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Focal Blur Adjustment

Add selective focus to any image,no matter what kind of camera you use! The Focal Blurs Adjustment puts the power of a new lens at your disposal for a fraction of the price. This fun and simple tool adds selective focus to any digital image. The...

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HSL Color Tuning Adjustment

Naturally enhance and change image hues, saturation levels, and lightness. HSL Color Tuning allows for very high color range changes across ten color bands and smooths artifacts for a natural color transition. Achieve natural edges unlike ever before. From delicate and natural color changes to strong...

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Precision Contrast Adjustment

Perfect Highlights, Perfect Shadows. Topaz Studio Precision Contrast amplifies the smallest details and selectively increases contrast without introducing artifacts or halo effects. Selectively change the color saturation of small details in the image without changing the color contrast in large details. You now have the ability...

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Radiance Adjustment

When inspiration strikes, be ready! Ever found that perfect image, but it’s missing the spirit you saw through your viewfinder? Ever wanted to push the limits of your creativity with vivid lighting effects? The Radiance Adjustment has the power to electrify your images with just...

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Reduce Noise Adjustment

The perfect combination of noise reduction and detail retention to yield clearer images. Reduce Noise removes noise with advanced technology that analyzes images and builds a custom noise and detail profile to ensure fine image noise is removed, while small details remain untouched. Stop dreading the...

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Sharpen Adjustment

Silence is Golden. Let the details in your image be amplified, without being drowned out by distracting image noise. Use the Unsharp Mask to bring back details to create tack sharp images and DeBlur to correct blurry, out of focus images. Create naturally sharper images without amplifying...

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Smudge Adjustment

Creates smooth edges and fluid linear paths. Smudge quickly transforms photographs into fluid art by using an advanced technological algorithm that analyses edge direction fields to process images in an efficient manner that creates soft and smooth edges and linear paths. This easy to use adjustment, available...

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Texture Adjustment

Easily add layers of light leaks, textures, dust, scratches, and more. The Texture Adjustment, the most fun and versatile adjustment available for Topaz Studio, lets users transform images with just a few clicks of the mouse. Add layered elements like dreamy light leaks, robust textures, versatile...

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Image Layer Adjustment

Combine multiple images to create layered images. Compositing images can create a stronger image by combining strong features from multiple images. Add beautiful sunsets, striking mountains, or calm waters to any image to create a completely transformed photograph. The Image Layer Adjustment features the Topaz Studio...

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