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DeNoise AI v3.1 at a glance

  • New Severe Noise AI model – tackle photos suffering from excessive noise due to very high ISO settings and low light conditions
  • Improved Comparison View – Select which AI models are displayed to quickly choose the one that best suits your image
  • Apple M1 plugin support in Adobe Photoshop – Access the DeNoise AI plugin from within Photoshop running natively on Apple M1 silicon without needing to use Rosetta emulation
  • Snappier performance – Up to 3x CPU and 12x GPU improvements on Windows and 4x improvements with Macs using discrete GPUs when compared to DeNoise AI 2.4.2

You know the feeling you get when you set your camera to ISO 8000 (or higher) and in the back of your mind, you’re sure that the shot you’re about to take is going to be a “throw-away” because of the crazy amount of noise it’ll undoubtedly have? But, you take the photo anyway and can already anticipate the disappointment when you try to get rid of all that noise. Still, you’re really digging the photo despite the excessive noise and, at this point, you’ll gladly try anything to salvage it.

If you can relate, then we think you’ll be very happy about the latest update to DeNoise AI v3.1. We want to help you turn photos that you never thought would see the light of day into something you’ll be excited to share with your family and friends. Let’s take a closer look at what we cooked up.

Making sense of the noise

The Severe Noise AI model was built to recover images with excessive noise.
This photo was taken at ISO 16000 and suffers from excessive noise. With the new Severe Noise AI model, we’re able to isolate and remove that distracting noise while also preserving important edge detail that would otherwise have been lost in other noise reduction apps.

The last thing we want is for you to throw away a photo you really love because it is riddled with excessive noise. It has happened too many times already and we wanted to do something about it. So, we built the Severe Noise AI model for those times when you’re looking for that one Hail Mary to save the day (or just your super-noisy photo).

The first challenge is learning which photos work best with Severe Noise. Unlike Low Light, our other high ISO AI model, Severe Noise works best on images that suffer from an extremely large amount of noise. Typically, photos taken at ISO 6400 and higher will have an excessive amount of noise that can negatively affect the end result.

Next, we had to figure out how to remove both the luminance and color noise that typically affects super high ISO photos without obliterating the natural edge details of your subjects. So, we fed our AI models with thousands of super noisy photos, letting it learn to identify the signal from the noise.

Our hope is that with this new AI model, you’ll be able to recover all sorts of photos previously overlooked due to excessive noise.

A new way to compare AI models



Sometimes, it can be hard to see the effects that each of the four AI models in DeNoise AI have on your photos when switching between them. That’s where Comparison View comes in. We built it to quickly show you the results of multiple AI models in one convenient view. When you can see multiple AI models at once, it’s that much easier to decide which one works best with your photo.

Remarkable intelligent noise reduction

We’re constantly striving to make DeNoise AI smarter and more effective in removing noise based on the specific need of your photos. Since 2018, we’ve made more than 100 new or substantially improved AI models for image quality and they’re only going to get better. We’re really excited to see how you use DeNoise AI to make your photos look their best. Be sure to tag us on social media and use #DeNoiseAI so that we can see your amazing work! If you don’t yet own DeNoise AI, purchase a copy or download a free trial.

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65 thoughts on “What’s new with DeNoise AI v3.1

  1. Hope it is a further improvement because a lot of my nature photos are at 3200 ISO with a 1 DX MKll Canon!!

    Norm Dougan

    1. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the performance. I’ve been using it on a bunch of my older photos taken with the original Sony a7 at ISO 8000+ and the results are amazing.

  2. I have been using different Topaz modules for most of a year now and am very impressed, especially with Gigapixel and deNoise. Thanks for all these free upgrades and amazing improvements in your products. I look forward to your next emails telling us you’ve somehow improved it all over again. Can’t wait to try out the latest version of DeNoise v3.1. Keep up the great work!

    1. We’re really excited about the updates in DeNoise AI v.3.1 and hope you’ll find them useful, especially the new Severe Noise AI model. Thanks so much for the comment, Ray!

  3. Votre application est tout bonnement incroyable. Le souci c’est que Sharpen réduit aussi très bien le bruit, et cela depuis longtemps. Aussi je ne me sers que de lui.
    Pour la macro, il m’est souvent nécessaire de monter les ISO, et le désembuage dans Photoshop. Grace à vos applications je peux me lâcher !

    1. Merci beaucoup! Nous espérons que vous continuerez à profiter de notre logiciel avec vos photos.

  4. Your AI products are by far the best! I have used Topaz Labs Photoshop plugins for years. The best!! DeNoise AI in a very real sense has given me thousands of new photos! I saw this because as a serious amateur photographer since 1968, I have taken over 250,000 pictures, negative, slides, and digital. I have digitized all my slides. As a result, I have my share of noisy pictures. My last serious photo session was at the Holy Land in Jan 20. I was there 10 days and averaged 750 shots a day, many of them indoors in available light. Not much light was available! Inevitably, many shot were high ISO shots. But with DeNoise AI I now went from noisy shots to masterpieces!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that, Paul! We love knowing that DeNoise AI is able to play a role in your photo editing workflow. Hopefully, you’ll be able to go on more shoots again soon.

  5. Since I upgraded Denoise does not work, the program opens, but when I load an image it shuts down!!!! Repeatedly!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with the app, Malcolm! If you haven’t done so, please submit a request with our Support team. They’re fantastic and will be happy to work with you to figure out the solution.

  6. Will it work on a Big Sur M1 Mac?

    1. It will! You can run DeNoise AI v3.1 as a standalone app, via Lightroom Classic, and as a plugin from within Photoshop running natively on Apple M1 silicon. My main computer is an M1 Macbook Air and our apps run great on it!

  7. Tak potwierdzam. Używam DeNoise od kilku lat i w znaczący sposób przyśpiesza pracę na Photoshopie. Polecam używanie wtyczek tego studia. Są naprawdę fantastyczne i odwalają kawał dobrej roboty. Dotychczas produkty tego studio nie zawiodły mnie i mam nadzieję, że będzie tak nadal. Pozdrawiam zespół oraz użytkowników tych wtyczek.
    Ps./ zastanawiam się nad GigaPixel bo poza DeNose używam jeszcze Sharpen, też fantastyczna.

    1. Dziękuję bardzo za te miłe uwagi na temat naszego oprogramowania! Mamy nadzieję, że Twoje zdjęcia będą Ci się podobać.

  8. This will be an interesting program to use with some Sigma X3F files taken a higher ISO values….one of the problem with the Foveon sensor is the noise generated when the camera is set above ISO 400. Has the program been used with X3F files?

    1. Hmmm, I haven’t tested DeNoise AI specifically with images taken using Sigma’s X3F file format. I’ll see if I can find a sample file to try.

  9. Hi Brian,

    I think this will be great, looking forward to using it with my wildlife shots…

    1. I think you’re going to be very happy with the results on your wildlife shots, Cim. Enjoy!

  10. Hi, the updated automatically crops my image.

    I am using PSE 18 – Studio 2 – plugins – denoise…

    It automatically crops when I save back to PSE…


    1. Hey Kat, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this cropping issue. We’d be happy to help. Can you please contact our support team so that they can work with you to figure this out? Thanks!

      1. Can you help me at all as nobody at support got back to me.
        I reinstalled and same issue but seems to be a studio 2 issue as adjust ai having same issue…

        1. Hi Kat. I spoke with the Operations team and they confirmed that they will be replying to you. They generally reply to all new support tickets within 8 business hours, so you will be hearing from them shortly.

  11. I’m ready to download the upgrade, but a little confused also. What’s the difference between Online and Full?

    1. Hey Richard. Let me paste the answer I provided in a similar comment: The full installer downloads will download the entire application to your computer. You’ll then initiate the install when you’re ready. The online installer will download and install at the same time and is typically faster. However, if you have a slower or unstable connection, the full installer is more reliable. Regardless, both the full and online installers will download and install the same application, they just use slightly different methods to accomplish the task. I hope that helps clarify things!

      1. Thank you. Whichever I selected earlier installed without a hitch.

  12. Probably a stupid question, but I really don’t know the answer: What’s the difference between “online” and “Full” when downloading this upgrade?

    1. Not a stupid question at all, Tom. The full installer downloads will download the entire application to your computer. You’ll then initiate the install when you’re ready. The online installer will download and install at the same time and is typically faster. However, if you have a slower or unstable connection, the full installer is more reliable. Regardless, both the full and online installers will download and install the same application, they just use slightly different methods to accomplish the task. I hope that helps clarify things!

  13. I don’t normally make these comments
    I am consistently amazed/happy with what I get from you guys
    New updates with real, measurable, important, usable updates

    That’ s unique

    Your energy to create, your ability to understand what “we” need breaks all the boundaries

    Keep it up, Pat yourself on the back. Don’t lose the fire.

    1. Cue the blushing face emoji, Chris! Thank you very much for this high praise and especially for trusting us to be a part of your photo editing workflow. Rest assured that I’ll be sharing your kind words with the team.

  14. I recently got your “package” software, Gigapixel, DeNoise & Sharpen and still learning to use them
    Impressed with DeNoise so far, but the real experiment is to use it for old kodak slides from the 30’s, 40’s that my grandpa took of nature, scenics. They are surprisingly sharp but have considerable dust on them.
    I’m not doing well with Gigapixel yet, must be doing something wrong, like using the wrong settings.

    1. We can’t wait to see what the results are with your grandpa’s old slides, Jack! With regards to Gigapixel AI, what issues are you running into? Maybe I can help.

  15. On the Snowy Egret example, look more closely at the denoised photo. It shows a load of edge ringing, especially along the bill edge, that actually makes the picture worse. Same with the iris – look at the non-real artifacts generated in the iris. Edge ringing and artificial artifacts have plagued Topaz software almost from the beginning. The only alternative to these artifacts is to turn down the sharpening, in which case Paint Shop Pro does an equivalent job. I like Topaz results on most photos, but generation of image artifacts seems worse than in almost any other IP software. Topaz needs more spatial filtering optimization to sharpen with minimal artifact generation.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Mike. I assume you’re referring to the animation on this post, right? While I certainly respect the feedback, I think it’s worthwhile to point out that you’re referring to a 15fps, 256-color animated GIF with heavy error diffusion dithering applied to it and zoomed in at 400%. I bring this up only because it isn’t the best medium to effectively gauge the output.

      1. I see this kind of edge-problems more or less on every denoised photo.

        1. It’s hard for me to qualify that because I don’t know what types of images you’re feeding into DeNoise AI (or any other app you use). I can only speak from my own experiences using my photos (and those provided by our partners) and the results are quite remarkable.

  16. I too am having problems with the latest Topaz Products DeNoise AI v3.1. update.
    I installed it as an update this morning, 20 May 2021, shortly after receiving it.
    As soon as I load a Canon picture JPG, RAW2, or RAW 3 file the program immediately crashes.
    I am running Windows 10 with 64 with all updates.
    I have restarted the computer and reinstalled the program update several times.
    The rest of my Topaz Products, Topaz Studio 2, Adjust AI, Mask Ai, Sharpen AI, Gigapixel AI,
    and JPEG to RAW all perform very well.

    1. Hey Jim, if you already haven’t done so, can you please reach out to our Support team and let them know? I’m sure they’ll be happy to work with you to figure this out.

  17. I am stunned! I used DeNoise 3.1.0 on an old 35 mm grainy film image of a stormy beach scene in New Zealand. The photo required the use of some fiddling with extreme noise; the result was incredible. Then I worked with sharpen, and the results salvaged a reasonably OK image. Now I can work with this and not worry about the noise and sharpen!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience using DeNoise AI, Allan! I also find the 1-2 punch of DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI to be a very strong combo.

  18. I hope it’s faster in rendering my images from the older version.

    1. I’ve seen performance improvements on my M1 Macbook Air. Hopefully you will too!

  19. I do have a question, althoughmore than likely not releated to the updates. When saving an image, why is there no RAW option? I’m kinda “old school”, and the other extensions really cunfuse me.

    1. Hey there, William. You do have the option to save your image as a DNG file, which is Adobe’s raw file format. The nature of raw files is that only your camera can create them (when they’re set to save RAW files). When you edit one, you’re only editing a sidecar file. You never actually touch the RAW file. The DNG option would be your closest solution, though. I hope that helps.

  20. I take a lot of Extreme Macro shots that van often suffer from noise due to the higher ISO and very shallow depth of field, I find DeNoise AI brilliant as well as Sharpen and Giga Pixel. Thanks for these brilliant apps.

  21. LR Plug In not working on 2 computers…Freezes, or runs less than the full set of images. Any updates

    1. Hey John, thanks for bringing this up. Can you please reach out to our Support team with these details so that they can troubleshoot?

  22. Hi, love this programme, and just downloaded the latest version. However, I’d advise not using this phrase in the above description:

    “you’re about to take is going to be a tosser ”

    Going someone or something a “tosser” is an offensive term here in the UK.

    1. So glad you’re enjoying the app, Steve. And thank you very much for the context! I updated the wording accordingly. 🙂

  23. I have used Topaz software with confidence for many years. I find the Topaz AI software to be excellent improvements.

    1. Lovely to hear that, Bill! Thanks so much for sharing those kind words!

  24. Hi Brian,
    great work again, However I have one question. Bug or feature?
    All pics are lighten around 2/3 steps. The result unfortunately is sometimes way to bright.
    If saved as dng (I assume a linearDNG) I cannot further work with it in ACDSee.
    After one change applied, the dngs are no longer usable, one sees a small preview, but the file cannot be touched any longer.

    Go on like that. I like your apps.

    1. Hey there, Georg. Are you saying that the photos you output from DeNoise AI are brighter in luminance? Can you email me some examples at brian.matiash@topazlabs.com? I’d like to take a look at them to get a better understanding.

  25. I tried a quick edit on an Aurora photo taken on an iPhone X that was soooo noisy – Fabulous results and after a bit of extra work in Affinity photo I feel I can actually go ahead and play with all the others that I just couldn’t look at. Thank you

  26. I’ve been using DeNoise AI 2.4.0 and am very happy with the results. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the upgrade (probably 3.0, not 3.1) not working properly. If I upgrade to 3.1 and have problems, can I revert to 2.4.0?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey there, John. You can revert back, but I recommend using v2.4.6. I spoke with our Ops manager and he indicated that most people with an issue just need to test their AI processor options in Preferences until they determine which performs best. Some will crash if they aren’t optimal. I hope that helps.

  27. hi: love the new update for DeNoise . Brian : you said. ” as a plugin from within Photoshop running natively on Apple M1 silicon. My main computer is an M1 Macbook Air and our apps run great on it!”
    I can use all Topaz products from LR Classic and the stand alone versions (however this changes my original DNG folder to the processed version) the Topaz Sharpen from Bridge if I convert to JPEG. What is the trick to add my Topaz on my M1 MacBook Air as a plugin please? and how do I do it without using Rosetta emulation? kind regards

    1. Hey there, Stephen. There’s nothing that you need to do to install the Topaz apps as plugins for LR or PS on your M1 machine. Just run the updates and you should be good to go. If you don’t see the plugins listed under the Filter menu item in PS, launch each Topaz app, go to Help, and then click on Re-Install Photoshop Plugins. If you still don’t see them, then I recommend uninstalling each Topaz app and re-installing them.

      As for being able to run our apps without using Rosetta emulation, that currently isn’t an option. While our apps will run on Apple M1 computers, they use Rosetta to do so. We are looking into optimizing our apps to run natively on Apple M1 silicon, so stay tuned!

  28. Looking forward to trying out the new version. I tried my hand at aurora photography for the first time this winter, and I have some really lovely images that are quite noisy because I didn’t quite have my settings dialed in properly. It’d be really nice to save some of those images! Best wishes from Anchorage, AK!

    1. Be sure to share your aurora photos with us when they’re ready! I’ve photographed them in Norway and Iceland, but I’d LOVE to see them in AK. One day!

  29. Did not download, again.

    1. Hi there, Franklin. What do you mean? Are you having problems downloading the installer? I just tried and was able to download the files for Mac and Windows without any issue.

  30. I am an astrophotographer, but deNoise AI will not work with 16 bit grey scale data and tends to distort star profiles from round to various shapes that are clearly no longer round after processing. Any chance the next iteration might address these problems?

    1. Hey there, Peter. Thanks for bringing this up. I’d love to look into this some more with you and the team. Can you email me some example photos that illustrate the star shape distortion to brian.matiash@topazlabs.com? Your photos will only be used for troubleshooting purposes. Thanks!

  31. Deseo comprar ya Topaz Denise, pero mi duda es si debo pagar por las actualizaciones futuras. La licencia sirve para dos ordenadores?
    , Gracias

    1. Cuando compras DeNoise AI, obtienes un año de actualizaciones. También puede instalar DeNoise AI en dos computadoras. Obtenga más información sobre nuestros precios aquí.

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