Topaz Labs Puts Denoise AI to the Test in Amsterdam

We Hosted a Free Photo Workshop in Amsterdam

Last weekend Topaz Labs went to Amsterdam to put Denoise AI to the test alongside a talented team of photographers.

We partnered with Kjell Leknes of the Amsterdam Photo Club, Nikon Ambassador Michiel Buisje, and Dutch photographer Jeroen de Jongh to help lead a group of 50+ local photography enthusiasts in a nighttime long-exposure workshop on the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam.

The Challenge was to shoot and edit the best nighttime cityscape using Topaz Denoise AI in post-production for precision noise reduction.

Amsterdam is known for its highly photogenic old-world canals, especially at night when iconic viewpoints are aglow in romantic light.

Photographing cityscapes at night calls for a small aperture and a slow shutter speed for maximum sharpness and correct exposure. But shooting in low light will always result in more grain, or noise, in your photos.

With Denoise AI, grain can be completely eliminated without the loss of sharpness.

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have offered up an Urban Access 13 photographer’s backpack to the best Amsterdam night photo submitted after the workshop—we’ll announce a winner on October 7! 

See The Shots From Our Community

Browse the #TopazLabs hashtag on Instagram to see some of the workshop photos from our community rolling in, like this image by pro photographer Chiuki of Amsterdam.


View this post on Instagram


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15 thoughts on “Topaz Labs Puts Denoise AI to the Test in Amsterdam

  1. Absolute precision photography but I do not do Face Book. Have been to Amsterdam but never experienced the beauty of this city at night, thanks for beautiful photos edited with Toaz Labs Denoise AI

    1. Thanks, Bruce! You can see the noise reduction test results here:

  2. Some of your photographs are not sharp, especially the first one! Is this what happens when using your software?

    1. These were snapshots from the event, to see the full Denoise AI test please check this post: 🙂 Thanks!

  3. I cannot even see any images here.

  4. Question: Would this tool make any kind of difference if used on older slide film images?

    1. Yes, definitely! Feel free to download a free trial to see for yourself:

  5. So… who was the winner?

  6. Can I have the softwares for the one price for all my devices, iOS , iPad, etc?
    How many gigs for them?
    I see only one for b/w. Is that really enough?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi James, you can use any of our applications on up to 2 computers. We only make desktop applications at this time. 🙂
      Check out Studio 2 for plenty of options working with B&W images:

    I try the highest ISO file here with Topaz Denoise AI. I get worse result with Topaz Denoise AI compared with DxO. Do I miss something? I set the highest remove noise and enhance sharpness.

    1. “Highest” settings are not necessarily best can can “overbake” the image. Try using the auto correction and tweaking the settings from there. 🙂

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