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VIDEO: Special 2 day presentation of Crafting Your images with Topaz presented by John Barclay – November 2018

We are happy to welcome back John Barclay, pro photographer and workshop leader, to present his favorite tools in Topaz Studio, and other Topaz Products in this special 2 part session. 

John is a passionate photographer and enthusiastic workshop leader leading tours in the United States and around the world. He is also an inspirational speaker, presenting his program Dream – Believe – Create to audiences around the country. John’s work has been published in a number of books and magazines and is treasured by a number of private collectors. John is the recipient of an excellence award from B&W Magazine and was chosen by Dewitt Jones to participate in his program. You can see his work and view his workshop schedule at 

Download Topaz Studio

John’s Website:

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VIDEO: A.I. Magic with Remix and Clear presented by Greg Rostami

Join Topaz Wizard, Greg Rostami as he shows you the latest updates to the A.I. ReMix and A.I. Clear Adjustments in Topaz Studio. He’ll cover how to use ReMix to create outstanding artistic effects, and how to utilize A.I. Clear to remove noise, and artifacts, and sharpen any image in your digital library.

With the latest update to A.I. Remix we’ve introduced Dozens of new styles with a massive processing speed increase, and a new category system, and other improvements.

The latest update to A.I. Clear gives you even better results in 1/3 of the time, when it comes to reducing image noise, artifacts, and sharpening your subjects Greg will show you why the choice in A.I. Clear.

A Topaz Live Training Recorded: November 13, 2018

About Greg
Greg Rostami started working with Topaz Labs over 10 years ago as a product evangelist at trade shows. An avid close-up magician, he combined his love of technology and magic to create Rostami Magic which has created the most popular magic apps for iOS and Android. He has developed several technologies for film restoration, 3D visual effects, and other digital pipelines that have spawned a new generation of post-production services. Greg Rostami has worked for over a decade for feature film visual effects in movies like Batman Forever, Outbreak, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Deep Blue Sea, and many others.

Today, in his spare moments, he spends quality time with his family, programs GLSL shaders on, and makes a MEAN MARGARITA!! 😉

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VIDEO: The Simple Path to Stunning Images using Topaz presented by Joel Wolfson

Ever ask yourself what are the best adjustments or plug-ins to use for this image? How do I get a sense of “being there” and have people say “Wow!” when they see my images? Join internationally published photographer and workshop leader Joel Wolfson as he shows you how he uses his favorite Pro Adjustments and plug-ins to create the extra touches necessary for outstanding images. You’ll see some uses of these adjustments and plug-ins you might not expect!

Joel loves teaching as much as shooting. He shares his 30 years of experience as a working pro with photographers of all levels by way of his workshops, 1 on 1 training, webinars, articles, blog and speaking engagements. He makes learning and improving one’s photography easy, fun and rewarding. His articles have been translated for use in more than 30 countries. Yet he is best known for his artistic images of nature’s fleeting moments and unexpected views of everyday places around the globe. 

A Topaz Live Training: Recorded November 6, 2018