AI Clear Update

The AI Clear Update is Here!

Faster, Sharper, and Cleaner than ever before.

Now faster than ever before, the latest version of AI Clear™ is a revolutionary product that brings unparalleled Noise Reduction and Image Sharpening with just one click!

The latest update to AI clear includes a speed increase and a Low and High Sharpness setting in addition a new Auto Noise Detection feature that selects the best Noise Reduction setting for your image, in addition to the existing Low, Medium, and High Noise Reduction settings. Keep reading to learn more.

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Get clearer and sharper images automatically with the AI Clear adjustment.

The New AI Clear Interface

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Topaz Studio Ai Clear comes with three distinct neural networks, each trained specifically on a set of images with specific noise and detail requirements.


With one click, AI Clear automatically sets the noise reduction level using artificial intelligence to determine what setting is best for your image.


The Fastest of the three models, the Low setting is best for images with a range of subjects and a low to moderate amount of color noise. Cityscapes, landscapes, and architecture are great use cases for this model.


With Double the complexity of the Low model, the Medium setting is best for images with a defined subject and a moderate amount of noise and artifacts. This setting is particularly good on portraits and skin.


With double the complexity of the Low model, the High setting is best for images with a high amount of noise and artifacts. Evening shots, Long Exposures and Mid to High ISO images are cleaned and sharpened with this setting.


The new Enhance Sharpness feature allows you to manipulate the detail in your image to bring dull features back to life.


The Low setting is best for images with a smaller group of subjects. Works well on portraits, telephoto images, and astrophotography.


The High setting is best with a lot of small detail. This model works especially well with landscape photography.


If you find AI Clear to be removing a bit too much detail, increasing the value of this slider will bring back details that are removed by the adjustment.


Use this slider to increase or decrease the exposure of your result, higher values increase exposure, lower values decrease exposure.


Use this slider to increase or decrease the edge contrast of your image. Higher values increase edge visibility, lower values blend edges into surrounding detail .

New Features in AI Clear

New Sharpness Settings

In the latest update to AI Clear, we’ve included 2 Sharpness models for low and high detail synthesizing, doubling the versatility of AI Clear and increasing the complexity of each of the new models.

Automatic Noise Detection

With one click, AI Clear selects the best Noise Reduction setting automatically. The new Auto setting detects the noise reduction level that works best with your image to give you a clean result.

Better Performance

Using the feedback from our customers, we’ve implemented an entirely new processing method in our engine to get you a better, more intelligent result at a much faster speed from our AI products.

How to Use AI Clear

Install Topaz Studio

Get a free version from our downloads page!

Topaz AI Clear works exclusively within the Topaz Studio platform. So if you’re going to use AI Clear you need to make sure that you’ve got Topaz Studio installed.

Once you’ve opened Topaz Studio, you can add AI Clear to your image by selecting it in the Adjustments list.

Applying the adjustment is easy, simply add the AI Clear adjustment to your adjustment stack and our custom neural network will analyze your image to automatically remove noise, reduce artifacts, and enhance details.

How does AI Clear Work?

AI Clear uses the insight of a custom neural network trained on millions of images to detect and reduce noise
as well as enhance details in your images automatically.


Wanna Learn More?

Check out the AI Clear product page to learn more about AI Clear including pricing and to see more examples.

Compatibility and Requirements

Topaz AI Clear™ is available as a Pro adjustment with Topaz Studio, a standalone photo editor. It is compatible with 64-bit Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.10+.

For more information about Topaz Studio’s AI Clear™ Adjustment, please visit


Get AI Clear Now!

Get clearer and sharper images automatically with the AI Clear adjustment.

  • Kevin Sandifer
    October 24, 2018

    If I already own A1 Clear. Can I upgrade free? If so, how do I?

      • Yevg23758
        October 26, 2018

        I updated my Al Clear till today’s new version but its wrote I only have trial 30 days period. Is it wright? And I’ll have to pay again?

        • Heath
          October 29, 2018

          No, you won’t have to pay again. If you’re not seeing the adjustment and you already own it just go to the help menu in Topaz Studio and click “Check for Adjustment Updates”

  • Mark Worsey
    October 25, 2018

    I have Denoise 6 which I get to straight out of LR. How is this different/the same? Can I use in same way with LR?

  • mkfairdpm
    October 25, 2018

    I updated AI Clear and it crashes Studio every time it (AI Clear) launches. I tried to submit a request ticket but Capcha knocks it out. I do have a crash report that can be uploaded. Mac 10.14 and the latest Studio update

    • Dave Razzi
      October 25, 2018

      I had that same issue, I had to uninstall topaz Studio and reinstall it twice, but it worked the second time around. The new AI clear is a beast! Absolutely amazing product!!

  • Richard
    October 25, 2018

    I just purchased your AI -Clear and paid for it ,but there is no place I can find to download it. My ticket # is TS-10086938. Thank you for your time. Richard Small

  • bill Bane
    October 25, 2018

    Normally, one would do noise reduction early in the workflow, and sharpening late in the workflow. How should and when should AI Clear be used regarding these issues?

    In a related fashion, I suppose one should use AI Clear before uipsizing via Gigabit, but perhaps after upsizing, or both?

    Thanks and this is quite impressive, and I hope you will add the option for the much slower to compute AI version in the future. CPU’s are getting faster and with more core’s and, anyway, the “go get a coffee” technique is still reliable.

    Bill Bane

  • ronaldjack-4976
    October 25, 2018

    I just purchased AI Clear, however I don’t see the download button for it – I know it’s supposed to be a part of Topaz Studio which I already own but am I to install Topaz Studio again to get my newly purchased AI Clear?

  • Char Davies
    October 25, 2018

    What’s the best point in the photo processing routine to use AI Clear? Before any adjustments in LR? After basic global adjustments in LR, after emoting from LR to PS?


  • Ronny Geenen
    October 26, 2018

    I scanned old pictures, most black and white in my computer and update them as much as possible. Wil AL Clear has the same effect with old black and white and sepia pictures from the 1920 to 1950 period? Does AL Clear sees the scanned picture as an out of camera image?

    • Heath
      October 29, 2018

      A.I. Clear was trained on out of camera images for the most part, however, we have seen a lot of success in older scanned images as well as far as artifact reduction, and general image improvement. The results are going to depend on the image, but you can always start a free trial of A.I. Clear when you download Topaz Studio

  • DaleRalph
    October 26, 2018

    Hello. I just purchased this software and tried it out. It is indeed pretty amazing, but I was wondering if it is possible to apply it selectively to only certain parts of a photograph. For example, I may want the person in the foreground to be sharp and keep the background less sharp. Thank you.

  • atwambley
    October 28, 2018

    i have studio and am trying to download i month trial of A1 Clear…….cant seem to do it

    • Heath
      October 29, 2018

      If you want to start a trial of A.I. Clear you just need to download and Install Topaz Studio, then go to the adjustment menu and add A.I. Clear to your workflow in Studio and click the try pro button. For more info check out this video:

  • Betsy Carmona
    November 8, 2018

    Love this latest update to Topaz Studio. I’m a hardcore Photoshop user but with all the new products Topaz has been adding, I’ve been doing more and more editing in Topaz. Great job!

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