Topaz Studio 1.10.5 – AI ReMix Update

With the latest update to Topaz Studio, we’re introducing a few new features to the AI Remix Adjustment. With the release of Version 1.10.5, we’ve included 24 new styles, we’ve also added asset names to each of the styles within AI ReMix, making all of the styles easier to share and identify.

24 New Styles

With the latest update to AI Remix, we included 24 new specialized artistic models based off of real art styles, increasing the total number of artistic styles available in AI ReMix from 50 to 74!

New Style Names

You asked for it and we listened. Now it’s easier than ever to identify your favorite styles in AI ReMix, each style will show its name when you mouse over the style thumbnail.

Learn More about AI ReMix

Check out the latest AI ReMix tutorials to see how to use this unique adjustment to add a powerful artistic flare to your images.

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9 thoughts on “Topaz Studio 1.10.5 – AI ReMix Update

  1. When I open AI ReMix I get the option to “go pro” I have already done that! What now?

    1. have you tried using the help pull down menu and clicking “check for adjustment updates”; that should activate your AI Remix if you purchased go pro

    2. Ai Remix, which I purchased, still will not load into Studio. HELP!!

      1. Hello Shawn,
        If you’ve purchased AI ReMix, you’ll see it in the Adjustments Menu on the right hand side (you’ll want to make sure you’re on Topaz Studio version 1.10.5 to have the latest available in AI ReMix)

  2. Oh! I forgot to say how wonderful TOPAZ is . It’s always current and keeps all those creative juices flowing! Thanks for all you do.

  3. I won the ‘complete pro package’ a couple of months ago. I know you always offer ‘free’ upgrades once you have the plugin. Does that still apply with AI ReMix? I keep getting the option to ‘go pro’. Does that mean I have buy something?
    Oh! I almost forgot to say how wonderful TOPAZ is . It’s always current and keeps all those creative juices flowing! Thanks for all you do.
    Jennie Breeze

    1. Jennie,
      Thanks for the great feedback! Your Pro Pack gives you all of the Pro Adjustments that are available at the time that you won it or purchase it, It doesn’t include future additions to Topaz Studio, the upgrades only apply to the adjustments that you’ve own or won, not to future adjustment releases. It’s important to remember that the bundles and packs are not products themselves, they’re just groups of products that you get a discount with as part of buying that group at once.

      Hope this helps

  4. Hi I have remix but can not see how to get the update anywhere

    1. Hey Sigvald,
      You just have to make sure you’ve updated Studio to Version 1.10.5 you’ll get the update built in as part of the latest update as long as you own AI ReMix.

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