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Topaz Studio 2

Some exciting news to share: Topaz Studio 2 will launch next week! (7/25 update: it’s available now.) It will look quite different than the current version of Studio, so I wanted to give some context on why.
We’ve rebuilt Studio from the ground up to be much simpler and faster to use. Our main design intention is to offer an image editor that excels at supporting creative post-processing workflows (like retouching or digital art) beyond simple image corrections. To make this happen, the new Studio provides a fully non-destructive layer workflow, an improved masking experience, and a robust Looks library.
With that in mind, there are some major differences between Studio 1 vs 2:
1. Pricing change. Instead of paying for each add-on you want to use, Topaz Studio 2 will now be available for a single flat fee of $99.99 that includes all adjustments by default. There will be no free version. If you’ve previously bought Studio adjustments, read the free upgrade path at the end of this post.
2. Full non-destructive layer support. As mentioned before, Topaz Studio 2 now has full layer support – and everything you do is non-destructive. Looks (formerly presets) go on their own layers so you can now mix, match, and stack them. (Apply and Duplicate no longer necessary!)

3. Major UI refresh. Topaz Studio 2 received a major user interface change focused around layers. You can easily drag and drop to rearrange layers, access layer masks, and control blending/opacity. It does look quite different than the current Studio, but we’re confident this new workflow will enable you to work more quickly and easily than before.

A couple things to keep in mind with Studio 2:
  • You will be able to use Studio 1 alongside Studio 2, but you will not be able to buy any additional paid adjustments
  • The old Studio 1 .tsp format will no longer be compatible
  • Studio 1 presets will not be compatible at launch, but we will offer a utility to help migrate custom Studio 1 presets into Studio 2
  • Studio 2 will not support plug-ins upon release, but this will be added soon
Upgrading from the current Topaz Studio
  • If you own Studio adjustments with total list price >$99.99, you’ll receive Studio 2 for free.
  • If you own Studio adjustments with total list price <$99.99, you’ll receive store credit for the adjustments you do own.
Note that we’re calculating this based on full price (not paid price), so if you’ve received products as free upgrades or bought any on sale then you’re getting an even better deal. We’ll have a webpage to check your upgrade availability by the time of the release.
We know this change represents a major impact to your workflow if you rely on Studio, but we think you’ll find that it’s worth it. In addition to what it will be capable of upon next week’s launch, we’re committed to delivering rapid improvements to Studio in the coming few months. 
We can’t wait to see what you create with Studio 2. Let us know what you think in the comments!
7/24/19 update: The free upgrade eligibility page is now available after you log in.
7/25/19 update: Topaz Studio 2 has been officially released!