you do in Studio can be edited and adjusted after the fact with a fully non-destructive layer workflow.

We believe these are the key ingredients that will help you create the best images possible. If you’ve ever struggled with just “not getting enough” from your current editor, give Topaz Studio a try!

Topaz Studio works as a standalone or PS/LR plug-in for Mac + Windows. See system requirements


1. Cutting-edge and unique filters.

You’ll find that these aren’t your everyday image editing filters as soon as you give them a try.

Topaz Labs actually started off creating Photoshop filters. We’ve condensed our decade of specialized post-processing experience into a set of the most useful filters available only for Studio 2. Here are some of the most popular ones that you won’t find anywhere else.

AI Clear

This AI-powered tool can actually sharpen detail while removing noise. Give it a try on your own images to see why some photographers say that AI Clear is the best thing we’ve ever developed.

"At first I was skeptical, but after using it for four months it has become the first plugin that I use with most of my images.... What I like most is it removes the noise and adds back details without looking artificial."

Precision Contrast

When was the last time that using the Contrast slider produced a breathtaking image? Chances are, it blew out highlights and crushed shadows in your image instead.

Precision Contrast is the modern version of Contrast. It uses micro-contrast to gives your image crisp details and better tone without losing highlights or shadows.

"It doesn't matter if you're shooting fashion, architecture, or landscapes, micro-contrast can make your images POP. You'll jump up and down in your editing chair from joy."
Frank Doorhof
Fashion / Celebrity Photographer

Precision Detail

Normal sharpening tools usually increase edge contrast, which just gives the appearance of sharpness but also adds artifacts and halos. Topaz Detail enhances natural detail that already exists in the image. This unique technology helps you naturally makes your photos look more “three-dimensional” and adds a sense of beautifully natural sharpness to your image.

"My goal is always to create stunning images, and Topaz Detail is crucial to give my images that special look."
Calvin Hollywood
Photographic digital artist

Black and White

Turn your photos into exquisite monochrome images that will emotionally move your viewers. The Black and White filter uses a unique BW conversion engine that emphasizes tone and texture in order to help you get BW images that pop.

"Most people forget the importance of mid-gray tones. Mid-grays are what gives substance to a BW image and makes it juicy - they tell the story. I love how Topaz BW Effects handles the mid-greys in a very subtle and precise way."
Julia Anna Gospodarou
BW Fine Art

Explore and create Looks to transform your image.

Topaz Studio's filters work well individually, but the true magic happens when they're combined together. Topaz Studio 2 includes over 200 "Looks" (pre-built groups of filters) that help you explore different beautiful effects for your images with a single click.



Landscape PRO

Depth Effect / Soft Effect

Coastal Sunrise

Bright and Detailed

Cotton Candy


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Explore hundreds of beautiful texture and tone effects, hand-crafted by some of the best photographers in the world. With over 200 included one-click effects, each with the ability to blend with each other in various ways, the only limit is your imagination.

"I’ve been a texture fan for many years. Texturing an image makes it unique. Topaz Texture Effects gives you unlimited options to expand your creativity to make unique images in the very competitive world of image making."
Tony Sweet
Nikon Legend Behind the Lens


Capture the essence of your photos without being constrained by rigid detail. Topaz Impression helps you turn photos into paintings like a true artist would: by intelligently applying real brushstrokes to canvas.

"Sometimes a photograph doesn't quite show what you felt when you saw it through the lens. You can use your creativity to further post-process and turn it into something that means a lot to you. You can make it yours with Impression."
Roberta Przybylski
Photoshop Instructor


Create beautiful light effects in your images to reveal the hidden life in each moment you capture. Apply a wide range of looks from a pleasing subtle diffusion to spectacular electric and neon effects.

"I have been waiting for software like Glow for a long time. The possibilities are limitless, from subtle background enhancements to an electrifying 'wow' look with fractal and neon effects."
Cindy Cone
Nature photographer

Topaz Studio includes 31 filters in all, each one tuned to help you create stunning photos.

Built with real users in mind

Topaz Studio 2 doesn’t do everything, but it is really good at what it does do. If you ever find yourself needing that extra “something” in your photos, please give it a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!


2. Powerful selective adjustments and masking.

There’s a big difference between masking for compositing vs. selective adjustments. Topaz Studio focuses entirely on selective adjustments, and we think of it as a central feature of the product instead of an add-on. As you’ll see, this led to many design decisions intended to shorten the amount of time you spend refining your mask, like including edge awareness in each masking tool in Studio.

Asset 2

Brush Tool

Select different parts of your image by painting directly on it.

Topaz Studio’s brush is edge aware by default. This means you can quickly paint over your selection without having to worry too much about staying between the lines. This is the fastest and most direct way to selectively apply an effect to your image.

Asset 3

Spot Tool

Emphasize a certain subject in your photo with the edge-aware spot tool.

The spot tool is a quick way to draw attention to a certain subject in your your image. Since it is edge- and color-aware, you don’t need to worry about refining your mask too much.

Asset 5

Gradient Tool

Gradually level off your effect with the gradient tool.

Topaz Studio’s gradient tool is unique in that it’s also adjustably context-aware, which creates much better masking experience. It’s like having a graduated neutral density filter that also knows how to tell between foreground and background.

Asset 6

Color Tool

Create a mask targeted at the different colors in your image.

This is probably the easiest masking tool to use: just click on your image with the eyedropper and this will automatically select the correct parts of your image. Great to selectively apply effects to just a single color range in your image.

Asset 7

Luminance Tool

Create a mask targeted at different brightness levels in your image.

This tool will get you a perfect selection very quickly in images with a clear separation in brightness between subject and background. Also great for selectively adjusting highlights, shadows, or anything in between.


3. Fully non-destructive layers.

Layers are essential for creative post-processing because they allow you to apply effects in unlimited ways to your image. Let’s walk through an example workflow that illustrates what you can do with them.

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Download Studio and be creative with your own images! As you can tell through all the opacity tweaking, we went with a much subtler editing approach for this image. Sometimes this way works best, but sometimes a strong and bold look is just what your photo needs.

Quick tutorials to get you started using Topaz Studio


Welcome to Topaz Studio 2, a creative way to edit your images beautifully with powerful filters and frictionless masking in a fine-tuned non-destructive layer workflow. Let’s walk through a few steps to help you get started!


There’s a certain kind of nostalgia you get when you view a vintage photograph. Perhaps an old photo of one of your family members is a treasured memory …


One of the most common things you will want or need to do when processing your landscape photos is to enhance the sky. This could involve improving the colors of the sky during sunrise …


It’s common to take a photo where your colors are a bit too harsh or your shadows are a bit too dramatic. Certain images lend themselves to a softer look, especially morning or golden hour shots…


In a matter of just a few seconds you can easily make one (or a few) of the colors in a photo pop. Perhaps you have photographed a fire engine and only want to see it’s vibrant red in your image…


With roughly 300 Looks and counting, Topaz Studio 2 is loaded with creative and artistic styles you can apply in just one click to turn your photo into a head-turning, unique work of art…

Autumn Brunette

Topaz Studio 2 can be used as both a standalone application and plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Here are step-by-step instructions to set up Topaz Studio 2 as a plugin…

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 9.47.15 AM

The new Topaz Studio 2 features intuitive and easy-to-use masking tools! Choose from five types of masking or combine masking options for perfectly masked adjustments…

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The future of creative photo editing: edit your images beautifully with powerful filters and frictionless masking in a fine-tuned non-destructive layer workflow.

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Topaz labs software have change the way I edit my photos. Support is also very good and the staff appears to have the knowledge to help.”
Johnnie Lamptey

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