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Introducing AI Clear

What is AI Clear?

The second product in our Artistic Intelligence line. AI Clear™ is a powerful Pro Studio Adjustment that removes noise and sharpens detail in photos automatically.

AI Clear not only achieves much higher quality result than existing products but does so automatically without the need for any manual tweaking.  Other AI implementations require you to upload your image to an external server for cloud processing, taking control of your images out of your hands and taking minutes or hours to get you a processed result. AI Clear uses your machine to process and enhance your images locally without costing you time, bandwidth, and control.

The latest update to AI clear includes refinements to the interface, 2 completely new additional neural networks, and speed improvements to processing. Keep reading to learn more.

Get AI Clear Now!

Get clearer and sharper images automatically with the AI Clear adjustment.

AI Clear’s custom neural networks go further than noise reduction, it also consistently sharpens your images as well. By analyzing millions of images we’ve trained the model to recognize and remove some of the blur created from long exposure times. The result is a sharper and more detailed images for a truly clear result.

The New AI Clear Interface

Hover over the blue plus signs to see more information.



Topaz Studio Ai Clear comes with three distinct neural networks. Each trained specifically on a set of images with specific nouse and detail requirements.


The Fastest of the three models, the Low setting is best for images with a range of subjects and a low to moderate amount of color noise. Cityscapes, landscapes, and archetecture are great use cases for this model.


With Double the complexity of the Low model, the Medium setting is best for images with a defined subject and a moderate amount of noise and artifacts. This setting is particularly good on portraits and skin.


With double the complexity of the Low model, the High setting is best for images with a high amount of noise and artifacts. Evening shots, Long Exposures and Mid to High ISO images are cleaned and sharpened with this setting.


If you find AI Clear to be removing a bit too much detail, increasing the value of this slider will bring back details that are removed by the adjustment.


Use this slider to increase or decrease the exposure of your result, higher values increase exposure, lower values decrease exposure.


Use this slider to increase or decrease the edge contrast of your image. Higher values increase edge visibility, lower values blend edges into surrounding detail .

New Features in AI Clear

Improved AI Toolset

In the latest update to AI Clear, we’ve included an additional 2 noise reduction models for medium and high noise levels, tripling the versatility of AI Clear and doubling the complexity of each of the new models.

Reorganized Interface

We took the feedback from our users and updated the AI Clear interface to clarify how to use the application, now just change the model strength first, and work your way down to tweak your result.

Better Performance

We’ve implemented an entirely new processing method in our engine to get you a better, more intelligent result from our AI products without costing you speed.

How to Use AI Clear

Install Topaz Studio

Get a free version from our downloads page!

Topaz AI Clear works exclusively within the Topaz Studio platform. So if you’re going to use AI Clear you need to make sure that you’ve got Topaz Studio installed.

Once you’ve opened Topaz Studio, you can add AI Clear to your image by selecting it in the Adjustments list.

Applying the adjustment is easy, simply add the AI Clear adjustment to your adjustment stack and our custom neural network will analyze your image to automatically remove noise, reduce artifacts, and enhance details.

How does AI Clear Work?

AI Clear uses the insight of a custom neural network trained on millions of images to detect and reduce noise
as well as enhance details in your images automatically.


Wanna Learn More?

Check out the AI Clear product page to learn more about AI Clear including pricing and to see more examples.

AI Clear Best Practices

AI Clear is best used at the very beginning of your workflow, as the AI was trained specifically on directly out of camera raw images and jpegs, any pre processing in lightroom or PS (especially sharpening and Noise reduction, which lightroom does automatically) will reduce the quality of result that you see from AI Clear.  

Turn off Noise Reduction in Adobe Camera Raw

Raw Images in Photoshop’s Raw Processor will automatically have some sharpening and color noise reduction applied. To remove this go to the detail tab in ACR, then zero out all the sliders there. You can then open the image in Studio as a plugin through PS.

Turn of Noise Reduction in Adobe Lightroom

Images in Lightroom will automatically have some sharpening and color noise reduction applied. To remove this go to the Develop module, then open the detail tab and zero out all the sliders there. You can then use the “edit-in” option to edit in Studio.

Compatibility and Requirements

Topaz AI Clear™ is available as a Pro adjustment with Topaz Studio, a standalone photo editor as well as a plugin for Photoshop CS4+, Elements 6+, Creative Cloud, and as an external editor for Lightroom. It is compatible with 64-bit Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.10+.

For more information about Topaz Studio’s AI Clear™ Adjustment, please visit


Get AI Clear Now!

Get clearer and sharper images automatically with the AI Clear adjustment.