Artistic Touches with Ai ReMix

Here at Topaz we wanted to show you what we feel is one of the strongest reasons to use AI ReMix and to show you a trick or two to help get you close to the images you want; and help understand how to control the strong application of individual style.

In todays tutorial we’re going to apply 3 AI ReMix adjustments, each having different style applications, opacity, and masking to help control each feature and lessen the intensity of each effect to bring more of a “natural edit” instead of an extreme change.

We are going to apply all of the adjustments first then go back and edit the masks, this way we can make sure the applications are stacking correctly, the opacity is set where we want it, and the color are how we want before we decide what details we want to keep and what we want to take away.

I picked this image because I love the way ReMix styles look on hair like this, and I KNEW it was going to place some beautiful color if applied correctly. So, lets get started.

To start go to Adjustments, select AI Remix, and go to the style selection.
This style is found in the 3rd row from the top, the mardi gras dancer. I pick this style often because I LOVE how it is applied to images automatically, and a with a little bit of editing it can really bring new life to almost any photo.

Make sure the style strength is set to low. Set the Blend mode to Soft Light, that way the style isn’t too strong and is more adaptive to the lighting of the image, and bring the opacity to .59.

With the opacity settings, the application of this adjustment is subtle, but still extremely noticeable. This will help set the base for the other adjustment applications to build off of.

Second layer, again, go to adjustments and select AI ReMix and got to the style selection.
The style that we are going to apply to this adjustment is found in the 6th row and is the last style in that row It looks like a rainbow version of the grand canyon.

Make sure the style strength is set to low, blend mode is set to normal, and opacity need to be brought down to .33. Also, we are going to bring the hue to -.23, these sliders are located under the style section menu.

As you can see this brings a beautiful color pop to the image, adding pinks and aquas to a previously monotone image.

Repeat the same steps from above to bring up our last Ai ReMix adjustment.
This applied style is found in Row 11 and is the first style in that row. Its a color portrait of a woman with curled hair.

After selecting this bring the opacity to .80 and the blend mode needs to be set at Luminosity, this will help this adjustment plays off  the shadows and highlights and really bring them out.

The combination of these three styles is truly beautiful. Each adjustment plays off the one before. Placing artificial color in all the correct places, while not taking away from the original image but actually adding to its etherial mood; BUT some of the adjustments are a little strong for me, so we’re going to fix that by creating some masks.

Now we’re going to go back and create these masks that will help soften some of the detail from each adjustment and get a more polished look.

1st Adjustment
The mask for the first adjustment includes a lot push and pull on the hair to get the details the way we are going to want them. I played with different variations between white and black. Some places I chose a completely black brush, like her hair, to make her natural textures more visible, thats where most the concentration of this mask is. I also chose a grey brush and masked out some of the texture on her hand, and masked out her eyes completely in each layer so they wouldn’t be affected.

2nd Adjustment
The second mask, after masking out her eyes so this effect is not applied to them, I chose a light grey mask to mask out some of her forehead, jawline, and cheeks so this effect, also, was not so intense.

3rd Adjustment
The third mask I only masked out the eyes, because thats all I wanted to be unaffected by this adjustment.

Here is the finished look! 

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  1. Would you show this in a video?? This photo looks wonderful with Ai- adjustment!!! Thank You.

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